Meetup in Los Angeles
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Sun September 16 at 7:00 PM, The Roost
3100 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm back in LA (specifically, North Hollywood) after two and a half years on the East Coast. I'd love to meet all you LA MeFites!
Is there any place where you guys usually go? I'd prefer the Studio City/Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area since there's where I usually am, but I'm open to suggestions as long as it's not too out of the way. My schedule is pretty open at the moment, so I'm open to suggestions for dates too.

Thanks everyone!

EDIT: It is done! The date and time is the Roost, 7 PM on September 16th.
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The trend has been for meetups at the Farmer's Market at Fairfax and 3rd, mid-city. I'd love an eastside/foothills meetup.
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Has anyone been to the Congregation Ale House?
I haven't been yet-- but I am curious.
The Pasadena location is 300 s raymond in Pasadena.
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You up for driving into the city? The valley can be a hard sell.
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Congregation would be a good option. As a bonus, it's right off a Gold Line stop (Del Mar).
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I'm down with the Valley, the city is a hard sell.
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The Congregation in Pasadena would make for a decent spot. It can get a bit crowded on weekend evenings, but even then a table for ten or so generally opens up fairly quickly. The beer is fantastic, the food is passable, and the music volume is compatible with conversation.

Maybe *this time* I'll actually be in the city when an LA meetup happens. Would be the first time since moving here. My vote's for anything within biking distance of a metro stop; but, I'm willing venture into carland if required.
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There's always The Roost, dive bar par excellence (NOTE: cash only) and the site of at least two or three meetups, and is easy enough to get to from the Valley while still being spitting distance from Los Feliz to satisfy the non-Valley types.

Otherwise, Pasadena is fine for me on the weekends (and Farmers Market is perfect for me during the week). Snowflake detail: we're out of town till the 13th, so if you wanna meet before then, pay no attention to me.
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I can do valley after 7 most nights, as I work there.
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I'm throwing in a second request for The Roost, let's aim for after 7PM?
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We could also do the Rockwell (1714 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027).
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Rockwell is okay but 1739 just across the street is better IMHO and has a back room for gatherings of ten or more folks.

Any of the other places are cool too.
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I'm down for whatevs but The Roost and Congregation appeal to me the most at least at this particular moment in time...
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I like the idea of The Roost or The Congregation! Especially if the Roost let me bring take out from India Sweets and Spices.

I've never been, but I'm also curious about Neat in Glendale. No idea if it's a suitable bar for meetups.

Golden Road works well for big groups.
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I now vote for The Roost --sounds perfect for my first meetup as
I've never been there...
Are we ready to start throwing out days/times etc?
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Okay, cool! So there's three specific votes for the Roost. How many votes for the Congregation?
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My preference would be for Congregation, (food, beer selection, location) but the Roost just dandy too.
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As long as a place has parking, I'm down for just about anything. If we can schedule it on a Sunday or a Monday though (or a Saturday evening), that's best for me. I come from way our of town.
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All right. How IS parking at the Roost? I know that for the Congregation in Pasadena, there are a few parking garages nearby that give you the first hour and a half free, then charge after that (but it's not unreasonable).
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Congregation has a decent sized lot, and there's meters on surrounding streets (Sun - Thurs. 11am to 8pm; Fri. - Sat. 11am to Midnight), there are structures with 90 minutes free and varied rates thereafter in Old Town.

The Roost has meters on Los Feliz and surrounding streets, (2 hr, 8a-8p, Sundays free).

I'd prefer Sundays also.
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I'd show up for Congregation Ale House.
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All right. It seem that the Roost is actually slightly edging out the Congregation-- so it's the Roost! Also, the preference seems to be for Sundays, so the 16th sounds reasonable. The Roost, at 7, on the 16th? What do you guys think?

I think we should also meet at the Congregation later in the month too, for the more Pasadena-centric MeFites.
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make it so.
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I have made it so! After this meet-up, I'll post about the proposed Congregation meet-up and we can sort out the details then.
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Aw, I'm out of town this weekend. If you do end up organizing the next one at the Congregation I'd be up for that.
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Foiled again!
Family party about 40 miles away!

I look forward to the Congregation at a future time...
Until then...have fun!
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Looking forward to dropping by. I haven't been to a mefi meetup in years!
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The best meetups are the ones you can stumble back home from. See everyone there.
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i can haz a space kitty to bring along with me to the meetup
i think we're getting snacks from indian sweets and spices beforehand
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Ok, I'm coming now! I might be a bit late, but I'll be there. I'll be the one in the pink top and the gray skirt.
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And a good time was had by all me.
Thanks, suburbanbeatnik!
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Thanks for coming, guys! I do think it turned out pretty well-- we had a great turnout.

Next month: Pasadena!
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I was just checking meetups in LA, and come to find out that you guys just had one YESTERDAY.

Pasadena next month sounds good to me. Count me in.
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