Meetup in LA!
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Sun June 17 at 3:00 PM, Sunset Beer Co
1498 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Dear LA mefites, I just moved to your lovely city and I would love to meet some new people and learn more about all the best things to see and do here.
By which I mostly mean I'd like to be introduced to your finest local beers and cocktails ("finest" being some felicitous intersection of delicious taste and low price, that is). I am here for the indefinite future (hopefully a long time, if I manage to get a job and otherwise flourish) and at the moment am free whenever, so if there's some time this summer that would be an especially good moment to plan something, I'd love to hear it.

EDIT: We will now be meeting next Sunday, the 17th, at Sunset Beer Co, 3pm!
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Welcome! My brain is presently too work-frazzled to have any brilliant suggestions off the cuff, but I wanted to plant a note of intention here. What part(s) of town are most convenient for you?
posted by mykescipark at 5:25 PM on June 4, 2012

I'm in Echo Park, so anywhere on the east side or downtown is perfect (I brought my bike and so far I adore riding it everywhere- such wide streets!) but I have a car and I don't mind a bit of a drive (although that might affect the extent to which I can appreciate delicious drinks).
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I've been wanting to try Mohawk Bend for a while. It's over at the western edge of Echo Park.
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That place looks really good. I'd be down.
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Just throwing this out there: BeerBelly in Koreatown is awesome.

Mohawk Bend is ace, though. Wouldn't be opposed to that in the least.
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Well, north of the 10 is quite out of the way for this Long Beach Mefi, but I think it's time I meet some more of the meta people. Mohawk looks great to me and I'll try to make it.
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Yeah, we did it on the westside last time, it's only fair to go eastward again.
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Sounds like fun. I'm fairly new in town myself, and am certainly down for meeting some LA mefites.

East side is ideal for me, though anywhere within biking distance of public transit is also swell.
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Beer Belly is awesome, but loud as fuck. For something chill, might I suggest Sunset Beer Co? It's more of a tasting room than a bar. You can order in food (it doesn't have any). And so far I've had interesting and decently priced beer there. Last month they featured "nanobreweries" of the Bay Area. Whatever that means. It was good!

If anyone wants to bike from the Vermont/Santa Monica or Vermont/Sunset red line stops, maybe we can form a posse.
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I'd love to come down for a meetup, but I'm a bit of a hike out (abut 2 hr drive) so if it could be on a Sunday or Monday when I have more time to drive that would be awesome.
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I walked by Mohawk Bend the other day, it looks great. And the Sunset Beer Co sounds awesome too- if everybody's on board, maybe we can narrow it down to one of those two and try to figure out a good day and time to meet? As far as days and times go, at the moment I am free whenever but all the jobs I am applying for are 9-5s, which I imagine would make weekends the best choice. I don't have any given weekend in mind though, so I urge you to make your preferences known.
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I would like to go to a meetup! That could be awesome! I think I went to one before!
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Hooray for meets closer to me!
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I'm throwing in another vote for BeerBelly, although it is a on the TINY side, so I'm going to split a vote between Mohawk Bend and BeerBelly.
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For me the problem with Beer Belly isn't the size, but the volume. I love almost everything about that place (it's like the person who selects the beer there has read my mind!), but the sound design is terrible. I figure part of the point of a meetup is to chat and I find it hard to do so once Beer Belly fills up. /cranky old person

Another place I like is the patio at Far Bar in Little Tokyo, though it is less fun if they have a comedy night or a terrible cover band playing.
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I'll nominate Tiki Ti as one of the best bars in L.A. It's reasonably close to Echo Park. Drinks aren't terribly cheap (best to go during happy hour) but they are tasty, and the atmosphere is terrific.
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The Tiki Ti is possibly the worst available Los Angeles option for a meet-up. It's too small, has few tables, and since one of the biggest problems is amateurs wanting to peruse every possible drink on the menu and gab with bartenders instead of just realizing that everything's the same damn drink in different colors, it's a terrible place to take a crowd of new people.

I love it, it's around the corner from my place, but even El Chavo would be a better spot.

