Midday Midtown Micro Meetup for Lunch?
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Wed March 29 at 12:01 PM, Bryant Park
99 W 40th St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I work weekdays in midtown and when the weather's good I like to eat my lunch in Bryant Park, with a friend when possible and with a book when not. Any of y'all want to meet up there for lunch this Wednesday? (After a couple weather delays, game on for Wednesday 3/29!)
During the recent Whole Foods produce butcher thread it occurred to me there are likely other MeFites like me who (1) are in the area and (2) might welcome encouragement to eat away from the desk. Was going to wait till spring before posting but it's suddenly very springlike (I saw a crocus blooming this weekend!), & the winter village thing comes down after March 5.

Interested? Say what day(s) of the week & what time range generally work for you.

UPDATE: OK, Wednesday March 29th! It’s supposed to be in the mid-50s, which is close enough to balmy for me. Bring your lunch and join us if you can! I’ll aim to be in the southwest corner of Bryant Park--near Coffeed--from noon to 1 on 3/29 (longer than I usually take, but this week I can swing it). Hope to see some number of you at overlapping times. I’ll update this thread with any last-minute changes & details on where we are, etc.
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Aw, man. I used to work a short jog from Bryant Park, and now I work at Lincoln Center. So if we did this, I could only swing it on a weekend.
posted by SansPoint at 4:24 AM on February 28

I'm interested, Bryant parks is sort of within walking distance of me, but I have super variable lunch hours, so I shouldn't be a key person to plan around.
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I would be up for a Citibike ride to Bryant Park when the weather is nice for biking and I'm wearing bike-appropriate clothes for work. Thursdays are not ideal, but most other days can be planned for during the lunch hour.
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I'd be up for Wednesdays, essentially any lunchish time. I generally work from home on that day so have very flexible hours.
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My lunchtimes are pretty variable too--maybe we could pick a spot and a window (e.g., noon to 1:30, southwest corner) & hope for whatever overlap can happen. Generally any day Monday-Friday works for me, anytime between 11:30 and 2:00 (I mean, 30-45 minutes of that).
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I could swing by for maybe 15 minutes- I'm up by Columbus circle. I would also be down for a lunch meetup there at some point in time after this, having lunch in the southwest corner of Central Park. As for days/times, I'm pretty flexible.
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I work within walking distance.
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I'm interested, Bryant parks is sort of within walking distance of me, but I have super variable lunch hours, so I shouldn't be a key person to plan around.

Same. But happy to join when schedule allows as I'm easy walking/two stops on B
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Sure, I work from home and can make it there easily for any time.
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I live nearby -- can make it anytime till I get a new job.
sounds like Wednesdays are good...
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I work a block away, and could definitely meet up! Any day works, but tuesdays would the the trickiest.
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I also have a variable lunch schedule (generally have meetings scheduled around the lunch hour, so can't get away from the office easily). I'd be interested in joining when the schedule allows though! I'm only 2 stops away on the M.
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1. I guess we pick a location and then 2. a general day that works for most?

miles for flower
, maybe you set a time and place and the rest of us will try to meet you when we are free?

Looks like a bunch of us are game, but just shit at committing.
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Bryant Park is perfect, I work right by it!
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Oh dear, I can't make tomorrow... I'm hoping this happens again!
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Shoot, a bunch of student appointments cropped up and I can 't get away. I also hope we do this again, and also put forward Madison Square Park as another potential meeting place.
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Shoot! Well, I'll be out there at noon (I work right nearby), but I won't stay the whole hour unless other folks come or I hear that more of you can make it. Either way: yes to another time.
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Please another time. Need to finish something up, which means pulling more than an hour for lunch is a no-no.

Sorry, will be there next time.
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Yep, another time, Hactar. Any others around, I'm now at the SW corner of the lawn itself (black baseball hat & blue sweatshirt).
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