Goat toaG Goat toaG Goat toaG Goat toaG
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Wed February 6 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
EX-tree EX-tree, read all about it! This just in, wild billy goats storm downtown tavern! Only known weakness is tiny beers!
Note that this is only four days after the poutine meetup, do we want to push it back one week to the 13th?
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I say we keep it the first Wednesday, otherwise I might forget about it.
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I'm taking a kayaking class on wednesdays in Feburary at the UIC pool, so I have to be in and out quickly at the start, and maybe available for karaoke after.

I know you were all concerned.
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Caps lock is so freeing.
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Wait, has anyone actually gotten a steak and egg? Can one truly even covet something that is only thought to exist in a mystical realm? Also, can anything that comes from the Goat truly be called steak?
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Also, I'll be off bettering myself too, at a training seminar in LA that whole week, so I'm out. If I find tiny beers and shiny pants on the West Coast, can I call you guys and pretend I'm still included?
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I have had the 'steak' sandwich. It is very reminiscent of the Comiskey Park picnic area* 'steak sandwich' so I like it as more of a nostalgia thing.

*One of the best places to watch a game from, RIP
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If I eat at the Goat, I eat the steak and egg.
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...He's the most interesting man in the Goat.
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Was there actually an "and" in the "steak and egg" menu entry? Because I got an "egg cheese" last time, and there was definitely no "and," so now I'm wondering if "and" is a sourdough bun.
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I believe it's an ampersand. For unabbreviated words you might want to try the Goat at Navy Pier. It's always puttin' on airs.
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I believe Steak and Egg is only on the secret menu, but if the rest of the menu's formatting were followed, it would likely be "Steak & Egg." Regardless: It is real and it is delicious.
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Did anybody hear that? No? Must just be those spooooooky movies I've been watching on my day off.
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Ghost Dad?
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1) I distinctly remember,as was mentioned, discussing with deathpanels and others about the use of "Egg Cheese" on the menu. So the Goat apparently has some ampersands that have gone missing in the last 5 years.

2) If you need a pick-me-up, read the Wikipedia plot description of Ghost Dad. It teaches/reminds you that a cab driving Satanist is an important plot point. (tl;dr - just read the first and last paragraph)
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(tl;dr - just read the first and last paragraph)

That's what got me through college.
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The Mel Cebulash novelization really is the way the story of Ghost Dad is meant to be told.
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Wow. I would've bet $100 that "Steak & Egg" was on the menu!
posted by eamondaly at 9:42 AM on January 22, 2013

Hmm...it's on there at #2.

I was not aware that they had chicken anything. The plot thickens.
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The Mel Cebulash novelization really is the way the story of Ghost Dad is meant to be told.

If this is the same Mel Cebulash who wrote the adaptation of Herbie Rides Again that I read in my youth, I can almost guarantee that the novelization of Ghost Dad is... a book that accurately describes what happens in the movie.
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Curiously, there's no extant novelization of Leonard: Part 6. I suppose it's up to me to supply the lack.

Leonard: Book 6

A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead. I say ‘one chooses’ with the inaccurate pride of a intelligence analyst who - when he has been seriously noted at all - has been praised for his rhetorical faculties, but do I in fact of my own will choose that black fiery January night in San Francisco, in 1987, the sight of Leonard Parker riding an ostrich off of an exploding factory's roof, or did these things choose me? Given that national security requires my silence on his earlier operations, it is correct according to the rules of tradecraft to begin just there; but if I had believed then in a God, I could also have believed in a hand, plucking at my elbow, a suggestion - "Speak to him: he needs to know about the carnivorous trout."
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Be advised.
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I may actually try to make this, since I've not been at one in forEVER.
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And now I have yet another late-night meeting to attend. Goat is a definite no, Frog is a remote maybe.
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I'll be at the Vaccines show at Lincoln Hall. Very slight possibility I'd end up at the Frog later, but unlikely.
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Where is everyone? We're 28 hours and counting to goat! This place should be hoppin'.

I am extremely disappointed with you all.
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I'm going to be on a plane to LAX tomorrow (and then another plane from there going somewhere way more fun.) I'll wave when I'm over Chicago.

Who am I kidding? I'll NEVER be over Chicago. *sniff*
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Jen, did you make my mistake and show up on Tuesday?
posted by Evilspork at 1:10 PM on February 5, 2013

No, but I almost did add a warning to my previous comment saying CONFIDENTIAL REMINDER TO EVILSPORK TODAY IS TUESDAY.

