Poutine for all
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Sat February 2 at 7:00 PM, Bad Happy Poutine Shop
939 North Orleans Street, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
So there are many in the Chicago Cabal that can't/don't make it to the goat. (there is no chicago cabal.) There are also many in the group who love poutine but haven't been to Bad Happy Poutine Shop yet.
Let's fix many of these birds by pelting them with cheese curds. BadHappy is BYOB, and has burgers for those uninterested in cheesy goodness. We can talk about how great poutinefest is going to be as well.
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I've never had poutine, and honestly it seems like something I'd really, really dislike because I'm weird like that. But I might come. MIGHT. Just because if I ever do eat poutine, it might as well be at a place that is all poutine all the time. We shall see.
posted by phunniemee at 9:51 AM on January 8, 2013

Oh, IT'S ON!
posted by BevosAngryGhost at 10:03 AM on January 8, 2013

I will each phunniemee's portion of poutine. And take extra lactaid. Curse my deficient intestines!
posted by BevosAngryGhost at 10:04 AM on January 8, 2013

Just looking at the images on their website is making me feel nauseated.
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You can get a tasty burger. with a side of poutine (or not).
posted by garlic at 10:13 AM on January 8, 2013

I'm up for some poutine but be aware that the burgers are 'Chef designed stacks - please no substitutions'. I am not sure if this means they are also precious enough to also rule out subtractions.
posted by srboisvert at 12:07 PM on January 8, 2013

I made poutine on Sunday. And I must make it again on Friday. Honestly, it was every bit as good (if not better) as the "best poutine in Montreal" a friend took me to. Plus the beer was significantly better.

I'm a firm "maybe", but I am jealous every time garlic tweets he is going to BadHappy.
posted by crush-onastick at 12:27 PM on January 8, 2013

After I specifically requested that this not be on the last weekend in January!
posted by adamdschneider at 1:23 PM on January 8, 2013

See, anything I've not entered on my calendar gets quickly forgotten. Like timing objections.

I'd be game the weekend after (Feb 1st or 2nd) as well, if there are no objections. It'd be more immediately before a Goatup, but I won't be able to make that one, so it's all the same to me.
posted by BevosAngryGhost at 1:33 PM on January 8, 2013

Poutine is disgusting and you are disgusting for encouraging it. Plus, our first derby bout of the year as that night.
posted by eamondaly at 7:16 PM on January 8, 2013

I'm so in for this. And another one in February if need be. Must stock up on lactose pills...
posted by youngergirl44 at 3:52 AM on January 9, 2013

The first weekend in Feb would work for me. I'm glad this is in the evening, too. I've normally got class on Saturdays until 1.
posted by adamdschneider at 8:39 AM on January 9, 2013

I've had this place on my todo list since I moved here! It must be a sign.
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I'm throwing a Tiny Fix Bike Gang meetup Jan 26th so probably not, but if the date ends up changing maybe yes.
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I've been waiting for a weekend meet-up; but, I'm seeing Morrissey that night. If the date gets moved to the next Sat, I'll be there (vegetarianism be damned! I'm trying some delicious meaty gravy on poutine).
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Oh shucks, I've got the Morrissey conflict on the 26th too. More weekend meet-ups!
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C'mon...move it to the 2nd...you know you want to.
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Sorry for Bevos' confusion. Date has been changed to 2/2 in the evening. This should not conflict with other things that I know of or that have been mentioned so far. Except with eamondaly's hate of poutine. which we are intentionally interfering with.

Also, people looking for weekend meetups, we have one scheduled in March that we'd be happy to have more people at! hint hint
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I don't know about Bad Happy's menu, but poutine gravy is perfectly fine (and perfectly traditional) when made with veggie (instead of chicken or beef stock). Brown gravy relies on how long you cook the roux for its color, not the stock.

Personally, even when it's served with some sort of sausage, I prefer poutine gravy made with veggie stock. So, you might not have to compromise, Fig.
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crush-onastick : that is very good info to have - thanks!! At the very least, it's plausible deniability, and that's good enough for me.

I forgot that I have a Restaurant Week rez for dinner Feb 2. I was on the fence about keeping it anyway, so I'm still a maybe. It'll be a game time decision.
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Not sure of my schedule this far out but I'll come if I can. It'll be my first meet-up. Be gentle?
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Pretty neat that this is bringing a lot of new folks out. I've marked my calendar for the 2nd!
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I love that there are so many new folks too. On the other hand, I'm worried that my first poutine experience might be messy, so I may have to eat privately in a corner.
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Mike, psst, you can use a fork!
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Actually, no, can you guys do, like, a poutine-off or something? Whoever consumes the most poutine using only their face wins a prize.

The prize is heart disease.
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I'm up for it.
posted by adamdschneider at 2:19 PM on January 10, 2013

BadHappy has a standing challenge -- if you eat 2 poutines, a burger, and a shake in 30 minutes, your meal is free.

I personally like to enjoy my food, and keep my stomach from exploding. But if you want to try it yourselves...
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Someone needs to call Bad Happy and see if they have enough shame corners for all of our participants.
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Second prize: shame. First prize: more shame.
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Third prize is you're fired.
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All right, shame corners and the potential of an eating contest lured me in. I'm down.

