Shall we play again?
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Fri April 26 at 7:00 PM, Snakes and Lattes
600 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4, Canada (Map & Directions)
So... the last Toronto meetup at Snakes and Lattes went over well enough with calls to repeat that I thought we might celebrate S&L's considerable expansion/renovation by returning for round II. Does Friday April 26th suit people?
Also, we might expand our repertoire a bit beyond Cards Against Humanity (although I hope that will be in the mix somewhere... I have the third expansion). They DO have a thousand games there, after all...
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That's a very busy weekend for me, so I'm a maybe, but I'd be interested.
posted by jacquilynne at 3:09 PM on April 9, 2013

I'll have moved to BC by then, so yeah, the 26th doesn't work for me.
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I should specify: I'm moving on the 23rd, so if you were to do something before that, I'd try and make one final Toronto meetup.
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Canageek -- not for me: I will be in Halifax next weekend and this weekend is awfully close. Weekday evening meetups are problematic for many people in my finding.
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I'm up for this!
posted by ilana at 4:11 PM on April 10, 2013

Sounds good!
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Would love to come, and I think I should be free. I haven't been there since they renovated.
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My cow-orker tells me it's practically a new place since the reno, he recommends it highly. I'll see if the wife wants to come. Does anyone know what the parking situation is like in the area? (We're new-ish to T.O.)
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Parking: I do not drive, so take this as you will, but there is a municipal lot right behind Snakes and Lattes (running between Palmerston and Markham) with space for about sixty cars. Or, if you are located somewhere close to a TTC route, it is mere steps from the Markham exit of Bathurst Station.
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Yeah, I've parked in that lot many, many times. It's not usually full, and it's moderately inexpensive -- either $6 or $8 after 6pm.

You can try to park on the street, either on Bloor or on the side streets, but it's easiest to just use the lot. There are also some other green p lots a couple of blocks in either direction.
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a small warning: I tried to get a table at Snakes & Lattes this past Thursday at 7 for a group of about 6, and was told there would be a 45 min. wait for a table, and I don't think they take bookings
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They do not take bookings any more; however, I will be there early.
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I'm in! The whole place is licensed now says maudlin... games and beer sounds fun :)
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At the place (or nearby, at any rate) and on the waiting list.
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If you see a guy in a dark blue shirt and jeans lounging about out front reading the new Mary Roach book and chortling, that is me.
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Wait time intolerable so we are at Pauper's (Bloor and Albany).
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When they tell you at S&L on a Friday at 6:00 PM that the wait might be as long as an hour and a half, don't believe their pretty lies. Almost 9:00 when they called me. Luckily, maudlin found us a fine snug at Pauper's and gamage proceeded apace. Also: omdtlp and ilana, I remain skeptical of your contention that I would be home before you. Three and a half hours since I bade you all farewell and I am still plodding homeward.
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I think I need more sleep ...
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Thanks for setting that up, ricochet biscuit! I don't envy your walk home :)
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Thanks everyone; that was a great deal of fun and a bright spot in a long weekend of grading essays. I blame the grading as the reason that I seemingly handily won the Horrible Person Award with Cards Against Humanity.
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