Passing through Omaha
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Hello, Cornhuskers. I'm visiting your fair state and will be flying into Omaha Thursday May 18th. Would anyone be interested in dinner that evening?
I'll have a rental car from the airport and can travel wherever. My destination Friday morning is Lincoln and I don't have a hotel room for that evening yet, but I'll probably head there after dinner. If folks would rather do dinner in Lincoln, that works for me as well.

I'm also planning on visiting western Iowa (to check off another state) Sunday evening if anyone has suggestions for the other side of the Missouri. Otherwise my plan is to visit the most touristy thing I could find.
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Oh, shoot, I'll be out of town, so I'm going to miss this. Rats!

Excited to see peoples' recommendations for western Iowa. Lewis & Clark Park — immediately across the river from Omaha — isn't much, but it'll be a decent view if the sunset's nice on that Sunday evening, and the site is relatively historically significant.
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I'd be interested in Omaha--can do Lincoln in a pinch if there are more people there, of course. I am sadly bad about knowing anything about destinations here, since I'm not a local.
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I'm in Omaha and will be around on the 18th. I'd be happy to go to dinner!

Because it is right over the border you should at least drive by Albert Paley's The Odyssey . A controversial bridge installation on 24th street over I-80/I-29. You can also walk right on over to Iowa on the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.
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I'll be out of town that weekend unfortunately.

Albert the Bull Park is one of my favorite half day motorcycle trips actually, so you could do worse for getting a little rural Iowa flavor. Here are some travel suggestions and stops along the way.

I usually get to Audoubon via local blacktop because the scenery is better. Council Bluffs to Missouri Valley via Lincoln Highway is the best way out of town. From there it's a question of how lost you want to feel. There are two lane blacktop roads that twist through the hills all the way north to Sioux City or at least as far as DeSoto Bend which is a nice destination. There are epic wetlands here but mid-May misses the spring migration so it will just be local flora/fauna.

But you're heading east eventually, not north. You can two-lane blacktop your way all the way there but short of spending quality time with Google Maps you're navigating by feel. A nice compromise is local roads from Mo Valley to Persia. 191 to Portsmouth and then 44 to 77 and up to Audoubon. Alternately, US30 to Hwy44 will shave a few minutes and take you through Logan which is quaint. Also, Hitchcock Nature Center is right off US30.

Speaking of, unique to the area are the Loess Hills and Hitchcock Nature Center is a decent spot to look around and do the state park encounter center thing. It's one of two places on Earth with this geographic feature (woo us!). That being said, they're really just large, yuge even, piles of dirt but it's a nice contrast to the otherwise rolling prairie everywhere else in the area. It looks a bit like Karst geography but it's all dirt instead of weathered limestone.

If you do this be forewarned that there is a bridge under construction just north of Crescent so there will be a small detour that includes gravel roads. You're driving a rental though, so, chip up that paint! Otherwise I-29 to Missouri Valley and then back-tracking is probably the best alternate route.

Right. That's a wall of text for you. If you'd like less nature-themed ideas, I can probably drum something up but this is the best way to see Albert IMO.
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