Contemporary Opera Scenes at the Hammer Museum (with MeFites speicus and Thin Lizzy!) (Free!)
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Sat November 17 at 3:00 PM, Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Scenes from four operas by LA composers, with subjects ranging from Greek mythology to Shakespearean tragedy to Creole legend to American scientific history.
Daniel Corral’s Zoophilic Follies
Veronika Krausas’ The Mortal Thoughts of Lady MacBeth (libretto by Thomas Pettit)
Anne LeBaron’s Crescent City (libretto by Douglas Kearney)
Isaac Schankler’s (aka speicus) Light and Power: A Tesla/Edison Story (libretto by Jillian Burcar)

Featuring Timur and the Dime Museum and a whole bunch of other talented people...

Singers: Rebekah Barton, Timur Bekbosunov, Tim Campbell
Kalean Ung, Argenta Walther

Hosted by Amber Benson
Conducted by Chris Rountree

Musicians: Matt Barbier, Daniel Corral, April Guthrie, Yuri Inoo, Michael Matsuno, Andrew Lessman, Alex Russell, Matthew Setzer, Paul Sherman, Tara Speiser, Derek Stein, Cassia Streb, Dave Tranchina, Brian Walsh

Lighting Director: Elizabeth Harper (aka thin lizzy)

Presented as part of wild up's chamber music residency at the Hammer Museum.

Hope to see you there!
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Funny that, I was just trying to figure out if I wanted to go to this last night. However, if MeFi's going to be there, that seals the deal.
posted by sp160n at 12:03 AM on November 14, 2012

I'll be there in a retro 60s little black dress with a friend. See you there!
posted by suburbanbeatnik at 1:38 PM on November 17, 2012

Ah crap, for some reason I was dead sure this was today, not yesterday.
posted by sp160n at 11:04 AM on November 18, 2012

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