Cooking Dinner at RMH Hyde Park -- tokyo drift
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Sat August 31 at 4:30 PM, Ronald McDonald House Hyde Park
5444 South Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
RMH August DINNER: We continue to have a great time cooking dinner for people at the Hyde Park Ronald McDonald House (5444 South Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL) so we're doing it again on 8/31/13 starting around 4:30 and finishing around 8:30. It's like a potluck that we all make together at their kitchen, and also feed families of sick kids.
This is August dinner. We're also doing brunch. It's thread is here. As you may guess from the title of the event, we've done this a few times before. All the Ronald McDonald House events are listed here.

Hyde Park RMH asks that we have no more than 12 people. I don't think that should be a problem, but keep that in mind.

At Hyde Park, they ask us to cook for 25 people plus the group of us that comes, and to have dinner ready around 6. I'm happy to help coordinate menus and food amounts and anything else that might need coordinating.

For those that haven't done this before -- they have kitchens in the houses that are well stocked with standard kitchen ware and utensils and tools We will bring the food along for cooking. Spices they sometimes have, and sometimes don't, so it's safer to bring, but if you forget and it's common, don't worry. It may be hard to find, but they'll have oil, salt, pepper and some other things. They're happy with us cooking whatever menu that we'd like, but to remember that we're cooking for a variety of people with a variety of tastes, so multiple dishes work better than one giant pot of stew so that everyone will be able to eat. The last time we went, we were a little pork heavy on our dishes and would have succeeded slightly better with more pork-free options. So, what do you want to make (yourself, or as a suggestion for the group menu). Please do make suggestions, otherwise I'll accidently come up with something that's a lot of work for everyone like pierogi from scratch.

For those wanting to go, but concerned about distance, carpooling with someone else in the thread is definitely an option, so don't let that hold you back.
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Speaking of, did you guys know there are apparently 6 Fast and Furious movies? The elevator TV told me. SIX. Who's paying for these things!?
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we discussed that at the meet-up last night. so, yes, we knew, oddly enough.

i'm in for August. Unless this conflicts with various family reunions and my never-getting-of-the-ground trip to SF & Berkeley to see beloved people who live too far away.
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I like to think that what we talk about at meetups one night end up being communicated in elevators the next day all the time and we've only just now been made aware of this phenomenon.
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Are you also expecting unexpected sausages for this meat-up?
If so, I fear there could be a meta-timeline conflict which could lead to the death of every time lord/sous chef you know and love.
Or the sausage fairy could just exercise her humors on you, again.
In short, caution.
(this is a bit too far out for me to be sure of my schedule, ideally, I'd like to be out of town)
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My thought process for this meetup just went like this: Yay! Dinner on a Saturday so I can go (yes). Wait, what Saturday? Oh, the one closest to my birthday (maybe). But skipping this for my birthday is selfish (yes). But it's my 30th (maybe). So I'm on the fence for now, but am leaning toward yes.

At this point, I think the Fast & Furious movies are financed by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Because what else would they do?
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I love the Fast and Furious series because of course I do.
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they are fun.

Just like RMH meetups.
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I was not planning on sausaging it up.

Instead, how bout cold pasta salad with veggies and cheese.
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well, rats, this will make two in a row I'll have to miss.
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Hey guys, I am interested in coming, but I imagine riding a bike or taking public transit from Logan Square will be a hassle and I don't have a car. Is anyone planning on driving and able to give me a ride?
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I switched from a maybe to a yes. I'm in Wicker Park and can give you a ride, deathpanels.
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OK, I'm going to get a menu request from the coordinator in a couple weeks, so time to start coming up with plans.

veggie pasta salad (with and without cheese) -- garlic
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Will we want to provide a dessert option-- or just savory stuffs? I made an apple bake this weekend that went over alright.
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Dessert options are A-OK.
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Sweet. Apple bake. Done.
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I'll be in Chicago the weekend this is happening and would love to join you all. I've cooked for similar but much larger events, so the scale and time commitment are no sweat. Caveat: I'm vegan.

