Monthly Brooklyn Board Game Meetup
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Sat January 12 at 2:00 PM, ocherdraco's apartment (#4D)
192 E 8th St, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Our January meetup will be on Saturday the 12th. Bring your games, snacks and/or drinks. December's board game meetup lasted 8 hours, so feel free to come over even if you couldn't make it for the first hour or three.
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I'm sorry to not have an option of which day it will be this time, but my schedule in January means that this is the only possible one!
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I cannot recall the name of the game where you get to be a utility baron in Germany, but I wish to play it again. And Pandemic. Oh hell, anything really.
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Power Grid! Power Grid!
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Bringing Caracassone again. Expecting to come in last again.

Will look into getting my hands on Last Night on Earth and will probably own Cards Against Humanity by then. If I have Last Night on Earth, I will probably bring the friend who owns it.
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Yay! I am hoping to get Dominion (or one of its full expansions) before then, too.

Also, keep in mind that if a game doesn't get played, or if it's something really involved and complicated that needs its own dedicated meetup, I'm happy to host one game meetups, too. (Maybe on a weekday evening or similar.) Just get in touch, and we'll organize it.

Also also, I am setting up a MetaFilter NYC group on Board Game Geek. This way, if you have a BGG account, you can join the group and folks can see what games you have. So, for example, someone could find my BGG profile through the group, and they could see that I own Small World, which happens to be a game they want to play. Before the meetup, they can comment in the thread here on IRL and ask me to bring that game. Ta da!

I have submitted the group for approval on BGG; I'll post here as soon as it comes through.
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I joined the group! And posted some of my boardgames. If anyone wants to play, like, God's Playground, the game about nobles squabbling in Renaissance Poland as the barbarians ride across the borders, I can bring it next time.
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And here is where to look if you want to see what games are owned by members of the BGG group (as of this comment, me and grobstein).
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I joined the group (and BGG; I check it enough so it was about time) and am interested in the meetup but am not sure if that weekend will work.

We definitely are interested in the and the rest of the on-going series!
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I have a Saturday afternoon class, and will have to miss this. *sigh* February!
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I triple-booked me and my husband because there's a wedding expo in Williamsburg, and then we're seeing another Gilbert and Sullivan production (which is the reason why I left early last time). I will be very sad not to be at this second gathering, but maybe I'll see you guys at the potluck the next day on the LES?

Best of luck making this a monthly thing!
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Are you ready for board games? Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!
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As previously, I will be providing one bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa (and/or guacamole, if I'm up to it). Bring snacks and drinks. If we need more, I'll make a run to the store at some point in the afternoon.

grobstein, will you bring Dominion or one of its variations? I'd love to play it with y'all.
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I am torn.

I love Dominion and I have it at home, but any single box by itself provides a very narrow experience compared to playing with all the cards like I am used to. Maybe I will try to figure out a way to bring them all. Or if most people have not played before, I can just bring the basic set, which by itself is fine for introducing the game, but in that case I'm not sure I would want to play myself.

Yet another alternative is to suggest people bring laptops and play the online version at
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Hmmm, good point. What would you think about using a randomizer and just bringing the kingdom cards the randomizer indicates?
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That kind of limits us to just one game! . . . Although I guess the technique generalizes to multiple games, bringing more than one kingdom.

Anyway I will try to figure something out. I kind of have to economize backpack space, too, because I want to bring something else to play (perhaps Power Grid, as suggested by lorigine above).
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Sure thing; and if there's not a good way to bring Dominion, don't worry about it—I just haven't gotten to play it in a while!
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Does anyone have Agricola? Chris thought someone might've mentioned it last time? He is a fan and says I would like it. We can bring some games too if y'all want--Puerto Rico, Vikings, St. Petersburg, Egizia, San Juan?
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I have less- intensive card games like Fluxx, Skip Bo, & Set I will bring. I'll also bake something tonight, probably brownies but can take requests. Is there anything else you'll need?
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I'm 75% sure I'll be there, so I'll mark myself down as a yes.
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flu =(
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I don't feel up to an hour and a half of mass transit so I am going to try driving. How is parking?
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Planned bike route: Manhattan Bridge to Flatbush Ave to Park to Coney Island Ave, to Church ave to E8th. Ultimately I'd be going from near E7th and Ave C in one borough to the same in another. Unless it rains.
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Parking is usually pretty easy around here.
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I will be there about 3 w/ Dominion and Power Grid.
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I just got home.
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Excellent afternoon/evening of board games. Got to play Dominion for the first time AND eat spicy red Cheetos.

Thanks to Ocherdraco for hosting this.
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Thanks so much for hosting! I need to play more Dominion now!
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That was awesome! Great to see y'all.

lintacious, I'm just going to leave this here:
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Can't believe I actually finally played Dominion! Great playing with you guys.
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Games we played this time:

Zombie dice
Incan Gold
Pirate Fluxx
Magnum Sal
Forbidden Island
Spock Paper Scissors
Power Grid

Did I miss any?
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Thanks again. Wish I could have stayed longer and played Power Grid.
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Oh my goodness, Guillotine. It has been probably a decade since I played that game, and I haven't thought of it since. But I remember it being great! Sorry to miss it; host another one soon?
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Yup, there will be one next month, posted as soon as I get my act together.
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February Board Game Meetup Thread!
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