Seriously, though, you guys need to do a better job of entertaining me. I need distractions. I've been in a completely asinine multi-day argument with my boss about potato chips, and so far that's easily been the highlight of my week.
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guys, guys, GUYS! I don't think I'll make tomorrow. And then I don't think I can make it to the Pequod's thing. THEN I WILL BE OUT OF TOWN FOR THE TWO BEGINNING OF MARCH MEET-UPS.

huh. It will almost be like I'm adamdschneider.
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I don't like any part of that except the part where you made fun of Adam.
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I'm out for tomorrow too I'm afraid. [insert joke about Adam here.]

But hopefully we can celebrate my reason why at the next meetup. I will not bring refreshments in this.
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What on earth is there to argue about regarding potato chips!? They are perfect in every way conceivable, unless you're talking about bastard-variants like 'baked' or olestraassleakageinducing 'lo-fat'.

Also, I'm in, at/around the usual late-ish goat arrival.
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Adam at least made it to the poutine meetup. UNLIKE SOMEONE ELSE I CAN THINK OF
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So you're saying we need to bait him...
posted by phunniemee at 4:27 AM on February 6, 2013

Was going to joke that I'd hate to see what kind of animal you would catch with a poutine baited trap. Then I looked in the mirror.
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My +1 is baniak, since he is too lazy to check in himself.
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last night at broomball, I suceeded in only falling down hard twice. And slamming myself into the boards a few times. So today I only have minimal bruising covering my entire forearms and all of my ass.

So I'm using that as an excuse to 'work' from home today.

but I'm still bettering myself (not like, replacing my liver sort of bettering myself though) some this evening so my attendance will be at both the goat and the frog, but seperated by kayaking at the UIC pool.

I should probably figure out where the hell the UIC pool is...
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Oh, garlic, I meant to ask you about the broomball thing when last I saw you. Though if it's spring next time I see you, it's moot, huh?

also, auxiliary poutine is delicious but, you know, auxiliary . . . .
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Wait, Spiffy will momentarily be in LA? I'm in LA. MOMENTARY DISPLACED CHICAGOANS IN LA PARTY! I wonder if they have tiny beers out here...
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I'll be a bit late. Seven, seven-thirtish?
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Say hi to the sky while you're out there! OH WAIT JUST KIDDING.
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I might be able to make it to my first meetup EVER. FINGERS CROSSED.
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deathpanels making appearance at tonight's meetup, now with 100% less talking to old, drunk men at the wrong Billy Goat location.
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I'm headed there now for the unofficial cabal* early meetup.

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I might not make it tonight. I'm feeling kinda blah and my back is being an a-hole. I'm still at work and don't think I'd be much fun this evening.
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My thing ended earlier than I expected. Headed to the Frog!
posted by eamondaly at 7:04 PM on February 6, 2013

Also headed to the frog.
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How was it guys yesterday I got up at 3:30am sorry I didn't make it to the Goat but I think I am technically dead according to the bylaws of several municipalities
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I met some cool people and discussed the pasty thighs of wrestlers, so I thought it went pretty well.
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It did go well. 4 of us made it to karaoke, where apparently our most famous karaoke singer had her great Stevie Wonder song crashed by a douche in a suit, and his buddies photographing him.
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Why are there always suitdouches at the Frog?
posted by shakespeherian at 11:08 AM on February 7, 2013

Probably that portal to hell next to the paper towel dispenser in the ladies' room.
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The Stevie Wonder Debacle was so weird. I don't understand why a) that guy took the second mic but b) proceeded to ominously lurk behind CL with it at his lips like he was going to sing then c) didn't even try singing A SINGLE WORD and yet d) all his d-bag friends rushed the stage and took a million videos of him just awkwardly standing there. SO WEIRD.
posted by eamondaly at 11:20 AM on February 7, 2013

Uh, phunniemee, there's only a mirror next to the paper towel dispenser...

As for the Sir Duke debacle, I just assumed that since the guy was wearing a tie, he was a serious business sort of dude and was up there primarily to take a management and oversight role in the production of his favorite track from "Songs in the Key of Life"... his cadre of poorly dressed paparazzi friends were there to document and oversee his overseeing.

I, obviously, was merely incidental in this serious business matter.

and garlic, dear, please stop calling me famous. I already sniped at phunniemee for it, so let's it just let it slip quietly into the annals of weird shit what happens to me proximal to karaoke.
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