Boardgaming at Dragon*Con
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Fri September 3 at 8:00 AM, Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
255 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
How about a "rolling" meetup to play board, card and role-playing games in the ginormous gaming room at Dragon*Con?
Last year I tried holding a meetup at DragonCon but only two people showed up (thanks frwagon and his girlfriend). For whatever reason (business, panel conflicts, crowded site, my own lack of skill as an organizer) it didn't pan out, and I don't think the chances are any greater for a traditional meetup this time. The schedule hasn't even been sent out as of this writing, and there's bound to be all kinds of schedule conflicts again this time out. And honestly, I want to go to panels and see the sights too, and I'm going with many friends this time who I'll be trying to keep up with, so I can't say that I can make a definite time either.

So let's try something different this time. I am proposing a "rolling meetup" in Dragon*Con's huge board gaming room, throughout the entire con.

The idea is, throughout the con, if a Metafilter member happens to catch me in the room, say hello and we'll play a board game. Or, if other Metafilter members happen to see each other, they can play games themselves. Absolutely no pressure! No need to make a definite time! Just show up and play games, when or if you like! Isn't that cool?

But for this to work, we'll need to decide two things. First, we need to pick a place in the huge gaming room to look for other MeFi users. Second, we need a way of identifying each other.

The first is fairly easy: hang out at a table near the stairs up. There are only two ways into the room, and both involve descending stairs (or an escalator).

The second is a little trickier. For my part, at least one day of the con I will be wearing a brown T-shirt with an up-pointing arrow that reads "GAME FACE." For other days, if we could decide on some common identifying characteristic by which we can recognize other MeFi members it would help for greeting/game matching purposes. I'm not so much organizing this meetup as declaring it, so there is no need to actually find me to join in.

As for identifying characteristic, the best suggestion I've heard is to bring a paper crown of the type readily available from Burger King. Anywhere other than a convention that might seem terribly ostentatious, but this is a place which regularly features people dressed as anime characters, Spartans, demons and weirder things still. Last year, there was an actual Burger King roaming the con. Still, it's understandable if some of you think that's a little to visible. I'm open to other suggestions. Other options are Metafilter T-shirts, or just something that says "Metafilter" on it.

It'd be wonderful if I could thrown down with some of you in Puerto Rico; I think I have a good strategy for it! The room has hundreds of board games available to check out, so there is much gaming fun to be had by all. To check out games from their library last year, which I think will return this year, you had to pay a one-time $5 fee to get a sticker on your badge that was good for the whole con. They are guaranteed to have games you've never heard of, let alone seen. I hope to bring some of me and my friends' own games as well: Puerto Rico, Arkham Horror, Agricola, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, a gigantic mega-Munchkin deck, Nuclear War, Munchkin Quest, Catan: The Card Game with expansions, Deadwood, Escape from Elba, and possibly others.

I hope to see you there!
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This will be my second year at Dragoncon -- I've never really been a gamer, more of a panel-goer, but I would love to run into other mefites. Not sure what I'm wearing yet (need to use an AskeMe for some suggestions on how to throw together a last-minute costume, actually) but I'm pretty sure a BK crown would clash. Maybe once I've figured out the outfits, I can come up with appropriately matching "Metafilter?" signage.

Last year I went to every Stargate & Farscape panel I could, the Doctor Horrible Sing-Along, and any non-spoilerific Doctor Who/Brit-Track panels. I didn't manage to get to the Aquarium, or to any of the evening concerts/parties because I generally crashed early, but I'm hoping to do better this year. I'm flying on on Thursday morning, and have a room in the Sheraton. If the registration line wait is still the hours-long insanity that it was last year, maybe people can check in on this thread with their location & identifying characteristics as they inch closer to getting badges, and those who have made it through can come back and commiserate.
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The problem of picking out an easily-noticed, yet non-ostentatious symbol for MeFites that can be cheaply and quickly obtained is fairly challenging. If someone has a better idea than the (admittedly gonzo) Burger King crowns I'm all ears.
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I'll be there. It'll be my second Con after being turned onto it last year. A friend of mine is actually an organizer for the board gaming area and I'm making a special road trip down to ATL for Con weekend, so chances are pretty good I'll be spending a lot of time playing games. I plan to be there Friday afternoon through Monday morning (perhaps literally nonstop).

I'm not so much into fandom so I'll probably skip most of the panels, but it'd be great to meet up with some MeFites, hang out for the weekend, and perhaps browse the vendors.

Most of the year I actually live in metro Atlanta, so I'd be willing to act as a guide to fellow MeFites who wish to venture outside the Con area (but why would you WANT to? :).

