New England Folk Festival?
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Fri April 19 at 7:00 PM, New England Folk Festival
250 East Street, Mansfield, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Will any mefites be attending the New England Folk Festival next month - April 19-21? It's held at the middle and high schools in Mansfield, MA (they are on the same property) - the town is where 95 meets 495 outside Boston. If you have any interest in folk music, contra and morris dancing, or any of the associated awesomeness, you're sure to have a good time.
They've got a vendor room for arts 'n' crafts, and that's where I'll be, selling artwork and prints. The event is very kid-friendly, runs Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Looks to be good for wheelchair access. There is an admission charge with discounts for seniors and kids - per day or for the whole festival. Admission rates here. Festival overview here. Come see me, my booth will be in the crafts room and looks like this (but indoors.)
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Bonus question: Are you a MeFite and an old-time musician? I will be at the booth too, but depending on how the schedule looks I may drag a banjo along and sneak away for the occasional jam or workshop.
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I'll be there! I'm performing Friday night (international) and Sunday afternoon (klezmer), but would be happy to jam on the half-dozen old-time tunes I know!
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I'll be performing Scottish dance on Sunday. I'll bring my fiddle, too, on the off chance I get time to jam. I know one old-time tune, but I'd love to learn more.
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Are you a MeFite and an old-time musician?

I am also an old-time musician! Amazing. Unfortunately I can't go to this event as I have another event all weekend, but I hope we can try for a jam another time.
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What do you play, Miko? My old-time chops are pretty rusty these days as I have spent the last few years down the minstrel-era rabbit hole, but I still know my I-IV-V chords well enough.

I think a Greater Boston/Massachusetts/New England MeFi Acoustic Musicians Meetup would be a worthy undertaking.
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I play old-time guitar with bass runs etc, some mandolin, and do lots of singing of old-time songs. That'd be fun. We could descend on an existing session some time, like Cambridge's Monday nights. There's probably one in Northhampton area, and there's one in Beverly on 2nd Fridays that I've yet to check out.
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We said hi to Lou and got an awesome piece of art featuring kitties!
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D'oh! I'm sorry I missed you guys - maybe next year!
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