Nature Walk in Arnold Arboretum
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Sun April 21 at 1:00 PM, Arnold Arboretum - Maple Collection
125 Arborway, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
The maples are in bloom! Come take a (curated) walk in the Arnold Arboretum.
As part of the Cambridge Science Festival Arnold Arboretum has a series of free events featuring various parts of its collection. This Sunday (April 21) they are featuring maples. There are two tours (schedule pdf).

I will be showing up for the 1:00 tour and it would be great to meet up with any other interested MeFikers. Possible lunch afterwards, if we can find the cafe we went to after the last Arnold Hike.
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Hmm! I think might hit the spot to see some nature-type shit this weekend now that you bring it up.
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Hm, I still haven't made it to the Arboritum. I think I'm in. I'll confirm by end of day.
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Arrrr. Maybe with a little lead time, I coulda arranged it, but I'll have to sit this one out. If this becomes a regular Thing, I'd probably hit a few of these walks. I've lived here my whole life and haven't been to the Arboretum, it's shameful.
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Sorry, NoD. I had the idea about a week ago, and then I got, um, distracted. Also, events were being cancelled left and right, so I waited until things seemed a little more definite. Hope to see you at a future one.
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Hmmm, maybe! Depends on how lazy we're feeling tomorrow.
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Oh, and I forgot to mention the transportation. I don't think parking is too bad down there, but it's also very convenient to the Forest Hills T stop, the southern end of the Orange Line, which is how I'll be getting there.
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I'm planning to come! Any particular advice/directions from the Forest Hills stop? I'll look at maps ahead of time, but landmarks are never bad for navigation.
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The tour starts at the "Maple Collection". After struggling with the map application I managed to get this screenshot of the map. The T station is lower right, the Maple area is upper left. Let's meet at Dawson Pond.

It's supposed to be a bit cool tomorrow, and if people are interested we could take a bit of a walk after the tour, depending on how much walking there is in the tour and how people's legs feel. See you there.

Rough directions:
(N.B. There is a Mike's Donuts inside the station, if that's important to anyone.)
Go out the side labelled South St. on the map (though I'm pretty sure it's actually Washington St. South)
Go North, towards the 203 overpass
Go about 100 ft until you're just at the overpass.
Turn right so you're going up the downramp.
About 200 ft on you'll hit the Forest Hill Gate, which opens onto the paved path that leads down to Dawson's Pond.
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I'm coming! Nature-type shit is my favorite type shit.
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If anyone is running late, it doesn't look sound like the tour will be covering a lot of ground, so if you just walk north of Dawson Pond in the map I'm sure you'll see us around the ranger/docent/whatever you call them.
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Hey, we're gonna start moseying. We'll meet anyone
Not yet here at the Maples area.
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I was in the Maples area. Sorry for the confusion. Fun times! I'll post flower pictures shortly.
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I had a great time and was glad to see people. I hope no-one showed up that we missed connecting with — the time and meeting place were a bit off.
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Yup! Good times.

Some clarification regarding my comments on the least weasel: Those olde timey illustrations were mostly German and British, not Eastern European! Maybe I have some bias that makes me assign weird European stuff to the east. Sorry, Eastern Europe!

Anyway, here's the article. Halfway down, you'll find four illustrations of the guy taking on larger foes, including a cockatrice!
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