Ikea Support Group
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Sun April 1 at 3:00 PM, Ikea - emeryville
4400 Shellmound St, Emeryville, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
You need something from Ikea, but you're dreading the insane crowds and feeling pinned in the Ikea preset track. So why not make your list and join a bunch of Mefites for a cheap Swedish lunch. We can deal with our social anxiety with a group of social anxiety experts, and get our pre-fab fix together.
No, seriously. It could be fun.
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For inspiration. Ikea Heights
posted by special-k at 12:36 PM on March 18, 2012

Everyone needs someone to bicker over furniture with. Does IKEA serve liquor?
posted by benzenedream at 12:08 AM on March 19, 2012

Does IKEA serve liquor?

No, but we can buy lingonberry jam and make prison hootch in the DOMSJĂ–.
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I don't happen to need anything from Ikea, but I love the concept of an Ikea support group. That entire mall complex in Emeryville unnerves me (consumerism + crowds = unhappy me.)
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The only times I've been okay going to Ikea is right when they're open, and we zip through the "wrong" way if possible. gingerbeer might be up for this, though I don't think we need anything there.
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Oh man my parents are going to be in town please tell me the choice of date is itself an April Fool's joke.
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lol. no.

I will seriously assemble your ikea stuff for free though. Man I love building that crap.
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The date is not in fact a joke. It's the tail end of a car rental, so it's on my calendar to pick up some last PAX components I've been putting off purchasing.
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Dang it, the day is already spoken for. And there's such an array of Pax and Grundtal goodies on my list. Possibly also a small kitchen set. Please say the support group will be meeting regularly.
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Oh, sadface; I would so love to join y'all, but will be away. Eat a Swedish meatball for me.
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MillMan, I will fight you for Ikea assembly rights. Or we could race. I, too, love building Ikea stuff.

In other news, I will either be going to the Alameda Flea or on a motorcycle ride that day, depending on mood and finances. No Ikea for me.
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needs more cowbell: That entire mall complex in Emeryville unnerves me...

I totally agree! We went there after brunch last weekend, & something there triggered my "must not let the group get separated" instincts, despite the fact that the youngest person there was in his late twenties and we all have cell phones.

I took pictures of the floor maps, which might help.
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I took pictures of the floor maps, which might help.

You have my number, right? If you're ever lost, just drop a trail of meatball crumbs and hide in the linen section and I will come hope you.
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Sorry, guys! I spent my entire morning in the past, and now I'm too tired to go to Ikea.
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Seriously, I've been awake since 1986 today.
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