Cleveland: The Meetup
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I feel it’s about damned time Clevelanders (and Northeast Ohio MeFites in general) have their own meetup. Let’s do this. Let’s make it happen. Ohio City? Lakewood? Cleveland Heights? KENT?
Bar crawl in Lakewood? Board games in Cleveland Heights? Fancypants gourmet in Ohio City? It’s time Northeast Ohioans.
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Let's just wait until after the first blizzard and then we can all travel around in a pack digging each other's cars out of the snow.

Yeah, fuck it, it's the slow season at work so my normally highly-erratic schedule is pretty flexible now. I'm up for it.

Dunno how many Cleveburg MeFites pay attention to IRL, though. Would it be kosher to give 'em a nudge via MeMail?
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I'm theoretically in!
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Depending on time and place, I could be in. If it happens closer to Akron I'd definitely be in.
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awwww, yeah !

Thanks for making this vkxmai. Hopefully others from the last meetup (back in 09 ?!) are still in town (I think chesty was there). Any of those suggestions sounds good. A trivia at a bar also sounds good.

For time frame, what are we looking at ? January ? Maybe it's just me, but the week between Christmas and New Years is pretty flexible for me.
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I'm up for it, I can come from work in Medina if need be.
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I think to maximize potential, we should try for January. But we could of course do more than one. One or two Ontario-based MeFites have also expressed interest in the past of attending a Cleveland meet-up.

I will start figuring out where the best non-dude-bro trivia nights are and return with info!
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I'm interested. Anywhere from Ohio City to Shaker Heights sounds good. January > December.
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I'm interested.

There's a trivia night at Parma Tavern hosted by a friend. 8pm, Wednesdays.

There's a trivia night at Jammy Buggars. Wednesdays. 8pm, too? Better food, but I've never participated in the trivia.

There's a trivia night at The Tavern Company. Tuesdays at 10pm. They also have serviceable food.
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Awesome, while I miss Niko's in LKWD, I'm willing to try out Jammy Buggars or Parma Tavern.
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I'm in as long as the weather's accommodating and the rest of my schedule permits. I also wouldn't mind something at least vaguely more Akron-wards.
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I'm interested. Anytime after the holidays would be good for me.
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I agree that Jammy Buggars looks like better food & beer, but from the website it looks like trivia nights don't start til February. Dunno how accurate this is.

Any 2 cents about what "closer to Akron" might mean? Akronites (IME) seem to have . . . . . wildly variable definitions of this term.
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As far a I'm concerned, it just means "further south is better but I'll figure it out one way or another". Like, for me, Parma's about 10min each way closer than Lakewood, so I'd probably lean more that way.
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I'm in. Last meetup was at my place in Tremont back in 09, if I remember correctly. We could do that again if all else fails.
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If "closer to Akron" (or Medina) is Parma or Independence or such, I'm totally down with that - although I can't say I'm too familiar with eatery/drinkery places in those areas.

Speaking of Tremont, the Prosperity Social Club is a personal favorite.
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Oh hell yes Prosperity Social Club.
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Some suggestions if we're not following trivia night would be

-Rusty Bucket in Solon
-Winking Lizard on Miles Rd.

The latter two lack local charm but are pretty close to the 271/480 split which makes them convenient.

fizzix, I will also be around the week between Christmas and New Years! We could have a mini meetup at Prosperity; hopefully it will be more successful than the last one to which one person (you?) showed up. I contributed by having a kid barf as I was preparing to go, if I recall correctly.
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I'm going to suggest three dates, chosen basically at random:

1) Monday, January 7th
2) Wednesday, January 9th
3) Saturday, January 12th

Once we have a date, we can pick a place.
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Are there enough Akronites around these parts to drum up a meetup of our own?
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Saturday Jan. 12th - early evening, 5,6p: I nominate that day (it fits best with my schedule) although I don't know of any places that have trivia then.

Open to hear others or someone just organize a specific day/location.
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There's a Monday trivia night at the Happy Dog.
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Happy Dog? That place is amazing. I'm busy every other Monday, but count me in if a Meetup happens there

I'm terrible at trivia, but excellent at eating hot dogs and drinking beer.
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Soo, anyone still interested? If we get 2+ responses, I'll pick a place.
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I'm still interested. I would have to pass on Monday trivia @ the Happy Dog, though - I love the place & it's close to me, but some of my co-workers & my boss tend to do that pretty regularly and . . . . yeah, too awkward.
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Still interested.
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Some place called the Jolly Scholar has a trivia night on Tuesdays. I've read good things about their pizza, they say they've won awards for their bbq and they're proud of their house made corned beef. The menu has a few other interesting items, too. None of that means the food actually tastes good, but I'm curious.
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The Jolly Scholar is a kinda pseudo-sports bar in Thwing center in the middle of the CWRU campus (right by Severance & the CWRU library.) I've had to eat there a few times when doing gigs on campus and it's VERY average bar food, and the ambiance is non-existent. I'm pretty sure all the good yelp reviews and pretty much all the patrons are Case students.
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