Burning Man: Black Rock City Meetup Edition
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Tue August 27 at 2:00 PM, Cuddledome
9:15, Black Rock City, NV, USA (Map & Directions)
MeFi meetup in BRC! Get down with a bunch of other dusty MeFites in the Cuddledome! Location: Cuddledome, 9:15 and F (thanks, Cabingirl!) Date: Tuesday Time: 2pm (note: this may adjust somewhat based on discussion below and also general Playa-time syndrome) Anyone have a MeFi cargo cult idea? Shall you know us by the blue that we wear?
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hi rednikki! we've been trying to plan a meetup in this thread, but the OP just updated that they can't make it, so it's great that you started this one. I'm not sure about Center Camp, though -- we tried that in 2010 and couldn't find each other.
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Thanks for pointing out that thread! I say Wednesday - I think Tuesday may be early for some people. We could definitely host that many people in our space so long as not everyone sat down. (We have four chairs, plus coolers to sit on.) We're at 5:30 and...D or E, I'd have to look it up.

Your thoughts? Hoping a couple of other people will weigh in.
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I've had a meetup in center camp in 2007. Like 3 or 4 people showed up, who found me. It was fun.

I've also hosted a meetup when I was in a bigger camp. That was better because it's way better to be somewhere a little quieter and easier to find people and be able to make people drinks and stuff.

But this year I'm just camping with a few friends without theme camp placement, so even though we'll have plenty of chairs and plenty of shade and plenty of friendliness, we won't know where we'll be until we get there - which is a pretty big practical hurdle to hosting anything.
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I'd agree that a camp with placement sounds preferable since you'd want to ask "where is so-and-so?"

Is there no on-playa location tool for camps without placement like an on-site version of the What Where When Guide?

As I mentioned in the previous thread, I'm camping with Apex camp at 10 & B. Say hi if you see me there in the evenings, I'll usually wear either a Scottish kilt with a pink sporran or a bunch of line laser modules pointed at the ground. Also, I'll definitely visit Quixote's at 7.15 & F around 3pm on Wednesday afternoon for the Euroburners Greet and Meet, no other daytime activities planned yet.
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Is there no on-playa location tool for camps without placement like an on-site version of the What Where When Guide?

Yes, you can post it at playa info. But that means anyone who wants to go to the meetup has to go two places instead of one place, and just going one place is hard enough.
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So tentatively rednikki's place after lunch on wednesday? I'll need to disappear around 3pm myself, but I'll drop by before.
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if seats are at a premium we could still meet at my (18-person) camp -- I'm at dust & stars, pretty central at 6:45 and C, and I have just finished painting tentacles on five of these things. but of course if someone has a larger/more comfy spot that'd be cool too.
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Actually, if we are meeting up at our place it would either have to be 11am or (better) 4pm, as myself and underpetticoatrule are working an ice shift from noon to 3pm.

Is anyone up for 4pm Wednesday at our place? We're Camplementary, and we're within Hushville (Desiderata and 5:00, next to Kidsville as per usual). I can't yet say exactly where within Hushville we'll be but we'll make sure the folks at the entrance to Hushville know where we are and we'll put a sign on the camp.

(And pray it doesn't rain like it has been for the past couple of days!)

If 4pm Wednesday doesn't work and it has to be around noon, we could do noon on Tuesday.
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I vote for the place with more seating! And more tentacles!

Though I don't know if we're going to be able to find a time that rednikki and jeffburdges are both available. :(
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Earlier in the day (noonish) works best for me, any day. I have obligations every day at 5 but could be persuaded to be unfindable one day.
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Came back in today to say that we could host in Cuddledome! A 25' dome filled with mattresses means we should have enough seating. Tuesday afternoon works better for me, if people are game.
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Cuddledome on Tuesday sounds great! Where are you located?
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9:15 and F :)
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Sweet! You're just around the corner from me, Apex camp, the colosseum at 10 & B.

So does Tuesday afternoon at the Cuddledome at 9:15 and F work for most everyone? I love saying "at the Cuddledome", btw.

As an aside, we've a little shin dig chez moi after the man burns, well if you're not chasing Robot Heart or something.
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tuesday afternoon at cuddledome works for me!
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All right! We now have a confirmed location (Cuddledome!) and a day (Tuesday!). Regarding time: is 2pm early/late enough for most people?
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I approve.
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I would just like to note that BRC is in Google Maps and, while you can't look up the address of a camp, you can punch in intersections and have the map come up and drop points. Although according to the map, it only goes as far as G. Guess the exurbs are too recent a development for them.
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I'll be there like a T-Square! Or a sea hare. I haven't decided yet.

Maybe a knee hair?
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So any plans on what we should do? Other than day drink, of course.
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To the Cuddledome!
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I could bring my body paints. That means I need to actually show up though! I'm 0 for 1 on BRC meetups...
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Yay! I just came in to see if I needed to post a thread and I see it was already done! Thanks guys! I look forward to hosting you in Cuddledome. YOU WILL BE CUDDLED
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Oh and if I remember I will post a Mefi sign!
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I'm probably a bit too hairy for body painting, although the idea does intrigue me. Although if we're meeting on Tuesday there will probably still be overlapping chunks of the city that we have all not explored, so we could just go for a wander.
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I touch myself too much for body painting, but my camp has a shower this year, so that's okay this year.
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Err, I touch my face too much for most facepaints, but never tried body paints, and shower fix everything.
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at my camp we use craft acrylics for face painting, which have lots of staying power! they're great as long as you don't have super sensitive skin.
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The stuff I use is magical. You forget you're even wearing it (which can be scary when you catch sight of yourself in a mirror the next morning!)

