Some Dim Sum
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Sat September 16 at 11:00 AM, Empire Garden
690 Washington St, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Empire Garden Dim Sum! 11:00, Saturday, September 16. All the dim sum you can eat, as long as Bondcliff doesn't eat it first!
Join me and a bunch of other mefites eating delicious dim sum at Empire Garden!


I can't make it out to Cambridge for trivia on Thursdays, but I'd love to see everyone all the same. Dinner? Drinks? Picnic on the esplanade? Picnic at the arboretum? Fancy ice cream? I'm in JP, but I don't really know where people gather here or elsewhere, so perhaps I'll let someone else suggest a good location?
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I would very much be up for a meetup in Boston proper, especially on a weeknight when I can just stay in the city.

I'm pretty busy traveling (eclipse and Maine) the next couple of weeks but I'll attend if I can. I'd love to have dinner and a beer with some MeFites.

Since I live in the 'burbs, I'll let someone else suggest a location.

Also, Yay! Welcome. I hope you brought a monkey or two.
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Ditto for waiting until after the eclipse. And I will research the ice cream.
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I'm busy for the next week, but I'll come from Providence if I can. Saturday afternoons are usually best, but we shall see.
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Welcome to Boston, ChuraChura!

Hey, been way too long since I've been at a MeFi meetup (except for randomly bumping into Bondcliff on the train, hello friend!) Would love to attend if possible--and think that maybe after Labor Day will be less crazy.

Happy to brainstorm about venue, though. I think picnics are officially forbidden at the Arboretum, except on Mother's Day. Do you have a car or are you a public transit user? That's usually question number 1 about venue options...
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I'm public transportation only. I'd be happy to postpone until after Labor Day. Would a Saturday afternoon in Boston proper in early September be good?
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Wait... everybody is waiting for things until after the eclipse? Is that a Cabal Koolaid sanctioned event?
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Wooooo! I'm basically up for coming in to Boston on any weekend. Weeknights are tough. Another thing we've done a few times, though not recently, was a dim sum meetup on a weekend morning (like 11ish). But I like ice cream too!
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I would add, depending on how much space you have - having a I moved to Boston meet up at IKEA may be a neat great way to get free help moving things... and Sweedish meatballs.
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I'm out of town until the 23rd, but would love to attend if it's after that. I'm also in JP.
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bondcliff, where are you going to see the eclipse?
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I would be in for dim sum brunch, oh man.
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Yeah, I would totally be up for dim sum. I'm gone the next two weekends, but probably mostly free after that.
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I'd suggest the meetup be in the Downtown area, since it'd be accessible by T the easiest from both Catabrigians et al., and JP'ers – people never cross the Charles to visit each other because there's no easy way to take the T from JP to Cambridge, thus splitting the cabal into two factions: Red vs Blue (I am talking about Koolaid flavors here). Wait, I mean there is no cabal. Not that anyone's ever mentioned in secret to me anyway. And if there were, I would tell you. NOT tell you, I mean. Not telling. No cabal. Please disregard this email. Please unsubscribe.

Here's me just spitballin' ideas – Friday nights the Children's Museum is $1 from 5p-9p.; that's downtown on the Channel near South Station. Similarly, the MFA is free on Wednesday nights from 4p-10p – that's closer to JP, on the Green Line E-train. Both places have copious places to meet within, and a wide variety of places to eat afterward (and the MFA has its own Café). And both places are easily T-ridable from either side of the river.

JP and Cambridge are like matter and antimatter, but these could be places where they don't cancel each other out. Otherwise, we're leaving the universe to consist mostly of Cambridge or JP. Or, a hipster implosion could end the universe entirely. Physicists at Harvard and the SMFA are working on this problem; MIT sat this one out cause bridging the JP/Cambridge rift doesn't have any real-world applications except in rare instances like this. (Also they insisted upon measuring all distances in "smoots" which isn't recognized as an international standard unit.)
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Welcome to Boston! I'd love to come to a meetup, agree after Labor day is easier. Weeknights are harder for me, but go with whatever is easiest for the majority
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Alright! It seems like a Saturday or Sunday dim sum in Chinatown would be popular. How is the weekend of September 9/10?
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(Also, don't tell, but I totally had my own personal picnic on the arboretum this afternoon)
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Congratulations! You clearly embody the Massachusetts spirit of rule-adherence. Also it was a lovely day for a picnic.

Dim Sum is super groovy and I can make it--perhaps even with my teens in tow.
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Yummmmm, dim sum. I'd love to meet up with a newly local mefite though I can't do the weekend of the 9th and 10th. Is another weekend in September ok?
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I like the sound of a dim sum meet-up. That weekend works for me, and other weekends probably would, too.
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I am all over a meetup going to the MFA, or the Children's Museum. Or other museums, maybe I'll suggest a separate meetup for Salem...
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Yay! Welcome!
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Somebody needs to hit not_on_display's reset button.
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    **** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 ****



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OK! How does September 16 or 17 sound for dim sum?

I am going to see Alsarah and the Nubatones at the MFA on August 23, a Wednesday. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come before or during or after!
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Sept 9/10 and 16/17 are good for me, with a preference toward Saturdays for their better train service.
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Sure, I'm in. How do i set up notification when the date is set?
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When ChuraChura edits this post to change the status to confirmed, there should be a is a tick box she can check to notify everyone of the change.
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Also as the person who raised the dim sum idea I'm going to put in a suggestion for my favorite place, Empire (sometimes also called Emperor's) Garden. The place is HUUUUGE and we should have no trouble getting a table. They're also very close to the Chinatown stop, and very walkable from Downtown Crossing and the green line.
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I should be free on any of the suggested dates.

My only issue with dim sum is that I will most likely eat ALL THE DIM SUM and then you guys won't get any dim sum. Apologies in advance.
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I will eat the waitstaff and any remaining patrons once bondcliff finishes the dim sum off. Apologies in advance.
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Just save a plate of chicken feet for me, 'kay?
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what pray tell will i pick my teeth with afterward
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You can floss with your beard.
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Can... um... someone else sit next to not_on_display? I think I'll go sit at another table.
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Ooh! I love Empire Garden. If I'm not doing a day-trip to the cape that day I'd love to partake. (I won't know for sure until that morning, though.)
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Empire Garden is great. I'll be there for sure.
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