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November 5, 2012

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US Election Party in Cork

Drop by to watch the US election in Ireland, in the company of ex-pats and stats nerds! [more inside]
Cork, Ireland at 18 Gilabbey Street, 9:30PM by DarlingBri - 0 comments

July 23, 2011

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Cork, Ireland meetup anyone?

I moved to Cork a few months ago and we're finally settled, so I think it's beyond time to arrange a meetup. I would love to meet some local mefites and have a yarn. I'm here with my non-mefi husband (don't worry, he's still nice) who will be tagging along. We're open to suggestions for times and places since we don't know the local scene at all. Update: I added the date and time and stuff, hopefully it's OK! The google maps API here is kind of crap and I can't make it any more accurate than this, so if you need directions look up The River Lee hotel on the google maps website and it will point right at it. [more inside]
Cork, Ireland at The Weir Bar, 7PM by shelleycat - 18 comments

February 13, 2011

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Failte Mefites

Thanks to DarlineBri for the suggestion: Saturday, 26 February at 7 PM at Reidys Wine Vault Bar. We hope to see a good contingent of MeFites there! [more inside]
Cork, Ireland at Reidys Wine Vault Bar, Cork City, County Cork, Ireland, 7PM by dbmcd - 11 comments