Monthly Brooklyn Board Game Meetup
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Sat May 11 at 2:00 PM, ocherdraco's apartment (#4D, buzzer #407)
192 East 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Our May meetup will be Saturday the 11th. Bring your games, snacks and/or drinks. Please post in the thread what you're bringing so others can make sure they don't bring the same thing, and/or so they can drool over the thought of homemade cookies. March's board game meetup lasted 9 hours, and April's lasted 8, so feel free to come over even if you can't make it for the first hour or three.
As previously, we'll be starting at 2pm.
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I bought Qwirkle to add to our group of less intense games (things that we can play when we need a break from the heavy duty stuff). It's an abstract tile laying game, with elements similar to Scrabble, Dominoes, and Sudoku.
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Gonna try to bring a DiFara pizza.
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Oh, wow! That's great!
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I will probably not be bringing a foodfeast this time (sry!) but will have at least one baked good with me.
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lintacious, I got one of your brownies at the bakesale and it was delicious, btw :)
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I'll list myself as "probable". I got a shipment in from CSI consisting of Love Letter, Bohnanza, and the first Race for the Galaxy expansion to add a fifth player (in addition to a couple of heavier 5+ hour games that I won't force upon any of you).
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I'm going to keep it a maybe for now. My plan is to walk with the Broadway mefites in the morning and then jump on the subway and come play games when the time is ripe (i.e. in the early afternoon).
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If it is at all relevant to anyone: I've canceled the Broadway walking meet up due to predicted rain/thunderstorms.
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Hey, now you can have unimpeded boardgame playing. And I can go to work and plant trees in the rain.
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I hope you can reschedule soon, sciencegeek!
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Sorry to hear the Broadway walk was cancelled. FYI, the doorbell on our front door no longer works, so please knock loudly when you get to the apartment, and call me (646-484-8636) if no one answers your knock.
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Pizza update: I'm going to try to get to DiFara around 1 since I assume I may have to wait a bit for a pie. Hopefully I will bring it by not too long after 2!
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Wait for pie: one hour.
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I'll be there before 3.
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That was fun! It was great meeting y'all. I'm not sure I'll still be in NYC in a month, but I'll try to make it to the next one if I am.
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Yet another fun meetup! Thanks for coming, y'all. (Special thanks to first time attendees suncoursing, John, and Joseph. Please come again!)

The games we played (let me know if I have forgotten any):

Love Letter
Last Night on Earth
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Thanks for hosting again!
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