Picnic in walled garden in Yonkers
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Sun September 15 at 1:00 PM, Untermyer Gardens
945 North Broadway, Yonkers, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I work in a public park in Yonkers. It is highly spectacular and I keep thinking that I should invite a bunch of people up here to have a picnic under the cherry trees.
Untermyer Park.

The part I work on is a Persian/Moghul walled garden with a small amphitheater, a Greek-style temple and is divided in four quadrants by little canals. It has some fun history including a man who lost the presidency due to the electoral vote but not the public vote, a guy who they say hounded JP Morgan to death, and even a serial killer; I've given official tours in the past and can do an unofficial one for mefites.

It is reachable by two modes of public transit (Metro North Greystone stop is not far but the walk is very uphill and the Bee-line bus (bus uses the NYC metrocard and it lets you transfer from 242nd St 1 stop; the 2 line stops a half block away from the park) and it has a free parking lot/street parking.

We will be picking people up at the Greystone Metro North station meeting the trains that arrive at noon, 1 and possibly 2pm. These are the trains that leave GC at, respectively, 1120AM, 1220PM and 120PM. My +1 will be driving a green early 90s Toyota Corolla. He is a tall skinny guy with dark hair who will be looking for people "from the internet." Memail me if you want a phone number to contact in case of chaos.

Picnic would be potluck.
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Just up the street from where I grew up! I'll be in town at the end of November, but I'll put myself down as a "maybe" just in case I have an unscheduled visit earlier that coincides with this.
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Does anyone have date preference for this?

Saturday August 24
(IRL trip to Beacon is the 25th)

(Saturday of Labor Day weekend has the end of summer IRL in Manhattan)
Sunday Sept 1 (Labor Day weekend)
Monday Sept 2 (Labor Day)

I have family in town the weekend of the 7th/8th.

Saturday Sept 14 (Yom Kippur)
Sunday Sept 15

Saturday Sept 21
Sunday Sept 22

Also, if anyone ends up going to Untermyer on another day, drop me a memail and I'd love to say hello to any mefite who has dragged him or herself up/down to Yonkers.
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I'd be up for either of the later September weekends.
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Ok, then how about Sunday the 15th of September.

Metro North's Hudson Line trains leave Grand Central Terminal on the :20 and arrive on the :56.

I think meeting around 1pm would be nice. So, that would be the 12:20 train. It is a nice train ride along the Hudson. And if you want to avoid paying part of the fare, you can take the subway to 225th St and get on at the Marble Hill Station. And I will ask my +1 to pick people up at the station and bring them up the enormous hill to the garden.
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I'm in in in in! Are there any restrictions on consumption of, say, beer? Also, I would be happy to shlep people and/or comestibles to the proceedings.
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It is a public park so there are rules about open containers. That said, I do spend a significant amount of time cleaning up smashed beer bottles that lovely people have thrown at rocks; so alcoholic beverages are consumed with infuriating regularity on park property.
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computech, can I maybe get a ride from you?
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I'd also like to join the Road Trip Adventure Crew of Computech, if there's room. Otherwise, I'd join the Train Trekkers Ride in Solitude.
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I have negotiated with my +1 and we can pick people up at the Greystone train station and bring them up the hill to the garden in our greenish 93 Toyota Corolla. The car fits three people in addition to the driver as long as two of them are fairly short or fairly flexible. He can take a couple of trips if necessary.

I got to show my family the garden this weekend and it was awesome. I am very much looking forward to showing you guys this crazy place where I work.
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I am sorely tempted to figure out if there's a possible route I can do to this from my parking spot in Hoboken that does not involve any tolls. (I have an EZ-pass, I'm just curious.)

(I'm actually fine with taking the train, and maybe carpooling with sciencegeek for the lastmile.)
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I am transporting mlle valentine, following my open-water swim at Coney Island, and could possibly take one or two other people. MeMail me if you are interested.

