Gallifrey One Attendees
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Going to Gallifrey One? Me too! Let's meet up.
If you already have your membership to Gallifrey One, let's meet up! I know it's capped at 3200 people this year, but even so, I can't be the only Mefite going. (If you haven't heard of it and you're a Doctor Who fan, you really should go: Gallifrey One. But not this year, because it's sold out. Next year's tickets will go on sale March 8, IIRC.)

I'll arrive tomorrow and I'll be there through Monday morning. I know the schedule is packed, but if anyone else IS there, do you want to have breakfast or carve out our very own corner of LobbyCon?

(Warning: I'm terrible at social stuff...but I do like talking to people and I'd love to finally meet some more Mefites, if my hunch is right and some of you will be there.)
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Also, sorry for the late notice--anyone who IS going may well be travelling and never see this! The idea didn't occur to me till I was packing.
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Maybe next time! :)
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