"A pinata full of scorpions."
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Fri December 28 at 7:00 PM, Snakes and Lattes
600 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4, Canada (Map & Directions)
The recent Cards Against Humanity post on the blue got me thinking: anyone in Toronto and nearby up for a Snakes and Lattes meetup for some games (of CaH and/or others diversions)? I am going to pitch next Friday the 28th, but I am open to other suggestions for date. Who's in?
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I should add that it seems an Ontarian in the thread has expressed a desire to play some Cards Against Humanity before relocating to Vancouver, so maybe it can double as a farewell party.
posted by ricochet biscuit at 7:01 PM on December 18, 2012

That would be me. I've got very little planned, so that date sounds good. In fact, I think that is a good day for me to be out of my domicile as there is a photoshoot going on there.

It is a few months before I move, but I really enjoyed the last Toronto meetup I went to, and would love to do another.
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Hmmmmmmmm.......... It's probably really dangerous to suggest it, but I'll be in Toronto on the 30th. Not sure if I'll actually be able to attend, though.
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That could be fun.... That date could actually work out for me.
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I'm in Toronto temporarily (after leaving Vancouver, coincidentally), but not entirely sure if I will still be here on the 28th. if I am (I should know by the 25th or 26th), I'll mark myself as a "yes". this sounds like a great meetup!
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I am so sad that I'm out of the country until the 31st, because I would love to come to this. Oh well.
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Ha ha! Yes! I'm in for this. We played Cards Against Humanity at a meetup a few meetups ago and it was great. I also like coffee and board games in general.
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I haven't played cards against humanity but I'm in. I like games!
posted by typewriter at 4:52 PM on December 19, 2012

Hey, we were just talking about another Snakes and Lattes meetup. But how crowded should we expect it to be on a Friday evening? (Our last one was on a Sunday afternoon.)
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I intend to get there well before with my plus one and stake out a table. As others arrive, we can commandeer chairs.
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I will try for this, but I too am a little worried about being able to grab a big enough spot for a meetup (based on previous meetup experience). Try to commandeer the back sofa?
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I will do my best.
posted by ricochet biscuit at 5:08 AM on December 20, 2012

I'm in, forgot to specify it on the side. That gives us 6+2, not bad. I've never been to Snakes and Lattes, is it hard to get to on transit?
posted by Canageek at 8:26 AM on December 20, 2012

Bathurst Station will get you to within a couple minutes' walk (which will drop to seconds if you take the Markham exit). Bloor between Markham and Palmerston.
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Partner and I will come if the energy ebbs and flows are in the positive.
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I am sitting in Snakes and Lattes at this moment. The kind folk here tell me that 7:00 next Friday should be okay, provided I swing by a couple of hours ahead of time to get my name down, which should get us in "around seven". The plus-one and I will take a bullet and head for S&L plenty early; I respectfully implore others to some degree of punctuality so as to minimize the dirty looks if there are only two or three of us holding down a table for eight in a busy café. Also I learn today that while the original café is licensed, their annex at 602 Bloor is not. Thus, be aware that we might or might not wind up on the dry half of the place.
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I will try to be there on time, but may be restricted by the fact I'm tied to the GO schedule, though I may go chill with a friend in TO before hand to save on making two trips into Toronto.
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I love CaH! I am so sad to miss out (am away until the new year), but Merry Meetup to you all! :)
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So sorry to have to miss this one. mrgood's band has a gig that night, and I can't swing a sitter from that early until the wee small hours to do both. Have fun for me, and HI everyone.
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I was really looking forward to this, but caught a cold last night, so will have to see how I am doing tomorrow. Right now talking hurts, which wouldn't be the best thing for a MeFi meetup. Hopefully I will feel better though.
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I just printed out my own copy of CaH last week and love it!
But alas, I'm flying into town tonight and out in the morning :( If my flight gets postponed a day, which is a definite possibility, I will be there.

I really need to move to Toronto.
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My plus-one had to cancel due to a family thing, but I will still be there. All this to say that if the second among you to arrive is someone who does not know me, do not automatically pass up the table with only one person at it...
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If it's not too late, I'm in! I love Snakes and Lattes.
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I'm still in too! I feel like I need to say that, after the number of cancellation comments. :) I am running on only 4 hours sleep though, so I'm going to go heavy on the lattes!
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No, I am heading for Toronto shortly and will definitely be there. See a bunch of you in ~eight hours.
posted by ricochet biscuit at 8:01 AM on December 28, 2012

Bummer. I love SaL, but I'm already booked for this evening. Have fun!
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I'll try to be there by 7 to help hold down the fort.
posted by maudlin at 2:43 PM on December 28, 2012

Me too. I'm just grabbing a bite at Thai Basil but will go to Snakes and Lattes as soon as I'm done.
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I'm here but can't see anyone else. What name is the reservation under?

(Everyone knows there's a $5 cover, right?)
posted by maudlin at 3:53 PM on December 28, 2012

We're at the front of the annexed half of the place. The reservation is under Michael and/or Metafilter!
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Sorry to miss out, but I'm going for a nap.. :)
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Sorry I had to bail because of my crazy immune response!!
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But we are done, and we won't say who won after typewriter left us in her dust. Catch you all next time.
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Maybe I wasn't sick. At home, I'm fine again!! Could it be...I'm allergic to mefites???
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Nice to see everyone, including rarely seen mefite Rando Cardrissian (who kicked much ass). The consensus seemed to be that we would do it again in a few weeks when we could do a proper reservation and not have to stand with our noses against the glass until they took pity on us and let us in. Note for those of you who missed out and are on the fence about the next one: the waitress noticed we were playing Cards Against Humanity and told us about the time she had to gingerly explain to a table of mystified players what "bukkake" meant. Snakes and Lattes is that kind of place.
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Sorry I missed it ( sick, NOT allegic to mefites!)
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