See some old friends, good for the soul
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Sat September 8 at 8:00 PM, Encinitas Ale House
1044 S Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
This year feistycakes and I will be vacationing in California, with the last few days just north of San Diego, in Encinitas. Anyone want to meet up on Saturday, Sept. 8?
We'll be staying with friends who would like to meet new people, and I can't think of a better way to bring groovy people together. Anyone out there got a favorite watering hole?
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Wow. I can't make this because I am in the UK but Encinitas (Cardiff, actually) is my hometown! My parents live there. Oddly enough, one of my best friends, who also lives in Encinitas, is flying out on Sept. 8 to come visit me in the UK.

Have a duck taco at Bull taco for me.
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Sounds fine to me. :)
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What's the matter, San Diego, afraid of a short drive north?
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I'm certain it's not the drive scaring people off, since people in San Diego drive everywhere, always, all the time. There's just not a super-active Metafilter contingent in San Diego, for whatever reason. The Encinitas Ale House has a respectable Belgian beer selection, though, so I'd recommend that.
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Man this sounded really neat! I love Encinitas. Also having organized* a couple of SD meetups I second booknerd's comment about the lack of meetup attendance in SD.

Unfortunately, I'm going to be in the Bay Area through September 13th. If you guys are sticking around until the 14th, I'm going to be running around the San Diego Music Thing in North Park the following weekend and would love to talk to new folks.

*I used to be millions of peaches
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Poor San Diego. It needs mefites to love it and make it groovy. Well, HotLike, invite a ton of friends. I'll rn the Ale House by my hosts, we'll do it there unless they happen to go there all the time and long for something different.
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My pals love the Ale house, and it is walking distance. So let's call it for there at 8pm.
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About six hours north right now, at Avilia Beach/slo. See you tomorrow night!
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Heading over on foot. I'll be the dork in the blue shirt that "metafilter" on it.
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We are here. I brought Andre Agassi.
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We are at the one across from the car place- just found out there are two locations.
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