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Surely there are more than a few board gaming, card dealing, and role playing MeFites out there. Let's organize a meetup for mid-May. The afternoon of Sunday May 19th. The location is set to Mountain View but we can change that easily. If you are interested hop in the thread. If you don't like the date/time give suggestions for alternatives. Location will vary depending on the number of people. For groups < 12 I can host at my house in South Bay. If we grow larger we'll find a venue. I have access to some largish areas for up to 30 players. Games to play can be sorted out later.
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I am out of town until the end of May but I'm interested in any future events.
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I just moved out of Mountain View and I would have loved to do this! If we do it early Sunday afternoon, I'll consider crawling down from SF.

I have Ra, Carcassone, the Hong Kong version of Monopoly deal, and Settlers of Catan on the iPad (no expansions).
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I am absolutely interested. I haven't played many board games other than the usual ones but as for card games my favorites are Gloom, Fluxx and Mille Bornes. And I played Illuminati once and thought that was really cool but I don't own it.
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I haven't got much experience in board games, but it's been something I've meant to get into, especially after watching Wil Wheaton's TableTop.

In other words--the number of board games I actually own are on the low side of zero to five, but I'm interested.
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KChasm, I have plenty of games to bring to the table, including plenty that have been on Table Top, so no need to worry about not having games to bring. I suspect some other folks who join us will have some as well.

so much modern time, I think an early Sunday afternoon, say 12-4 (or so) is about perfect.

sacrifix, if you are familiar with card games of those sorts playing some board games should be easy as pie =)

So how do you folks feel about 5/19 12pm Mountain View? I live in San Jose and can host there just as easily if everyone (except so much modern time) lives down that way.
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If I'm in town that weekend I'll come down from Walnut Creek, but I can't commit yet. I'm more of an ex-wargamer, but anything mentioned is fine. Anywhere in the bay area with easy parking is fine.
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I'm interested, but if I have that weekend free I might be GMing (for the first time in years) myself.
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I'm in, barring last minute issues with child care.
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I could be convinced to come do this--we just moved into the area and I could use some more people to play board games with. And I can drag along my husband as well.

Here is my current collection of games in case someone wants me to bring one of them.

Ricochet Robot is my favorite (if my user icon/avatar didn't tip you off).
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Taking a stab at head count: LoopyG, that girl, sacrifix, BrotherCaine, KChasm (5 total)

Maybes: so much modern time, wintersweet (2 total).

A group of 5 is a nice sweet spot for a lot of games, but 7 would be totally fine too, just need to split the party for many of the games =)

If we are only 5 it'd be simpler for me to host at my home in San Jose, since we won't need such a large space, which was the benefit of hosting in Mountain View. Let me know if San Jose (downtown) is harder or easier for those of you that are coming, as it would save me some burden from acquiring the location in Mountain View. There is plenty of free non-restricted parking around my house.
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that girl, I have Pandemic and Lost Cities (plus 1 for 4-player games). Why don't you bring your favorites from the remainder? I have not played many of those and would be tickled pink to try them. Games that support 4-7 would be best as it looks like that will be our size.
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San Jose would work better for me.
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I put myself down as a 'maybe' but just realised I'm in Boston that weekend. Augh.
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That's all right subbes. If not enough people can make this day I'll reschedule into June. Or if we meet up and it goes great I'll just start another meetup =)
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I have a +1 so I count for 2 people.

I'll bring along Small World and Ricochet Robot. Small World is a great easy game, and Ricochet Robot is good while waiting for stragglers or hoping that some other game ends soon.
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I'm fresh from the east coast and this is my third day living in Palo Alto. I'd be overjoyed to join you guys, if someone can explain how to get down to San Jose by public transit on a Sunday.
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Nomyte. If you are willing to arrive 30 min early I could pick you up from the Caltrain station, as its only 2.5 miles from my house. If you have a bike its a very flat ride with a good bike lane, weather permitting.
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Chalk me up as a maybe, then! I'll need to apprehend and unpack my belongings and figure out the devious Caltrain system, but I think there's a good probability I'll be there.
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The Caltrain isn't so bad. Only a single route. Just be sure you head the right direction and get off at the right stop =)

Diridon is the one closest to me.
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Oh gosh finally a meet up that isn't in SF on a weekday! I'm interested and can bring Futurama Monopoly
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I'm not certain what the final headcount is. I think this:

raw sugar
that girl + 1

Anyone planning to go that I don't realize? If not, 5 is a good number. If any of you are driving and have a large folding table let me know, otherwise I can ascertain one =)
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I think I'd like to attend, if it isn't too much trouble. Though, if it's a bit too late to change plans, I'll happily sit this out.
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6 folks is good too. Welcome to the party KChasm.

I am sending MeMail's to each of you. It includes my email address, which I check FAR more often than MeMail, so please respond to me via MeMail.

If I haven't heard confirmation from at least 3 folks by tomorrow night then we'll call it off and try again in June, I'll send you emails letting you know if its go or no-go.
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