Let's buy grouse some beer!
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Sun September 16 at 3:00 PM, The deck at Ivar's
401 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
You might have seen the post about the ENCODE project. grouse was on that giant project of multi-team, collaborative, awesomeness. Any other project participants welcome to hit me up for a beer too! And anyway, we haven't had a meetup in a while (that I've actually gone to) so this may just be an excuse to have a meetup.
For times I would vote next weekeed (most days work for me) or the following. For places, I am fine with basically anywhere that isn't an hour away from downtown by bus. The U-district (university) or South Lake Union (all that biotech researchers) might be thematically appropriate but no specific suggestions as to location.
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Awww, thanks R343L! I don't have any plans yet this weekend or next.

In the U-District area, Ivar's Salmon House has happy hour starting at 3 seven days a week, and an incredible deck on Lake Union. (Also: whalemakers.) It is a traditional drinking space for UW postdocs.
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What a smashing idea! I would love to buy Grouse an enormous beer. I've not been to this Ivar's joint- the deck sounds great.
(i'm good sunday (sep 9) or either day next weekend if that counts any toward logistics).
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No putting evil Prometheus DNA in the beer.

But yes, in theory I am well up for this.
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Next Sunday works for me.
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(by which I mean the ... 16th)
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Bugger. I'm going to be on the other coast next weekend. I could potentially do something this Sunday the 9th.
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I will go so far as to buy grouse something to eat while drinking that whalemaker. Something salty so another drink is needed.
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I'm on board for next weekend.
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It sounds like aside from Errant, next Sunday the 16th is least conflicting. I'm fine with either. Will you be okay Errant? We should have another game day sometime ... and maybe I could show.
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I got a meeting for this concom I'm kind of on this Sunday but really I've been mostly blowing that off as I'm really just the art volunteer. Which I guess is a roundabout way of saying "next weekend is just fine." And so's this coming weekend for that matter.

U Dist would be totally awesome for me because I live there!

Also holy shit that is one hell of a thing to be involved in. Another step in the process of trying to disassemble ourselves!
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Are meetups not started and finished by Errant possible? On the one hand we should find out for Science!, on the other hand are we playing god and going TOO FAR!?!?!
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Artw: I don't know. We might need to do some Science. Clearly we need to have two meetups with all the same participants except Errant can't come to one. Only we'll have to blindfold everyone so we aren't sure which meetup doesn't have Errant. It's the only way to be sure.

(Only half joking. If people want to try to meet more frequently we could try to turn one Sunday into a game day and the other a "sit on Ivar's deck and enjoy the last dregs of summer").
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Question: are there not awesome margaritas right next door to that Ivars?
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Do you mean Agua Verde? I wouldn't call them awesome (or right next door, really), but they do have decent margaritas and mediocre Mexican food.
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/remembers the food as being pretty good but is clearly no judge.
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So I just looked up this Agua Verde place and I think it's marvellous that a place that hires out kayaks will also sell you very brightly coloured margaritas.
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I swear that said "Let's buy grouse some beef!"
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Well, let's make the official grouse-day be next Sunday the 16th at 3 (4?) as it maximises the set of stated preferences.

If we want to get up another thing for this Sunday, I'm okay with that. Perhaps we could play some games.
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I am quite prepared to sacrifice some time this Sunday afternoon to testing the suitability of Agua Verde's deck and drinks menu for official grouse-day on the 16th.

I like the idea of the combo of deck+drink+game, excellent call!
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Well, let's make the official grouse-day be next Sunday the 16th at 3 (4?) as it maximises the set of stated preferences.

Works for me. Is this still at Ivar's?

Agua Verde is next door to work and we get food there when we don't have time to go anywhere decent so the thought of having to go there on my day off feels depressing, like when they used to have our holiday party in the building cafeteria. Maybe the Agua Verde people should go this weekend?
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I think grouse has a point. For official grouse-day it shall be Ivar's and next Sunday (16th). I don't have any preferences either way on let's-just-hang-out day. Perhaps we should split to another meetup post?
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Awww... India's old preschool teachers leaving party is that day. Looks like I'm out :-(
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(now if Errant was going i'd check in on you guys at midnight)
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Oh, hey, I might come with Hubby. I'll be in the area that week and have a little professional interest in the ENCODE project, so maybe the biogeeks can talk shop while the normal people do normal things.
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I think grouse may be the only real biogeek (I'm just an enthusiastic reader) so I suspect any bio-geek-itude will be interesting and appropriate for lay audiences.

Query to Errant and others: if y'all want to hang out tomorrow afternoon too, I'm game. Maybe just play some Cards Against Humanity. :)
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And I probably will not. It doesn't sound like much of a quorum and it's nice at home. ANd I have a lot of writing to do ...
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Man i have got to get better at checking recent activity or something.

Thanks for organizing grouse-day for next weekend, R343L. I am looking forward to the Ivar's experience!

Moonorb, I'll pop my head into agua verde and have a beer if you're around. Won't be there till at least half two I'd think. I will curse the sun if it buggers off before then.
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Reminder! This Sunday! Ivar's deck! Be there and be square!
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Second reminder! This Sunday! Ivar's deck! Be there and be rectangularly prism-shaped!
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Thanks for bringing a new dimension to this meetup.
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I admit to posting the one last night after having drank two beers and pretty happy about life. And we do want there to be turn out! Perhaps tonight's reminders will involve Klein bottles or a math puzzle or something.
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(And yes, I did smirk a bit at your response. I just couldn't bring myself to use one of those laughter/amusement abbreviations.)
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Hubby and I are still planning to show up, barring unforeseen obligations (he's on call pretty much 24/7).
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I'll be there. Sadly, my +1 has demurred.

Will there be games? I have CAH!
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I had planned to bring CAH but we could do other games .. probably skewed towards ones without huge setup demands since I don't know that we'll have good table space (also those games tend to demand 4-6 people's continuous attention for hours which isn't conducive to socializing).
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Looks like I'll be there fourish.
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I'm on a bus. Should be there soon.
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We're here. Out on the patio.
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Add enough booze and conversation will lean towards the CAHish anyway.
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R343L brought snacks.
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Finally on my way there, bus from the thing I did noonish and unwinding from it took a while. Hope folks is still hanging q
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That was fun! Thanks for the booze. You are all horrible people.
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Next time, oh yes, next time...
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It was indeed fun, and it was nice to meet some of the Seattle contingent. You're not really horrible, your cards were just drawn that way!
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Fun stuff, kids. We should do this again sooner rather than later.
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I assure you, I'm horrible people. 100%. However, we have data to show that R343L is more horrible than any of the rest of us.

Thanks for the good time!
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Good to see everyone!

Though before we can declare me more horrible, I think we have to play more games.
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Oh my, that's an unfortunate photo.
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