Illuminated Reef at Can Can Wonderland
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Sat September 2 at 8:00 PM, Can Can Wonderland
755 Prior Ave N, St Paul, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
I was going to suggest a meetup at indoor boardwalk and arcade fun complex Can Can Wonderland for later this month and then noticed this delightful installation is happening over the weekend. So, in case not everyone has headed up to the cabin for Labor Day...
In addition to the usual minigolf, vintage arcade games, and extensive menu of adult beverages:

"Created by the Illuminated Reef Collective, the installation is made up of three parts: There’s the reef itself, illuminated with black lights, an aquatic library where visitors can check out glowing fish to “swim” around the reef with, and there's an underwater soundscape composed by the group."

I'm planning to go and thought I'd throw it out there. If no one is available but the place sounds fun (spoiler: it is) we can try again with more lead time.
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The official start time is 8:00 but it's a small venue and parking is interesting so arriving earlier is better. They're open all day Saturday and there's plenty to do.
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This sounds like fun! I've never been to Can Can Wonderland.
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How have I never heard of this place? This is exactly the kind of place Mrs. Clinging and I enjoy. I don't think we can make tonight unless you're going to be there late, but we are definitely down for a future meetup there.
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They're open till midnight tonight and the light show aspect will just get better as it gets darker out, come join us!

FYI it is in a former can factory (hence the name) in case you find yourself wondering, why am I driving through this random industrial area? Look for the Can Can Wonderland and St. Paul Tool Library signs.
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I keep wanting to go here but unfortunately at the moment I am sick and do not want to give any of you my germs. These are MY germs, MINE, and you can't have them!

I would absolutely be up for this in the future though.
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This weekend is already chock full for me, but I'd love to check this out in the future. Have fun!
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I'm going to head over early and get something to eat. Curly hair, orange sweater, black dress with orange flowers - I assume no one else will fit that description.
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I'm at the bar, pizza has been acquired.
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I'm here and can't find anyone
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We're in the basement. I'll go stand by the ticket desk.
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The bar upstairs is a separate thing from Can Can
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I can come look for you, what do you look like? (My face is in my profile and I'm wearing a bright blue T-shirt.)
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Have fun you guys! I wish I could have come but my weekend is also full! I would LOVE to have a future meetup there though!
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Memo for next time: get on the list for minigolf right away because even if it doesn't seem busy there is probably a two-hour wait.

I'll check the calendar and see if any other fun events are coming up. There is a variety show most Thursdays if people don't mind going out on a school night.
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