This is totes a noob question, but how does one identify a group of mefites upon arriving? Does someone post on here where the group is sitting? Should I scope out profile pictures so I know who to look for, or is that creepy? Is a fedora mandatory?
posted by Fig at 10:31 AM on January 11, 2013

Generally you just try to find the biggest group of people sporting beards and/or glasses.

Sadly, I have neither.
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I have a beard and glasses. Maybe I'll just sit there muttering, "MetaFilter, MetaFilter" over and over.
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I look like my profile picture, as does phunniemee (she also looks like this when fierce).

BadHappy is small, and we'll be the large group of peeps there.
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phunniemee has again reminded me that I was going to find some novelty glasses for meet-ups. since i also don't wear them. Maybe I'll skip to the novelty beard.
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I just wanted to say that I'm from Montreal, and why do we not have a Poutine Fest here???
posted by vasi at 5:16 AM on January 17, 2013

Get on it vasi -- Now you have a mission. The women who are organizing it here in Chicago just decided they wanted one, and then started asking restaurants if they were interested, and if the venue would host, and voila Poutine fest was created.

This is the first one. They are planning on selling 200 tickets, and they have 1000 people currently on their email list waiting for them to announce how to buy said tickets.
posted by garlic at 9:33 AM on January 17, 2013

I have it on record from a real born-and-raised Montrealer that Bad Happy sucks, but I greatly enjoyed it myself. They also have BIRTHDAY CAKE MILKSHAKES, if you need another reason to attend.
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You know, we were in Montreal this fall and had poutine from places the locals said was "the best" or "representative" or just "really good" and honestly, the stuff I make in my kitchen, randomly and differently each time (and pour over fries from the Five Guys on the block) is just as good. So, even if they're using Campbell's mushroom gravy from a can, I have a hard time believing that BadHappy sucks. It's not a subtle or difficult thing--poutine. It's brown gravy poured hot enough over cheese curds soft enough to melt properly on a base of decent potatoes that hold up to soaking in gravy.

I mean, god knows, I'm a food snob. But poutine is not complicated--the span between good and passable is huge and the gulf between good and sucks is infinite.
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Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and say the Montrealer pou-pous (HA!) BadHappy because they feel like they have to. That is about the least objective source you could possibly ask for, if there was any such thing as food objectivity in the first place.
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So one thing I've noticed about BadHappy Poutine is that the cheese curds don't tend to get that melty. I don't mind -- I still think it's delicious -- but if you go into it thinking it's a requirement of poutine, I could see how one might be disappointed.

I can say that they've had members of the Canadian Consulate as repeat customers, so that's got to mean something good.
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This is totes a noob question, but how does one identify a group of mefites upon arriving? Does someone post on here where the group is sitting? Should I scope out profile pictures so I know who to look for, or is that creepy? Is a fedora mandatory?

Just listen for a bit and sit at the table where everyone says 'favorite' after someone else says something.
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Hey, Fig - feel free to Facebook or Flickr stalk me to find out what I look like. That's cool, just add glasses. I wear glasses now. Because glasses are cool.
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They help you see, too.
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Maybe they help you see. You don't speak for me!
posted by adamdschneider at 6:56 AM on January 30, 2013

youngergirl's glasses help me see. You're just not cool enough, Adam. Too bad, so sad.
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This is close to home, I'm in for birthday cake shakes and making disgusted faces at canadian food.
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Poutine fest tickets are on sale now! get them while they're hot and cheesy!
posted by garlic at 8:18 AM on February 1, 2013

Too late...
posted by garlic at 8:58 AM on February 1, 2013

Sold out in a half hour? That shit gray(vy).
posted by Fig at 1:42 PM on February 1, 2013

Balls! I should have bought tickets as soon as I got the email. Oh well. I'm up super early this morning and couldn't figure out why - perhaps it's because I'm excited about cheese curds and gravy. Mmmmm.....
posted by youngergirl44 at 3:35 AM on February 2, 2013

It looks like they close at 10, how are they with people staying past closing?
posted by Evilspork at 2:56 PM on February 2, 2013

Noooooooooo! This may be the worst disaster to befall our generation. The selling out of PoutineFest tickets...epics will be written of the tragedy.

In other news, yay, poutine tonight!
posted by BevosAngryGhost at 3:21 PM on February 2, 2013

It looks like they close at 10, how are they with people staying past closing?

...how much poutine are you gonna eat?
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I wildly misjudged traffic and am now holding down a table waaaaaay towards the back. If you see the guy prostheletizing on his cell phone you've gone too far.
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I'll be there in a few.
posted by youngergirl44 at 5:14 PM on February 2, 2013

I hope it is delicious. I am sorry to miss it.
posted by crush-onastick at 6:10 PM on February 2, 2013

This worked out great with great turnout. Sounds like the tentative plan is to do another weekend meetup at Cheesies in March.
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Newsflash: a dish that has steak, sausage, bacon, fries, cheese curds, and something called "hot dog sauce" might be a little heavy for someone known for his delicate stomach.

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I had the Quebecker and I have to say it went through me faster than Wolfe's troops went through Montcalm's. This is not the usual outcome of Poutine.
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I'm a dummy and I didn't realize poutinefest was during Lent. My idiocy is your win. Who would like my single poutinefest ticket for 2/24 at noon?
posted by garlic at 7:21 AM on February 16, 2013

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