The Lungfish Meets Seattle
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Hiya, folks! I'm in Seattle for, I'm guessing, about a week. I've got one meetup scheduled for The Unicorn Bar at 7 p.m. on Thursday, 26 April, but I'm open to another, more MeFi-specific gathering if Emeralders prefer.
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I am hoping for something closer to Whidbey Island than the Unicorn, but if all else fails I must see Lore, he who has inflicted not only my username, but also the fact that I sing the Bjork song when stuck in traffic.
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Per usual, I will most likely not attend. It's nothing against MetaFilter, but at this point it would just be awkward. I've missed like.... 7 in a row.

However, the Unicorn is just a horrible little place full of ironic white-trash hipsterism from 10 years ago under the guise of a "carnival theme". Fried twinkies and Miller High Life, anyone? (Also, it replaced Satellite, the last honest-to-god bar in the entire neighborhood)

Clever Dunnes is over on Olive St. and has

1) a lot of seating

2) food is expensive/crap, but is right near about 5 good places to eat

3) Reasonable drink prices (for cap hill)

4) A pay lot nearby that isn't too expensive

5) It's not the Unicorn
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