non-RPG games in southish Seattle
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I'm wondering if there is enough interest to have a non-RPG gaming session in one of the more southern neighborhoods of Seattle. I could host in my home in Beacon Hill (preferred), or at a public venue somewhere not incredibly far away, such as Georgetown, Capitol Hill, or Seward Park. Tuesday or Fridays work best for me (anytime), second choice would be Sunday late afternoon/evening, third choice would be Saturday. Saturdays that would work for me in the foreseeable future are October 20th and November 10th. Sundays that wouldn't work are October 28th and November 4th.
I used to host a Games Club of Maryland location, but since moving to Seattle thus far I haven't found a community of gamers who enjoy the same kind of games I do. Maybe there are a handful of mefites out there who'd be up for playing cards, word games, or non-RPG board games, in a relatively quiet environment?

The ideal game for one of these meetup-type gaming sessions, to me, is one that is relatively short on rules and long on strategy, so that people who aren't familiar with it can quickly learn it, but people who've already played it many times still have strategies to explore. I've been playing Ticket to Ride online a lot lately, and I think it falls perfectly into that category.

Other games I like include but are not limited to: Aquadukt, Backgammon, Blokus, Boggle, Dominoes, Hearts, Ingenious, Machiavelli, Monopoly, Pegs and Jokers, Poker (including weird variants), Probe, Qwirkle and Qwirkle Cubes, Scrabble, Spades, Upwords.

I'd also prefer to focus on games that can be played within a reasonable period of time (say an hour or under), so that people can come and go if they desire rather than having to devote many hours to gaming, or to playing one game that they may not like as much.

Aaand the thing is I really, really don't care for RPGs. I am fine with people playing RPGs if there are enough people to split up into groups, but I really don't want to find myself stuck playing an hours-long, byzantine-rules, god-how-I-hate-this RPG ever again.

I am comfortable hosting in my home, and would prefer that. I am also open to hosting in a relatively quiet, unfrenzied public space. The new Gamma Ray Games just opened a block from my workplace in Capitol Hill, so I'd be open to trying there if people would prefer not to meet in a stranger's home (though you'd be foregoing meeting the most awesome dog in the world, and partaking of home-made baked goods).
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Oh, hell yes, I am up for this one. I live on Beacon Hill, too.

I have Probe right behind me on my bookshelf -- I found a complete copy at a thrift store. But I've never gotten anyone else to play it yet.
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I would love this, friday afternoons would work for me. Georgetown would be great, maybe GLC? I'm also on Beacon Hill. My place isn't big enough, but I wouldn't mind invading someone else's home.
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This sounds AWESOME! And, I have Scattergories!
Would love to attend :)
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How many MeFites do we have on Beacon Hill!? I had no idea.

Any chance we could play some Catan as well?
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Yay! I am very pleasantly surprised at the response thus far.

Friday afternoons work for other people as well? How about Friday the 12th?

Yes, please bring your Probes and your Scattergories!

I don't love Settlers, and it seems somewhat RPG-ish to me, though strictly speaking I understand it's not categorized that way. I'd play it if folks want to.

Address will be individually memailed to all folks who RSVP yes or maybe when I add the actual IRL event.

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I have commitments on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month, so the 12th doesn't work for me. Other Fridays usually do.
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This sounds like a great idea t'me!
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I'd be up for this. I'm free most Sundays in the next month, or on the Saturdays you list. It'd be hard for me to get so far away on a weekday evening.

If Ticket to Ride is OK, does that mean other shorter German-style board games are too (Dominion, Seven Wonders, Dixit)?
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Ok, how about Saturday, October 20th?

Grouse, I consider Dominion an RPG. If we have enough attendees that we can split up into groups I'd be fine with other, non-me people playing Dominion :-).

I've never played Seven Wonders but from brief Googling, it sounds RPG-ish too.

I'm not familiar with Dixit. From the description I found online, it sounds fun.
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I have evening plans that day but I can hang in the afternoon.

I've never encountered a definition of RPG that would include Dominion, Seven Wonders, or Catan (normally "RPG" means things like Dungeons and Dragons). But we don't have to play them; people can organize their own meetup if they want them. I think a mostly non-Euro board game meetup sounds fun.

I think you will like Dixit, because everyone likes Dixit.
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I won't be there, but people who are planning to be there might want to see that the 'actual' meetup got created as a new thread:
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Jacalata, why, was I not supposed to create a new thread? (I memailed everyone who had posted about it)
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The usual procedure is to change the proposed meetup to a confirmed meetup. I unfortunately won't be able to make it since I had some unexpected extra work added to my plate this week and now I have to play catchup to meet a deadline this weekend.
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I'm happy to clear this one out if y'all want it off the sidebar if the new thread is the official thing now. Let me know either way.
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