Jeebus, now I have to figure out what to bring. (self-induced) Pressure!
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I'm pretty sure I'll be driving from Jersey City - not sure if I should cross the river via the Holland Tunnel or the GW Bridge, will have to see what the traffic is like on the day. But I can probably help with picking people up at the station, or dropping people off in Manhattan afterwards.
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Weather report is looking good right now. I'm trying to figure out what to make in terms of food. Most likely a quinoa salad or something like that. And I probably should get some paper plates, cups and plastic utensils. Unless someone has a surplus and feels like bringing them.
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sciencegeek, I'll come on the 12:20 train to Greystone. And if people are into salt, fat, and carbs, I can bring my new favorite food.
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Oh, hmm, I think this needs to be served hot. Well, I'll think of something.
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I will be bringing an array of baguettes, hummus, salsa, fruit, cookies, and anything else that strikes me as amenable to eating while sitting on the ground, along with a small cooler for beverages.
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I am going to bring watermelon from our farm share and not sure what else. Any requests, let me know!
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The Computech Car is at Capacity. There is plenty of room for watermelon in the boot, fear not!
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The sciencegeek+1 car will be making trips from the Greystone train station at around 1pm. If you want to take a different train, memail me for a phone number and we can coordinate.

Trains leaving Grand Central and arriving at Greystone:

Grand C Greystone

The vehicle is a 1992 Toyota Corolla in an especially attractive shade of green-blue. It is driven by a tall skinny guy.
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Oh also I can definitely bring salsa (if computech doesn't have too much already) for we can make it from our bounteous farm share tomatoes. I can get chips as well.
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You can't have too much salsa--science tells us this much. Chips will be procured.
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Since it looks like people are going for a chips theme here, I'll bring a savory dip of beans, refried beans, and corn. The bacalao is not good cold, unfortunately.
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Not sure what I'm bringing, will probably get snacky things from Trader Joe's if I can't figure out what to make myself. Sciencegeek, will we need to bring all beverages with us, or are there water fountains or something at the garden for re-fills?
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There is a water fountain and I'm going to try to do some beverage shopping this evening when I pick up utensils and food stuffs.
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mlis and I will have two small coolers, enough to accommodate a small variety of beverages. We will have soda and other fizzy drinks.
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I'm going to take the 12:20 train from Grand Central. I'm bringing a peach pie which survived the board game meetup yesterday and my hunger on arriving home. See you all later!
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Ok. so this is totally cheesy, but I'm so excited to have you guys see the gardens.

I'd also like to note that I met some people in the garden yesterday who are going to be bringing their Harry Potter cosplay group for a photoshoot in October. I can't wait!
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Heh, maybe I should wear my new red cloak today, probably won't wear it again until next year's Dragoncon otherwise.

Didn't make it out of the apartment yesterday, so, will just be getting something at Trader Joe's in Edgewater NJ before I cross the GW Bridge - cheese assortment, and whatever else looks good.
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I am bringing sliced turkey, sliced provolone, and a loaf of wheat bread. Someone may want to bring condiments and veggies (tomato, spinach/lettuce) for sandwiches.
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For the drivers: the entrance is not well marked. If you're coming from the north on Broadway, it is the first driveway after the hospital property and you'll see what look like the walls of a fort (this is the garden) on your right. Turn into the drive on your right.

If you're coming from the south on Broadway, it is the drive immediately on your left after the stoplight for Gateway Rd.

If you see any signs, they'll mention the Cola Community Center which is also located at the Park.

Yes, we're working on getting better signage.
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Heading out to snag the MNR at Marble Hill, hope to see all of you and your food soon.
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Just found Hactar on the train, relieved its the right one.
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Missed the train, so I'll be on the next one (~2pm).

(looked at the bee line... it's about the same timeframe so I'll just wait here... it's a lovely day!)
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Sciencegeek says we are on the lower terrace in the walled garden -go to the Greek Temple & down the stairs
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Thank you guys so much for coming and hanging out in the garden. I've been wanting to have a bunch of people up for a picnic for ages and this was just about perfect - sitting under the cherry trees, eating delicious stuff, relaxing, wandering around the gardens, and then more sitting under the trees.
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What a beautiful day, and what beautiful people. You all deserve a medal. In the shape of a Milano. And flavored like one; your choice of mint or orange. And also it's actually just a Milano on a string.

sciencegeek: you da best. TWO Milanos for you (one of each).
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I think I ate two orange ones and three mint, so I'm pretty much up on my cookie medals.
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Thanks Sciencegeek!
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Behold! Photos!
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Thanks to Sciencegeek and the everybody who picnicked. It was grand!
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I ate my gifted Milano cookies at 10am this morning. Breakfast of champions!
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Cupcakes for breakfast!
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More photos.
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