[UPDATE: seeking hike leader] Middlesex Fells Hike 2018 - pt. 4
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[7/9, UPDATES INSIDE- seeking reschedule or alternate hike leader] You guessed it - the next chapter in MeFites Go Hiking (Mass. Edition) has just been published. I have one free weekend morning in Boston in July, and there is no group with whom I would rather frolic in the woods than you all.
[7/9 NOTE: I am unable to attend this hike now for reasons. Based on the excellent suggestions put forth by you all, I would love for this to either proceed without me or be rescheduled for another weekend. Sorry for the wishy washiness!]

Based on how busy and full the parking lots have been on weekends, I think 10:15 meet up latest will avoid most parking headaches (fingers crossed). There’s parking right at Botume House, and another lot just up the road at the boating site. Bring snacks and water and wear grippy shoes. Map here.

Any thoughts on length/difficulty level of the hike? We can crowdsource a route based on people's preferences.

ALSO- This time I do not have any asocial canine pals with me, so I would like to cordially invite all friendly four-legged companions to join us!
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I'd also be happy to pick up/drop off up to 3 passengers from Davis Square T-stop if anyone would like a ride.
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As has been established, I'm terrible at navigating, but maybe we could venture into the west side of the park? The only image I have of it right now is "there be dragons"
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If you want to explore the West Side, you'd probably want to park at the Sheepsfold lot, on Rte 28.

There be doggehs. Lots and lots of 'em. Escape via the woods!
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On the west side there is less parking but that early there should be spots at the South Border Road Parking Lot. It's a bit hillier and a hike around the reservoir is pretty long but there's a tower and a Panther Cave!
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Oh yeah, and my thoughts on the Western Fells: the West Side is easier in general, but much longer if you go around, and the Skyline trail is the "hardest" but not nearly as climby. Blazes are easier to spot than on the East Fells—though sometimes you are traveling on three trails at once in the Western Fells (especially around the NW side). There are many fire-roads that criss-cross the paths, so there's a lot of opportunities to take a quick, flattish way or scoot here or there. The Southeast of the Western Fells is much more hilly, and that's where you find the PANTHER CAVE [beware: no panthers but if you wear the right shoes, you will see Pumas] and Wright's Tower, which if open to the top, has the best view of Boston (not so much of the surrounding towns).

The Reservoirs themselves are clearly marked, no trespassing. At one of the higher altitudes of the Skyline Trail, I saw small groups of people in a Radio-Controlled Rock Crawling, srs bzns competition. (I've taken lots of rando pix at the Fells)

I'd say that to go around the whole reservoir, it'd be an easy but LONG walk for most people. I went one July 4 and it was maybe 90 degrees out, and NOBODY was there, and being in the woods made it at least 10-15 degrees cooler. But: BRING LOTSA WATER AND SNACKS.
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We regularly bring the dog to the west side of the Fells. Sheepfold is almost impossible to park at after, say, 10 am on the weekends. I think the easiest place to park is on Hillcrest Parkway in Winchester. There's a trail that cuts between the North and Middle Reservoirs that can cut the whole distance down, and the Reservoir Trail is pretty flat. Our typical route with the dog is a loop around the North Reservoir, I think it's about 1.5 miles.
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Thanks for all the input everyone! I'll be swamped the next week or so and will be able to get a finalized plan together middle of next week or so. Looking forward to the hike!
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Participation for myself and roommate will be highly weather dependent, so I've put down a maybe. Will decide later in the week.
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I am unable to attend this hike now for reasons. Based on the excellent suggestions put forth by you all, I would love for this to either proceed without me or be rescheduled for another weekend.

Is anyone up for leading or rescheduling this? My weekends are booked up through mid August so I'd love to hand it off to any volunteer(s).

Sorry for the wishy washiness!
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