A Midsummer Meetup!
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Tragically, we don't have a Runes visit to celebrate or anything special like that, but why should we let that stop us? Let's get together and catch up and celebrate things!
Our last meetup featured beer and pizza, so why not take another swing at that, with a different venue?

I'd like to nominate the Baird Brewery Nakameguro Taproom! They're big (way bigger than Devilcraft), have a completely different (Newhaven) style of pizza, and an extremely admirable selection of brews! Their menu's a weeeeeee bit more spartan than Devilcraft, but what they have is done amazingly well, and unless I'm mistaken, they're a bit more affordable (for both pizza and beer). Another benefit is that non-pizza and non-beer options are also available. And they have at least one vegetarian pie as well.

Howsabout the 20th of July?
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Oddly enough, I'll be working virtually in your part of the world on that day though unfortunately not physically. Bummer! Y'all are definitely my favorite "hey, I'm in your town, lets get together!" bunch of people.
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For anyone who hasn't been (like me) the website is here. I don't know if I can go, but I will say their Kurofune Porter is pretty tasty, and I've got a bottle of their Angry Boy Brown Ale waiting at home in the fridge.
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I'm hardy active, and haven't been for years, but the siren song of pizza in the Tokyo area calls me from afar.
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I'll be playing at the Sengawa Jazz Festival that night...
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I need to check on a few things this week but I think I can make it.
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Hey, if 23 can make it then at least you two can relive this golden moment.
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Sorry, won't be around that time :(
posted by gen at 9:51 AM on July 1, 2013

Ah nooo, I have something on that day already :(
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Since this is still "tentative," and pretty much nobody can make that day, does anyone have a better one to replace it with?
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I could make something in early August!
posted by armage at 11:13 PM on July 6, 2013

Yup, August is pretty open for me.
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August... in Chiba... if we pin down a day, and manage to get a decent number (I'm going to set the bar at 12-15), I'm just sayin'

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Weekend of 3-4 or 17-18 works for me.
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Weekend of 3-4 or 17-18 works for me.

Moi aussi.
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3-4 is no good for me. Ichikawa Fireworks. 17-18 could be possible.
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It's narrowing down...
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Oh god, ANYTHING but a BBQ. The rainy season hasn't even technically ended yet, and I almost died walking around Machida in the sun yesterday. I vote we maintain an event inside a restaurant, with decent AC, and plenty of cold beer/hot food.
Chiba's fine for me, but I don't think it's convenient for anyone other than you, Ghi.
Also, August works for me. The 24th is a no go/could go but I'll probably already be buzzed from D&D. For spectacularly mysterious reasons, I suspect that 23 would also be similarly dissuaded from the 24th.

Sounds like the 17-18th is the best bet? Monocot and Armage? Anyone seen Dubitable around?
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GoingToShopping, I'm not sure you understand, I was volunteering my house (which has air conditioning) to be the site of the meetup, and to cook for everyone. The reason I said Chiba is that's where I live, and that's where I keep my grills, comfy chairs, ice cold beer, and air conditioning. As for convenient, standing next to a grill all day while other people cavort and drink? It's not the most convenient thing for me.
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I'd be delighted to (after at least one failed attempt) have the next meetup at Ghidorah's place. I am dying, yes DYING to eat summa that man't grilled specialties, y'hear? HOT DAMN!
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17-18 maybe. 24th will be away. Would really like to make it.
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I'm good for most of August, but the sooner we can pin down a date the better. I would be pleased as punch to spend the day at Maison Ghidorah.
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That sounds WONDERFUL, Ghidorah. You are correct, I did not understand! You have my vote, sir.
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Hope this happens! So... howsabout you other Tokyoites? Any more of you out there wanna make this a reality?
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Well, on the off chance that there are people who would have to work on the 19th, maybe the 17th would be best? That way people don't have to worry about getting up quite so early the next day.

Usually, when I do a BBQ, I supply the food and ask people to bring the drinks, but if anyone wants to bring something to eat, feel free. Family and such are more than welcome. As a warning if you're allergic, we've got cats (which will be hidding upstairs). If we are going to do it, like I said, we'll need a decent crowd (pulled pork is a little much for three people), so lets aim for about 15?
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15 or more, is what I meant to say. I've had nearly forty people at the house before*, so a decent size crowd isn't impossible.

*it was more than a bit snug, and hopefully not to be repeated, but doneable
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So, what should we do? New IRL to alert people who've stopped paying attention? Go with the BBQ as the main plan, with the Nakameguro Taproom as the fallback in case of not enough members?
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Sounds like a plan to me, Ghidorah.
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Ah, this sounds really good. But I'm, erm, actually leaving Tokyo for good at the end of July (going back to new job in HK) so I definitely won't be able to make it in August. I hope you guys have a blast - I really wanted to try Ghidorah-cooked sausages too!

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Damn, I'm sorry you'll be leaving us. On the other hand, congrats on the new job. I enjoyed meeting you, an I hope you manage to have some meetups in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong? My jealousy rages. Have a great time.
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Are you perhaps talking to Monocot, Ghidorah? I don't think she's posted anything about a new job in Hong Kong on this thread, though the extrapolation is an easy one to make.
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going back to new job in HK

nope. just reading what's there.
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Who wants to make that new event page?
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I'll get to it. Been a bit busy.
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Am I missing some obvious option to delete this thread? Like how I missed Monocot's obvious post?
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