I'm curious about Sunset Beer Co (stabbings aside), but I haven't seen their menu. Mohawk at least has decent vegetarian options, which Beer Belly doesn't (or doesn't list on their website).
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A few San Francisco peeps are visiting Los Angeles for Thrilling Adventure Hour, this Saturday night. Perhaps we could join in on a meetup, or perhaps a brunch?
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I love Tiki-ti as well (I'm thinking about going Friday night, I got a new client and I'm thinking of celebrating by getting one of their mugs), but it is too crowded to have a big meet up. If you just want to meet me, though, ShutterBun, Friday would be great!
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I'll vote against this weekend because of Pride. Going to be horrible getting anywhere from Beverly Hills to Hollywood all weekend. Personally, next weekend (15-17) is much better for me, and there's nothing snarly going on in terms of major city events.
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Coincidentally, I've got to work at pride. I'll be shooting pictures and probably wanting to drink like a fish.
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I'm in for whatevers at wherevs.

Can I nominate Miceli's in Hollywood? It's usually quiet, they can handle large groups, I hear the pizza is good (never tried it; gluten free), and the waiters sing.
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I'm waiting eagerly for a settle time/place. If my schedule allows, I will be there.
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I'll throw this into the mix. LABYRINTH at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, June 30.
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Ok, so does next weekend sound good? Friday, Saturday or Sunday? I don't know if I can handle singing waiters, but I'm sure a few drinks would get me to come around.
As for the original ideas, Mohawk Bend doesn't take reservations (you can put your name on a waitlist, if there is one, when you get there. There are also large communal first come first served tables, which might actually be our best bet if we're not sure how many people are going to show up).

And it turns out Sunset Beer doesn't have food but you can order in from food trucks (I am not sure how vegetarian or vegan friendly this would be... my guess is not very?). But their beer list is awesome and I personally find beer to be very nourishing so I'm down with that too.

If someone else wants to step in and make an executive decision based on what everyone has suggested, please do- I know this was my proposal but you guys actually live here and have a better idea of what is going to be easy/hard to get to, and other variables, so if there's an obvious utilitarian choice I am fine with whatever that is.
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Hi, I'm here w/ klang and mandymanwasregistered. We proclaim: sunset beer co, sunday june 17, 3 pm!
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A pizza place just opened next door to Sunset Beer Company. I have no idea how good (or not) it is. Still, win!
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Make it so.
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So it shall be!
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So is that building (relatively) new? I used to live around the corner and don't recall anything along that stretch of Sunset behind the liquor store except tangled hillside.

I'm stoked to be in Echo Park again though.
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Carson: It's in one of those two strip malls across Sunset from the asian grocery.
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You guys rock. So, how does one find a mefite in the wild, exactly? /firstmeetupjitters
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"Hey, do you guys know Matt Haughey?"
"That man is large and has a beard, it's probably a MeFite!"
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Uh, sunset beer is also tiny. It will not be hard to tell. We may bring a sign just in case. I can't figure out how to mark myself as attending, but i'll be there.
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I'll dust off the old mefi t-shirt. Also I'll be biking there from near the vermont/santa red line stop if anyone wants to join me.
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This is me as of about 10 minutes ago. I will be wearing a black background Hawaiian shirt with big flowers on it, most likely have my glasses on, and hopefully look less glum.
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Bswinburn, that pic is macro ready — it's perfect for an overworked office dude.
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Oof, I just remembered I have tickets for Benedict Cumberbatch in Frankenstein that afternoon. Rats. Have fun for me!
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Father's Day has me otherwise engaged, I'm sorry to say. Have a great time!
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I'm planning on being there! I might be called into work, but the last mefi meetup was a lot of fun so I'll definitely make an attempt. I'll be the girl with long dark red hair.

And welcome to LA, Aubergine!
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Mandymanwr, my injuries preclude biking. I'll be a pigdog American and drive.

Looking forward to seeing old mefites and meeting new ones!
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Realized as I prepared to head for this on Saturday that I had the day wrong, and that I'd be on a plane during the actual event.

Hope it was fun. Will make a point of the next one.
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Had a blast, thanks Aubergine for calling us out!
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Yep, it was good to meet everyone. Now I just have to update my contacts list with "met" tags!
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Oh, I'm hideous with names, so if anyone wants to send me a memail to remind me I'd really appreciate it.
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It was really fun and cool. Hee hee, my first meetup!
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