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June 29, 2018

1 attending
5 maybe

[UPDATE: seeking hike leader] Middlesex Fells Hike 2018 - pt. 4

[7/9, UPDATES INSIDE- seeking reschedule or alternate hike leader] You guessed it - the next chapter in MeFites Go Hiking (Mass. Edition) has just been published. I have one free weekend morning in Boston in July, and there is no group with whom I would rather frolic in the woods than you all. [more inside]

May 21, 2018

5 attending
3 maybe

A(nother) walk in the woods

Memorial Day weekend! Nice weather! A dog! I will be heading to Middlesex fells in the late morning Saturday to take my dog-sitting ward out for a 3-4 mile stroll. All two legged friends are welcome. [more inside]
Stoneham, MA at Middlesex Fells Reservation, Botume House Visitor Center, 10:45AM by seemoorglass - 6 comments

March 27, 2018

8 attending
8 maybe

A walk in the woods

Not to jinx it or anything, but it seems like the weather is taking a turn for the better. We're going to shoot for Saturday, April 21 at 1pm at the Middlesex Fells Reservation. If the weather is cruddy, we'll shift it to April 22 at 1pm. [more inside]
Stoneham, MA at Middlesex Fells Reservation, 1PM by holmesian - 34 comments