I certainly wouldn't go tossing around tofu or seitan in this kind of situation, but do you guys want/need a vegan dish? Maybe some red lentil dal, peanut noodles, roasted veg, red beans and rice? I'll be drowning in tomatoes from my garden by the end of the month, so I could also make or bring some super-awesome pasta sauce!
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divined by radio -- we'd be happy to have you. If you'd want to come just as a sous chef, that'd be perfectly fine, depending on where you're coming from. But we're also perfectly happy to have someone in charge of a dish as well. And we're happy to have vegan food made too.
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A vegan dish would be a very good thing.
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Dammit! I'm going to be out of town for this...bummed I'm going to miss meeting you, dbr!
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Still having trouble coming up with something that's not pork. I have a bunch of good brisket and short-rib recipes, but they all have beer and I'd rather not do a main with alcohol in it, given the previous diners.

That said, if someone does a vegan main I'd feel a whole hell of a lot better doing something like pulled pork or the like.
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Super bummed to miss meeting you, too, phunniemee! I'll try to make it down to another Chicago meetup so we can swap puppy photos.

I have to get my rickety old car fixed up this weekend, but I'm planning on coming down from Milwaukee, going to a show on Thursday, and figuring out a place to crash on Thursday/Friday so I can be ready for dinner on Saturday.

If all of that goes as planned, I can bring and cook pretty much anything. I'd be totally happy to make a vegan main dish. Is there a theme to the menu, suggested cuisine, anything to avoid? Making a big batch of dal or chana masala would be easy, I could bring some chili sauce so people could add heat to taste and get a few packages of pappadam for sides. Otherwise, black bean and sweet potato stew, lentil tacos and guacamole, Moroccan chickpeas and couscous, chili and cornbread?
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Menu has been requested by the house. So if you're itching to make something, then speak up. And divined by radio -- I'm happy to serve any / all of the things on your list. Is there a particular one you want to make, or do you have recipes for everything to distribute to people still trying to figure out what to bring?
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How about I make a bigass salad, which will contain at least bibb lettuce, arugula, grapefruit & avocado.
It may also possibly contain something crunchy which I haven't yet settled on.
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OK, I'll make some chili -- easy to pick up ingredients and cook in big batches, everyone loves it, I've made the same dish for similar events, and it's easy for people to customize to their liking. I usually have try to have some cheese, onions, hot sauce, sour cream, noodles, tortilla chips, and salsa on offer. It would also be easy to cook some meat separately and add it to half of the batch or individual bowls to taste.

I always make it on a whim based on whatever's in the pantry, but this recipe is a good basis for ingredient purchasing. Major exceptions: I replace the celery with celery seed, only include fresh chilis, and use TVP instead of frozen Boca burger crumbles. I can bring all the spices (Mexican oregano, chili powder, cocoa powder, etc.). This cornbread is my usual accompaniment.

Does that sound good? I'll have all day Friday and most of Saturday totally free, so I can shop it up wherever and whenever.
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Veggie chili is great. I'll do brisket on rolls, then.
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current menu (as sent to the RMH house:)

pasta salad -- garlic
greens salad -- Cold Lurkey
veggie chili -- divined by radio
corn bread -- sous chef to be determined
brisket on rolls -- eamondaly
apple bake -- Tardis Companion

Plan on 30 adults and 10 children for portions. Leftover's are welcome, but we also don't need as many leftovers as we sometimes have had in the past...
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Oh NO! there's already a chili cookoff on 9/1. Do you have a different goes with cornbread recipe you'd like to do? Otherwise I can plan on a chickpea / potato / pepper stew that would go pretty well.
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Lentil soup, perhaps?
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sounds delicious.
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Garlic, before I forget: can you tell 'em the brisket will be halal? Just in case anyone was wondering.
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you guys, you warm my heart. I'm so happy to know all of you! and, no, that's not just a whole afternoon of brandy old fashioneds talking; I mean it. Sorry to miss it this time around.
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I have to back out as sous chef. Boo me - everything sounds delicious!
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Oh boo yourself... wait, you just did that, carry on.
Local supplies of arugula have been critically low lately, so instead I'm going to see what I can find at the farmer's market that morning.
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So I am in for this (with guest!) for real this time. Capable sous chefs both or we can bring anything we are told to bring.
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Bring your cooking hands, and your loving hearts!
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This brisket is going to be the fucking death of me. I have dubbed it The Brisket of Sorrow.
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Does anyone need a ride or groceries? I'm in Wicker Park for brunch right now but would be happy to pick up anyone/ anything.
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The brisket of sorrow should pair nicely with my salad of rage.
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Thanks guys. Another great one for the books. We should start having featured guests like divined by radio more often.
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