Boston Dim Sum Meetup PART 1
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Sun May 26 at 10:30 AM, Empire Garden
690 Washington Street, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Boston area Mefites - let's eat some dumplings!
Proposed location: Empire (or Emperor, depending on which side of the street you're on) Garden, an awesome dim sum restaurant in an old theater. The place is huge and has a surreal mix of stereotypical Chinese restaurant decor and the old Art Nouveau theater decor.

Plus, did I mention, DUMPLINGS!

Proposed Date: Sunday May 26, maybe 10 or 11 ish? The time is flexible so I will turn this into a confirmed event once people weigh in. I suppose if nobody can make it on the 26th we can discuss alternative dates.
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Wow, that website is bonkers.
posted by Horace Rumpole at 8:37 AM on May 20, 2013

MetaFilter foodie meetup in Boston? The Girl Who Ate Boston is IN.

Awesome idea! I'm so excited! This will be my first-ever dim sum experience, so I'm counting on you guys to explain to me how it works. All I know is that it's yummy.

I should (hopefully) be able to make Sunday. I'll know for certain in the next day or so. But if another date would work better for other people, my schedule is pretty flexible.
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Ohhh! Yum. About once a week for the past 18 years my wife and I have said "We really need to do dim sum one of these days." but we have never actually gone and done it. See also: tapas.

Not yet sure what the long weekend plans are with the family but if they're going to church on Sunday then my godless, atheist ass will be eating dum sum with Mefites.
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Oh, wow. If it gets rescheduled to the weekend of June 8 and 9, I'm there!
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Hei La Moon is also delicious. I'd go some other time, but the long weekend doesn't work for me.
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I could make this, I believe. FOOD.
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I think I am free Sun, should know soon.
I know I am the June 8/9 weekend.
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I'm free the June 8/9 weekend, and I might be free on the 26th!
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I would love this, but I'm busy for the next two weekends. The 8/9 weekend should work for me.
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Would definitely like to come, but that weekend is the most difficult of all soon weekends! Will try my best though.
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June 8/9 would be better for me as well. I would love to see DiscourseMarker and HoraceRumpole in real life!
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I love dim sum, but we're going camping this weekend so I won't be around. If it ends up being later, I will definitely be in. How does this place compare to China Pearl?
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I'm in for Sunday.

And I agree with Admiral Haddock - Hei La Moon is my new preferred Dim Sum place, though the decor can't match Emperor's Garden. We should arrange a Hei La Moon meetup another time.

(Hei La Moon > China Pearl ≥ Emperor's Garden >>> Chow Chow City)
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I could do this weekend, or the next two. My favorite best-kept-secret dim sum place is Winsor Dim Sum Cafe, which is menu-based (not carts) but delicious.
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Hei La Moon was great, but it's been my only dim sum experience here, so I wouldn't mind branching out!

I look forward to seeing Mefites trying to beanplate the blur of carts!
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Bummer, I'll be in the area but I'm planning on climbing Mt. Monadnock that day.
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If this does get rescheduled to June 8/9, I can make it then, too.
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I don't think I've been to Hei La Moon. I will say that a few years ago I took a visiting friend to Empire Gardens - said friend is from Singapore and also a major foodie, and she and her husband swore Empire Gardens was extremely authentic Cantonese cuisine.

But you know guys - we could have TWO dim sum meetups; we could go to Empire Gardens this weekend and then Hei La Moon June 8 or 9, to accommodate everyone's schedules.


why yes, I would like an excuse to go to dim sum twice, why do you ask?
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I could probably go on June 9th although I am not good at following through on my social commitments lately so don't plan around me.
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Ooh, this sounds excellent. I'm free this coming Sunday morning and would love to join...
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This Summer!





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Hei La Moon and Pearl have mango pudding, which Emperor's Garden doesn't. Hei La Moon and Emperor's Garden have custard buns, which Pearl doesn't. Pearl and Emperor's Garden have those long noodles with the brown sauce which I have no seen at Hei La Moon.

It's complicated.

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Ok, you asked for it...I have confirmed the Empire Garden meetup for this Sunday, and added a June 9 meetup for Hei La Moon:

You people better be hungry!
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I'm confirmed for both dim sum adventures!
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I approve of this decision.
posted by Metroid Baby at 8:32 AM on May 22, 2013

My budget's kind of tight for this month: I'll confirm yea or nay later this week. But I'm definitely coming to the one in June.
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Ooh! I have eaten at this place and it is fully of yumminess. Also, I'm pretty sure I was in there back when it was a porno theater in the 1980's.

I don't know if my family obligation event this weekend will be Saturday or Sunday, but if it's not on Sunday I'd be up for this.
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Confirming, but I'm not a morning person at all, and I'm coming in from the suburbs, so I may be late.
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If you haven't been to Empire Garden before, it's up on the second floor, and we'll be waiting upstairs in the lobby for folks to assemble. (I'll wear my MeFi shirt.) We'll wait about ten minutes or so before getting a table, so if you are a maybe and you are on your way, let us know in the thread so we can try to get a bigger table.
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I am definitely gonna be late. I'll try to get there as soon as I can.
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I woke up sick this morning. I'm going to have to pass on Dim Sum Meetup #1. Really bummed. :( Sending you all yummy thoughts! See you at Dim Sum Meetup #2!
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We've been seated now, all the way at the very back left, so come on back when you get here.
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I just came here to say that history will vindicate my taro/tarot joke.

Also, I posted meetup photos.
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Sorry I wasn't able to make it over. Sounds like Fun (and dumplings) Was Had.
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nonane: "ALL THE DUMPLINGS!!!"

The ladies pushing the carts sure tried to make that happen!
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