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Brunch in Durham/Raleigh/Chapel Hill/Carrboro

MeFites in the Research Triangle--how about brunch on an upcoming Saturday/Sunday? SNOW DATE - Groundhog Day (Feb 2) [more inside]
Carrboro, NC at Milltown, 11AM by tealcoffeecup - 32 comments

13 attending
10 maybe

Let's go to China in the Paris of the Piedmont

I've been memailing mediareport about it, and we both agree that we need to have another meetup in March. I was thinking Gourmet Kingdom would be a great option because it's quiet during the week (meaning not quiet on Fri/Sat), it has a challenging/intimidating/exciting/fun Szechuan menu (attn: vegetarians: the braised eggplant is amazing!), and it's in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro part of the triangle, thus satisfying the "our turn" part of the rotation. There's ample parking, and plenty of nearby watering holes for afterwards should we want to maintain conversational momentum like last time in Raleigh. Would any Thursdays in March be bad for anyone? What Thursdays work best for you in March? What Thursdays work worst for you in March? Why wouldn't you want to meet up on a Thursday? What is it about those damned Thursdays? Do you know anybody named Thursday? Are they coming? Would they be embarrassed?
Carrboro, NC at Gourmet Kingdom (Ba shu chuan cai), 7:30PM by oceanjesse - 64 comments

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Monti StoryGRANDSlam

I'm telling a story at the Monti StoryGRANDSlam. [more inside]
Carrboro, NC at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, 7:30PM by Pater Aletheias - 3 comments