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Star Trek: TNG Happy Hour, Round 27!

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, this week's episode, "The Measure of a Man", features a debate about person-hood, centered around our favorite android! Join us for the mysterious blue drinks, stay for the sarcastic commentary! [more inside]
Washington, DC at The Black Cat, 7PM by warm_planet - 3 comments

Next Two Weeks

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Delicious Foodstuffs Tour of DC Begins with Fish in the Hood

The winner of our food poll is Fish in the Hood, located in Park View, DC. (Easy walk from Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro.) (Also, potentially, in the 'hood?) I'm going to go ahead and simplify this process and pick out a date myself: Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM. It's near some great bars so a Saturday night should be pretty ideal for anyone who wants a night out on the town. Hope to see you all there! [more inside]
Washington, DC at Fish in the Hood, 7PM by capricorn - 25 comments

More Than Two Weeks Out

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dbr + DC = ♥

Let's have vegetarian-friendly noms and drinks at Science Club on Friday, May 15! [more inside]
Washington, DC at Science Club, 7PM by divined by radio - 7 comments

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