Bonjour, mes Parisian Mefites
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Anyone want to pal around in Paris from now until June 30th?

I'm visiting my (American) Sister in Paris for 2 weeks (I leave early July 1st). Never been here before! The sis works from 2p-7p weekdays, and so I've just been wandering the city, mostly getting a little lost, enjoying the hell out of the food, reading in your lovely parks, and see-ing the odd sight-to-see.

Would anyone want to pal around? I'm in for anything! I'd love to see sights with you, get a meal, drink some wine, wander around, whatever. I'm really enjoying experiencing the city so far.

I'm mostly interested in hanging out before the evening - which is when me and my sister usually have plans. But who knows? I'm not sure what she's thinking about next week, and I doubt she has things planned for me for two weeks straight. If you can only hang out in the evening, I'm sure I can do that at some point.

(Oh, additionally, if anyone has some extra English books they're not using...I'm painfully low on reading material. I'd love you forever, and can trade you what I've already read on this trip. There's a Neil Gaiman book in it for you.)

Oh, and I'm staying in the Bastille neighborhood, if that means anything to you.
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I sent you a message. I am hosting a book swap on the 25th.
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