Rally to Restore Sanity / March to Keep Fear Alive
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Oct. 30, the Stewart/Colbert rallies. I know we can expect a lot of us there and with signs. So here's the organizing thread.
Let's figure out when/where we're meeting (as more information becomes available, of course) and any other questions.
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I'll be at the Irish Times (across from Union Station.) Time to be decided.

Might be the whole day...
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Irish Times works for me, as it's right by Georgetown Law, where I've got other commitments that day as well. Depending on the exact location(s) though, it might be a little far from the event.
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I'll be there, but may or may not be able to meetup.
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Irish Times is a pretty great dive but I really am throwing a house party rock and roll show that night with bands and kegs and such. I will list it separately on IRL though methinks to not hijack things. And I thought of another sign:

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I'll be there. May have to talk mom and crew into going to the meetup though.
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am coming from NYC. anybody want to car pool? it would be way cheaper to rent a van (although parking could be a major nightmare).
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I'm interested in coming from NYC. I am looking to carpool/crash first, then will look into more expensive transport and lodging options.
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Not sure of my plans for the day yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll be there.
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odinsdream, depending on when you and purpletangerine go, maybe we can carpool?
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AFAIK, I will have exactly 72 hours from 12:30 on the 29th for the entire thing, meaning I leave my crusty little shack in Hamilton, ON at 12:30 on Friday and must return by 12:30 on Monday.

So far the cheapest option seems to be to rent a car and drive down the 8+ hours (according to Google Maps) to DC......

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Throw Away, we just did a DC to Toronto (and back) drive and I'd add a few hours for traffic and construction there. Protip: Sheetz gas stations have clean bathrooms and decent sandwiches.
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I will be flying into Baltimore on Friday and out again Sunday morning! I'm also looking to crash or split hotel rooms!
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Count me at the rally. don't know about the meetup though. was planning on taking the orange line in all the way. I guess it depends on what time it is
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I'm considering driving up from Orlando. Anyone along 95 want a ride? Honda Civic, space for 2, driving up Friday and leaving Sunday. Or maybe Monday. Resting is good.
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I'll be at the rally with a non-mefite, but I'd love to meet up with all of you!
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I'll be there and I'm down for a meetup.
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I'll be there all day with a few pals. Not sure if I'll make it to the meetup, but I'll keep an eye on this thread nonetheless.
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Sounds fun.

You all coming in from out of town-- when are you arriving?
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For what it's worth, there are buses that leave from Penn. Sta. in NYC and drop you off at Union Sta. in DC, leaving hourly, for some ridiculously low price, like $19 each way. Wifi on board and everything. It's the way to go if you're going. Boltbus is the one I used, but there are others.
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You all know I'm usually down with this sort of thing, but I'll be up in the hills jamming with the hippies.
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awww…it wouldnt feel like a dc meetup without MrMoonPie
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If I'm not up in the hills with the hippies and the MoonPies, I'll find the mefite swarm.

Also, Oct 30 is Halloween (observed) in DC. As such, I'll be dressed as a purple cephalopod.
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I just need two more people to complete my human centipede costume. Who's with me?!
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For us New York City-istans, Arianna Huffington's got our transportation covered. I just tried to fill in their form (and had to sign up for a HuffPo membership via Twitter, ugh) and got error messages. I'm on IE.

Also, for us NYC-geeks, the "Wil Wheaton-less but mefi's own Adam Savage-full" w00tstock will be the day before. Anyone going to that and want to make it a weekend-long rampage?
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Buses, but where do I stay? Still haven't priced hotels, but I'm guessing "expensive." Unless you stay far enough away to necessitate a ride to and from the rallies themselves.
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I hear hotels are going fast. Staying in the burbs (VA or MD) and Metro-ing in might work. Crystal City, VA pretty much only exists for that purpose.
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I will likely be there.
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There is a Marriot Courtyard in downtown Silver Spring, MD, that I think is pretty reasonable (not super cheap, but they're showing a room for the 10/29 - 10/31 for $149/night).

