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Next Two Weeks

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Remember, Remember the Goat of November

First Wednesday is on the first of the month in November! Don't let it catch you by surprise. Join us at the Original Billy Goat Tavern for tiny beers and excellent company. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Original Billy Goat Tavern, 6PM by jessypie - 4 comments

8 attending
1 maybe

Bacon Bomb VI: The Undiscovered Country Ham

Apparently some people didn't get enough advance notice for Bacon Bomb V, so for the next outing we're tying it directly to Daylight Savings Time so no one will forget: Daylight Savings Time -> Sun -> Hot -> Bacon -> Bacon Bomb VI [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 6PM by eamondaly - 9 comments

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