South Bay MeFites represent!
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Fri March 23 at 7:00 PM, Good Karma Vegan Cafe
37 S 1st St, San Jose, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
beekept lamented the South Bay's lack of meetups compared with San Francisco so I suggested we hold our own.
The venue is Good Karma Vegan Cafe at 37 South 1st Street, San Jose. They have a nice selection of unusual beers on draft.

Street parking is tough, but the cafe validates for the garages with the Pv symbol [PDF]. I'll be biking from Willow Glen. MeMail if you want to coordinate.

Original proposal so the first 12 replies make some sense: ...beekept is carfree and downtown, so it's close for her. Scheduling's tricky, but we're going to try for a Wednesday or Friday evening. Comment with your vote for March 21st, 23rd, 28th or 30th.
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If it's March 30th, we can go way past downtown SJ. (Cesar Chavez Day = a California librarian's day off.)
posted by beekept at 2:06 PM on March 7, 2012

South Yay, represent! I'm hella down for a meetup, yo! Holla!

And I'm more than happy to offer transportation if anyone prefers a ride to walking or public transportation.

er... I'm rollin' five deep on my twent-twos and... hippity... uh, hoppity?

fo sheezy.
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If the timing is right, I will represent the East Bay Mefi Chapterâ„¢.
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Wednesdays are out for me, and so is the 30th, but if it's the 23rd I might be able to make it.

(I first read the last sentence of the original post as "beekept is carefree," which I hope is also true.)
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My perpetual maybe applies here too. :)
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Either the 21st or 23rd would work for me! (The 30th, alas, does not, which is a shame because I love that beekept has the day off.)
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I should be able to make any of those dates. I definitely like that cafe.
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I'm up for any of 'em!
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I can't do Fridays, but I'd like to go if it's a Wednesday (any Wednesday, really).

I've tried to make it to a few of the SF ones, but haven't been able to. This sounds fun!
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Hmm. I can't do either Wednesday, but I could probably do either Friday.

Like tangerine my brain auto-corrected to "beekept is carefree" which I thought was a lovely thing to say while proposing a meetup.
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Wish this'd happened when I lived there. Maybe even with tax season upon me I can make it.
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I'd be a first timer and miiiiight make 21st or 23rd!
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Whee, this will be the closest meetup to my house yet. I can make the 21st or 23rd.
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This will be fun! I predict good times. So spoke beekept the carefree.
posted by beekept at 5:32 PM on March 15, 2012

It's on! I'm 6'3" w/ brown&grey curly hair & I'll be wearing a red Maker Faire t-shirt. No MeFi shirt because the big sizes always sell out too fast. Grrr!
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I shall be there!
posted by zsazsa at 10:42 AM on March 23, 2012

Can't make it tonight, guess it was just not meant to be. Perhaps another time, my south bay comrades!
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Here's that solar eclipse I was talking about:
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Also, I would have properly formatted that link but I am still tipsy from the meetup.
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Surely this.

another fake AskMe thread
"Is there a way for me to make some money from my cat's ability to type 70 words a minute without exacerbating his internet addiction?
posted by Orange Swan"

Tommy Westphall's Mind
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Glad I decided to come, it was a treat to meet you guys--and even though zsazsa and I have already met he continues to be a pleasure!
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While we're linkifying: The City Museum!
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That was fun! I'm glad I didn't go for a 3rd beer; my tolerance is heck-a low.
Great to meet all of you. I hope we'll do it again-- maybe Dish-Dash in May?
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Sorry for the delay getting the pictures up, but there they are!
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