It's within a 10 minute (or less) walk to the Metro. I commute into DC from that metro station every day and it's less than a 30 minute commute (if the red line isn't acting up). Downtown Silver Spring has a bit more of a soul than Crystal City. I wish that I could offer to put someone up, but I live in a particularly small and currently pretty grotty studio.

I will try to get to the rally and would be interested in a meetup.
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Hey, now, Crystal City has soul! It's got Freddie's, the great drag-queen karaoke bar!
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I'll be there! Sane and Afraid ALL AT THE SAME TIME
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I might very well be there, but I haven't worked anything out (except in my head) so it remains to be seen.
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Mrs ish and I and the two little ishes will be at the rally
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Here's the HuffPo sign-up form. Looks like it's there and back the same day. Fun?

Are we calling an actual meetup for this?
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Oh, um... the actual link.
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I propose 4pm at Kelly Irish Times after the rally breaks up at 3.

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I literally have 4 different places to be that day, so I think I'm going to have to bow out of the Meetup. Still planning on going to the rally (for a while, anyway) so say "hi" if you see me.
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I'll tentatively Aye.
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Cautious Aye here, as well.
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depending on if I can con my wife to come to a another meetup I should be there.
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I've never been to a meetup before, but this one is 3 blocks from my house. Is there some sort of hazing ritual I'll be required to participate in?
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Some friends decided to drive up last minute, so I'll be there. Not sure if I can get them to meet up with my internet friends :)
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Also, would I be too out of place with an awesome FIAMO rally sign?
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Uh... not to be dense, but when/where exactly are we meeting up? And can we add it to the Upcoming Meetups list?

niles, I suspect you would confuse many people, but definitely not out of place!
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Seems that 4:00 at the Irish Times (across from Union Station) is the default.

I'd add the meetup myself, but I seem to have bad luck with that...
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From another board:
My name is Erika Morant and I am a graduate student in the Master of Tourism Adminstration Program. I am working with Mr. James Day, of JD Associates, Inc., which is the event production company that is producing the Comedy Central Jon Stewart Rally on October 30. We are looking for 50 volunteers to help with event activities such as crowd control. I was wondering if you would be able to send out an email blast about the event. If you could I would greatly appreciate it. I have included all the event information below, the volunteerism is open to all people who wish to be a part of the event. All interested individuals can contact me at elmorant@gwmail.gwu.edu.

Event: Comedy Central Jon Stewart Rally
Where: 3rd Street Between Madison and Jefferson (In front of the Capitol)
When: Saturday, October 30, from 9am to 5pm
All volunteers will be given a tee-shirt and trained at 9am that morning.
I have no connection to these folks, so enter at your own risk!
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So is this a go or not?
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If I make it down, I'll be there regardless.
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I'll be there, but I'm catching a ride with friends, so I may not be able to stay afterwards. If anyone wants to try to meet on the mall (a little bit before, so we're all standing near each other, maybe?) perhaps we can set up a kind of phone chain or something. Text each other, "I'm over here," that sort of thing? I know several people in this thread well enough to consider them "trusted MeFites" I wouldn't mind giving my # to (you know who you are, those I've either met or exchanged mail with).

I'm sure it's going to be pretty much impossible, but I specialize in the impossible.
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"I'm catching a ride with friends, so I may not be able to stay afterwards."

(also, there's the fact that I'll be riding back with my friends to Princeton, then catching the train to NYC, so I'm already going to be getting in late. And I have an invite to a Halloween party that night starting at 9pm, etc.)
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It looks like I may be there, with a whole crowd of my coworkers and other folks. Have to get back to Philly right after, but will keep an eye on this thread.
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I'll be there getting in some time on Friday and leaving some time on Sunday... I really want this to work out, but I'm nervous to post it!
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OK, I put it up.

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Wait, shouldn't we just make this thread the meetup thread? I think Cortex(?) can do that instead of everyone having to go to that other thread.
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Or not. I'm obviously not that good at IRL pun intended.
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