Burning Man
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Burning Man Metafilter meetup! Is someone affiliated with a big camp that has a good space for this? Proposals for date and time?
FINAL UPDATE on this proposal: I am not going to Burning Man after all because I had an unchangeable conflict come up. Waaaahhh. So if you are interested in this meetup, set up the IRL event yourself. Seems like there is plenty of interest, and people's time preferences are below. Have a great burn!
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I'll be at Burning Man this year, but can't really host. But unless I forget or something (a preposterous notion) I'll totally go to a meetup!
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I'm not part of a big camp, but I'm in for sure! where is everybody located? we're at 6:45 & C.
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I'll be back on the Playa this year (my RIGHTEOUS FURY over last year's ticketing fiasco having abated), camping out with Freedom Community. I'll be around all week, so pick a time and a place, and I will do my best to get myself there. I'm inclined to suggest Wednesday. It's late enough in the week that most people will be there by then, but early enough that it won't be a zoo where it's impossible to find anyone.
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I came here to post pretty much this same thing. I'll be camping with Lamplighters so they have space but there are approximately one billion Lamplighters so I don't know if there is room, per se. And I am more of a guest than anything but I can ask if there are no other options. Either way, I am in! I've got early arrival (23rd) so I'll be there Saturday until Monday? I think.

derail: 4th burn.. haven't been since '09. Anybody go to Juplaya this year? I got some great video of us fishtailing off of the playa after the rains on the 4th
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I'm with Apex camp at 10 & Biggie Size, the big ass coliseum with flame poofers and video projection mappings. We're roughly 120 people but I'm unsure if we're doing too much during the day. I'm early arrival for 23rd or 24th probably.

I'd recommend shooting for Tuesday because I'd expect other meet ups happen on Wednesday, and we're all way too deep into "ferrets on crack" mode after Wednesday, well by Wednesday really.
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I'm soo far behind in my playa prep, must at least repair my lasers and finish my carrot vibrator for the billion bunny march. Any suggestions on attaching a normal vibrator to your forehead for the unicorn stampede? Glue on a suction cup and string?
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I'll try to be there, but you know how it is.
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My camp didn't get placement so I'm glad someone's hosting.

I uh, tried to walk there midday across the playa at the last one I tried to attend (2011) and majorly failed. Lesson learned and I'll make it this time, I swear.

Can't wait!
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also I am down for either Tuesday or Wednesday, as I'll be arriving Monday.
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I arrive early on saturday and am also down for tuesday or wednesday!
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Glue on a suction cup and string?

Would probably melt in the heat if this is a daytime look.

Maybe suction cup sewn into some sort of bandana you can tie around your head.

"ferrets on crack" mode

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OH HAI! Yay for the yearly Burning Man thread that I will probably forget to check again until September! That said, I've got some Conclave stuff on Wednesday afternoon and LNT for our CORE project on Friday morning, so if it's not at those times I will try to come. So yea, maybe Tuesday would be a good day :)

This year I'm camping with Cuddledome at 9:15 and F. Come by, guys! It's an oasis of shade and comfy mattresses and pillows and all the platonic intimacy you can stand :)
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Ooh, just saw this! I'm camping with WMICC (World's Most Inviting Climate Camp), handing out fresh organic produce at the outer 3 o'clock plaza (approximate cross street K) and doing a bunch of stuff with the Get Lit(erary) project. I'm hoping to arrive early (late the 23rd/early the 24th) if I can figure stuff out with my rental car, so look me up. My playa name is What.

As for a meetup: I prefer Wednesday.
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My camp didn't get placement so I'm glad someone's hosting.

There's a bunch of "I don't know whether there's space then" kind of half-offers, but I haven't seen any firm suggestions of meeting at any particular location yet.
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Is nobody working a bar? I just got assigned to our back camp so I'll ask if I could be given a bar shift at a suitable time.
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I haven't heard back yet on my ability to host anything at my camp yet, but..

I'll definitely visit Quixote's at 7.15 & F around 3pm on Wednesday afternoon for the Euroburners Greet and Meet, so feel free to find me there in addition to Apex camp at 10 & B at other times.

I'll likely be at Apex camp or the Phage Seminar Series during after dinner time most days.

I'll probably wear either a Scottish kilt with a pink sporran or a bunch of line laser modules pointed at the ground most evenings. I'd plans on making a crazier light suit but not enough time left.
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Just fyi, we're short 10+ people at Apex camp so let me know if anyone sans camp thinks they'd enjoy a sound camp.
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Thanks, but I always camp somewhere unsound.
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just commenting so people see the OP's update!
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there's a new BRC meetup thread, if we want to mosey on over there
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