I also need to throw together a costume still, and this meetup has me thinking it might have to be MeFi-related. I'll keep you all updated.

Once it ventures closer to game time, I'd be happy to provide my phone number to interested parties and act as a connection point for rendezvous purposes.
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Ah, thanks anifinder! Most of the people who said they'd be there last year haven't replied this time, and in fact it seems at least some of them haven't been on the site in a while. It's a shame.

I'm bringing several of my own board games this time. I don't suppose if you know if it's possible to leave them somewhere in the board game room for quick access?
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I'll be at the con and will drop by the gaming room if I can.
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I'll be up particularly for games of Puerto Rico, Agricola, Arkham Horror and... well, really, lots of things. There have been little response this time (which at least beats last year when lots of people said they'd come and one member did), so I don't know how much of a meetup it's going to be. And in retrospect the Burger King crown thing might be a little goofy, even for a sci-fi/fantasy convention. Does anyone have any better ideas? I am going to try to keep my Game Face shirt on-hand every day of the con so at least I'll be recognizable.

I'll send you a MeMail about organization anifinder.
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I'll be dressed as Cory Doctorow ( ), so it should be pretty easy to pick me out of the crowd. I plan on mainly being down in the "gaming basement." At the very least, that's where I'll likely be Friday night and Saturday.
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So, as a stick figure with a cape then? With a balloon and steampunk goggles? An ambitious costume!
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I'll be dressed as Sam Vimes on Saturday and possibly a zerg rush on Friday or Sunday. I plan on going to several panels, but any down time will probably be in the gaming area.

I'll have my phone on me and will check this thread or wherever for updates. I love me some Arkham Horror.
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Wait, dressed as Vimes? What does that mean? For some reason I have difficulty picturing him. Is he represented on one of the U.K. Discworld book covers?
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It means I'll be reminded again of how heavy chainmaille is, even costume grade, lol.

He's on the cover of Thud!, drawn by Paul Kidby.

I think I'll bring along Dominion, which is good for short games. And I'll always have Zombie Dice in my bag.
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I don't have a cellphone myself (I can do without that bit of evil in my life), but MeMail me your phone number and I can try to give you information on scheduling with other meetup attendees. If you like, I can also MeMail you anifinder's cell number.
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Take note everyone, the con schedule is finally up:
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Sounds good, I'll MeMail my number. I also chill quite a bit in the Loft at the Hilton and will bring some spare cosplay bingo cards, should anyone (including lurkers) fancy to stop by and watch the costumed spectacle one floor down.
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Sorry, I meant the Loft in the Marriot, not the Hilton.
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Pallas Athena: Hope to see you there!

Cool Wossname. I wish there some universal signal, like a secret handshake, we could use to identify Metafilter members. I don't think I could blame anyone if they decided to forego getting that silly Burger King crown.
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A little further update on how to recognize me. If I'm not wearing my brown "Game Face" shirt or one of those tacky BK crowns, I'll be wearing a bright orange "Dreamcast" shirt (which I got on its release day and cements my geek status pretty well, I'd say).
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I'm checked in and registered, will probably head over to the Peachtree center shortly to see if I can get my nails done. Today I am the redhead in the little grey dress with the giant pink purse, not sure what I'm wearing tomorrow.
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I wasn't able to get my badge today, I'll have to get mine tomorrow morning.
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About to go get my badge, will try to visit the board game room a bit before Bill Corbett's panel.
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GAH, the prereg line is INSANE. DragonCon has really dropped the ball, even more than normal, in not bring properly prepared for their patrons this year. It makes me iffish about coming back honestly.
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Last year the ticketmaster line took hours, so I figured I'd try the walk-in line this year, and I was through in minutes. They really need to stop trying to use volunteer staff to run registration, they should pay for it to be done professionally. I'm sure everyone would prefer one less big-name guest if it meant getting through registration without having to stand out in the sun for hours.

(today I'm wearing a purple slip-dress with a red leather corset-vest. And my badge says OH YEAH!)
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I'm in my orange Dreamcast shirt (got from getting one on release day!). Haven't made it to the board games room yet today, but heading there before long. Hope the con is going well for everyone!
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Still haven't run into anyone. I suppose I should watch for the "OH YEAH" badge, I forgot about that detail.
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Sorry I missed you guys! I had no internet access and my phone was about dead for most of it. I had a great time playing games, I hope I run into some of you down the line.
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I didn't see anyone either. I only wore that crown thing the second day though, I was frankly too embarrassed to wear it often....
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