Red Solo Cup Open House Wedding Party in Maine
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Sat June 9 at 1:00 PM, Red Top
Red Top Dr, Monmouth, ME, USA (Map & Directions)
Mr. MonDieu and I are renewing our wedding vows this Saturday, June 9, 2012, at our house in Monmouth, Maine. You are all invited, Open House. Details after the break...
We had an intimate family wedding on October 21, 2006, in Portland, Maine. It was great! But I've always wanted a June wedding and now we live in a gorgeous house next to a lake in the beautiful Belgrades Lake Region of Maine, just 15 minutes outside of Augusta.

At 1:00 p.m., this Saturday, June 9, 2012, Rob and I are going to stand before our friends and family, some coming as far away as Hartford, CT, and say a few words declaring our re-commitment to each other. We have weathered cancer, unemployment, teenagers, and traveled the state of Maine together, snuggled, fed each other chocolate, cried and laughed and loved, for the past 5+ years. After the death of Rob's dad and my Mom last year, we have decided that life is too short, and now is our time to renew and celebrate.

I am dressing as the Fairy Queen and Rob will be The Most Interesting Man in the World. Got costumes? Wear 'em! He might wear an eye patch and carry his new machete! I, however, will graciously be dressed in a gown of spangles, flowers, and tulle. As befits a Fairy Queen. ;-)

My husband Rob knows how much the MetaFilter community has meant to me over the years, and he has been to some meet-ups with me (and dropped me off at others, or that one time I took a bus to the NoHo meet-up, he didn't say a word about me taking off to meet my Internet friends for an overnight stay).

Guests & children of all ages welcome (one of my cousins teenaged daughter will be here and we all love kids in our family, lots of teachers). FYI: we have 4 cats, who stay indoors, in case anyone is allergic. One is a cute little calico 8-week-old kitten named MoneyPenny and she is a doll! Max, the Giant Coon Mix Tabby, is a very friendly dog-cat who loves guests, so you would make his day (and ours!) if you showed up. Dress: come as you are, up or down, jeans or shorts, but bring a sweatah, dee-yah, it can get a bit chilly at night.

Any MeFi is welcome to come down to the house here in Monmouth, watch us do our thing, then partake of a Red Solo Cup type casual party/meet-up/shindig. NO gifts! We just want to share the day with our friends, and MeFi has been my friend (some of you know me all to well, ahem, yes, I'm looking at you, you know who you are).


- I-95 North from Portland (Maine) to Augusta - Winthrop 202
- South on 202 to Winthrop, about 10 miles
- Pass the big Hannaford on 202 in Winthrop, keep going
- Go down the hill on 202 and turn LEFT onto Holmes Road, directly across from the Winthrop Federal Credit Union (Street is called Highland on that side)
- Go down Holmes Road about 2 miles (bearing right at the Y a few blocks in, then through the woods, watch out for wild turkeys and deer)
- Come to a clearing with a big white barn-looking house being built on the left, the guy has a lot of stuff planted with big plastic Eyes bobbing everywhere
- Up on the right a bit is a dirt road with a cluster of silver mailboxes, this is our road, Red Top Drive
- Turn right onto Red Top Drive. It's dirt, and has some potholes. On the left, you will see a field of purple lupines in bloom, be sure to enjoy them
- About a mile down, bear left and up the little hill and past the neighbors' house, go slow as they have setters
- Keep going through the woods a bit more and you will come out to the end, which is where our place is, right on Lake Annabessacook
- Bear right at the circular drive (there is a 3-car garage on the left and a little cottage beyond, but we are the big 2-story house on the right)
- You will see a well, and, of course, the lake. It's right there! Full of watery watah!

MeMail me for further info or my cell number if you think you might need directions. Holmes Road turns into Macomber Road after our driveway (says so on the map). The map Pin is placed a bit before our house, which is at the very END of the road bearing left and "down" along Lake Annabessacook (shown on the map).

All and sundry welcome, it's BYOB as we can't afford to keep full bar, but we will have some vittles (dishes to pass okay but not necessary). In case of rain, we'll do it indoors by the massive stone fireplace in the great room, with plenty of spillage room on the closed-in front porch that looks out over the lake.

Supposedly Bette Davis lived here once, so maybe her ghost will appear and show us her Bette Davis eyes! We also have a granite-lined fire pit next to the lake, should anyone care to set a spell around ye old fire later on and tell ghost stories (and hear the wild loons call, maybe a coyote or two in the distance, ooooh). I have plenty of essential oil bug repellant, but bring bug spray if that's your bag, as we do get mosquitoes in the evening.

You are all entirely welcome to come and help us celebrate. Only about 45 minutes from Portland, depending on traffic (and how fast you drive, you can avoid some tolls by hopping on 295 to Gardiner and then back onto I-95 to Augusta). Thanks, and hope to see some of you there! Red Solo Cup, I fill you up, let's have a party!!!
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Many congratulations - I've only just seen this. I hope you had a wonderful day. I have happy memories of meeting you both at the Bar Harbor meetup last year.
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