But that's ok, you don't have to partake. I'll just toss 'em in my backpack in case of boredom emergency.
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I've a long history of smeared whiskers, but no harm in trying! If I know what works, then maybe I'll try finding some for the billion bunny march.
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I hope you all don't mind a shameless plug for Cuddledome's Indiegogo, which is still running!
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Also we might try running our Competitive Hugging competition that day, so that's an option of you guys like hugging. And competitions. The winner has to hug all the participants at the end!

But yes please with the bodypaints and things :)
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Unless Animal Control catches them first!
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I'll be there, commuting from Art Model Camp at AEZ! :)
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Just fyi, I hear Robot Heart shall land near 9:45 & G and the Palenque Norte Lecture Series at 9:15 & B looks interesting, so we're in a great neighborhood. I'm disappointed Black Rock French Quarter and Camp Contact landed on the other side this year though.
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Jeffburdges, I'd heard that location too for Robot Heart, but talked to the head Robot Heart guy last weekend (he's a friend) and he said 10 and L...seems out there but that's what he said.
I'd previously heard 9;45 and G, but I think that just may be historically where they've landed..
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..and yes, it's gonna be a hike from camp over in the high numbers and letters to get over to the French Quarter, especially on bathing days when I want to get a nice scrub down from the folks at the bathhouse there :)
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augh I'm so excited but I need to get work done but I'm useless please advise
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I've a partially finished LED suit based on the Teensy micro-controller board and OctoWS2811 library, but..

I fly to Reno in 48 hours and must finish much work first. And I've more "critical" projects like the carrot vibrator for the billion bunny march.

It's not a catastrophe that my big crazy lights project wont reach the playa this year because I'll do at least two burns during the fall. And regionals are infinitely better for debugging than the big burn. Its still disappointing though.
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I head to Reno in about 20 hours and I'm already exhausted from preparations here...

Thank you for reminding me about the bunny ears for the bunny march! I would've completely forgotten them.

Your light thing sounds great ( Of course, I'm proud of myself just for sewing some LEDs into some white mesh bat wing sleeves, so any project of that size is awe inspiring to me) Is it the type of thing that you would wear/bring to parties, or a bigger thing thats more for burns?

I'm staying at the Sands pre burn, I wonder if there are other mefites staying there too?

Maybe a poolside mini meetup there if so? Certainly easier to locate each other than on the playa.
Anybody in?
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Halcyon : Burning Man last minute stuff
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That means I need to actually show up though! I'm 0 for 1 on BRC meetups...

Heh. 3pm Tuesday, one third of y'all are suddenly going to think "oh shit, i'm over at 9 and E and tripping balls ... wasn't there something about a MeFi meetup today?"

Regardless, I am jealous of each and every one of you. Have fun.
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Just fyi, BMIR is the BRC radio station, mrgrimm.
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Do you think it's okay to have rebar in my checked baggage? (On Southwest) It's got kinda pointy stake ends. Hmm...
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I've checked rebar stakes on United three times to date; never been a problem.
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I'll be at 8:45 and E, so hopefully this year I'll finally make it!

I will have a pretty awesome swing set set up there. You should come play on it whether or not I make it out.
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And of course I have gate training from 12-1:30 that day all the way at black hole. Oh well, I'll still try to make it after!
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I LOVE swing sets. 8:45 and E, I better commit it to memory now. 8:45 and Extraterrestrial.

(For anyone that missed it, here are the official street names this year.)
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And hopefully the led lighting on the legs that tracks the motion of the swings actually WORKS!

The name of the camp is Lovin' Spoonful Diner, but it's not placed and there's only like 10 on us. The most noticeable thing will certainly be the swings.

You can see a picture of them at lightning in a bottle here

Hope to finally meet some dusty mefites this year!
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Argh! I cannot buy a bus ticket now. Anyone passing through Reno Friday or Saturday with space for one person with reasonable luggage but no bike? I've early access for like yesterday already but only just boarding my flight.
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Argh! American Airlines has probably lost my baggage in London, just like Air France did in Paris last year! So I'm now unsure when I'm looking for a ride, probably Saturday.
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An update for anyone that was going to look for my swings: we've evidently been moved out to 8:45 and Intergalactic. E was taken!
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The Onion: No One Makes it to Burning Man
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We met up! Actually this makes my first successful mefi meetup anyplace! yey!

Also, I kept forgetting to hug people at Burning Man this year. So hugs if I left you out at some point! Or even if I didn't.
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I'm so glad I got to meet up with you all! Next time, we're bringing lots more chairs to Hushville so we can meet up under whatever badass new shade structure under_petticoat_rule is constructing for next year.
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Great to meet you guys; let's do it again next year!

What about those group photos, BTW?
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photos added!

lemme know if I'm wrong about who anybody is. great meeting you guys! I feel like somebody is standing on my head and hate everything and want to be back. so. hard.
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The pics that say "ZenMasterThis?" are definitely me!
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I'll be at Alchemy in GA in October, btw. Do any of you guys do any regional events regularly?

Also, if you travel to Europe, ask me about regional events when or where your going.
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Hey guys! It was awesome to meet you at Cuddledome. My apologies for the camp drama that meant we couldn't actually host. I am sure you are all familiar with camp drama at the burn :) but I am so so happy that the meetup actually happened and that so many people came!
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