Cork, Ireland meetup anyone?
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Sat August 13 at 7:00 PM, The Weir Bar
Western Rd, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland (Map & Directions)
I moved to Cork a few months ago and we're finally settled, so I think it's beyond time to arrange a meetup. I would love to meet some local mefites and have a yarn. I'm here with my non-mefi husband (don't worry, he's still nice) who will be tagging along. We're open to suggestions for times and places since we don't know the local scene at all. Update: I added the date and time and stuff, hopefully it's OK! The google maps API here is kind of crap and I can't make it any more accurate than this, so if you need directions look up The River Lee hotel on the google maps website and it will point right at it.
I'm pretty exhausted from work during the week. Maybe a Friday or Saturday night in the next few weeks sometime? I know it's Bank holiday next weekend, but don't know if that makes a difference to anyone (does not to me).

We live out near UCC but are big walkers, so anywhere in the middle-ish of the city would work. Being kiwis we like beer and pubs and suchlike - although we're open to anything - and not having to shout over loud music would be nice (may not be such a problem here but was always an issue at home, ug).

So, what do you reckon?
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Sounds good to me. I'm busy on the bank holiday weekend but any other weekend would be fine.
I haven't been out in Cork on a weekend in a long time so I don't know where would be a good place to avoid loud music, maybe Fionnbarra's or the Franciscan Well? Anywhere quiet and city centre-ish would suit me as well.
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My husband wants to try the Franciscan Well after having it recommended, so that would make me look good at least!
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If you haven't done so give a shout to DarlingBri. My son's in Cork but I don't think he plays here.
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YAY! Here I am; very excited.

I sadly suspect the Franciscan Well will be the very definition of packed out on a bank hol (or any) Saturday. Reidy's Wine Vault has a garden and no loud music; the Weir Bar across the street at the River Lee Hotel (previously Jury's) is also quiet, has a fabulous deck and heat and cocktails.

It appears Shelleycat and I are neighbours. I think minifigs is super-local also. If everyone lives around UCC, other options are Nancy Spain's and Tom Barry's. Both are local and offer outdoors as well.

Any time before 26 August suits us!
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So maybe the weekend after bank holiday since minifigs is busy for the holiday weekend? I like the idea of sitting outside on a summer's evening, I'm just not sure if summer's ever going to arrive (heh).
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The Wine Vault and the Weir both sound ideal. the weekend after the bank holiday would suit me as well.
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I've walked past the Weir Bar several times and thought how nice it looks sitting down by the river. So maybe we can go there?

We should set a day and time too. How about Saturday at 7 pm.

I'm not overly hung up on any of these details, but I figured I'd throw some out there for you all to react against. So see what you think (different day? earlier or later time? different location? stick with this?) and we can pin it down.
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Excellent, Friday or Saturday would suit me whatever works for everyone else is fine. 7 at the Weir also suits me.
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I added the details this morning and now we can say who is attending. If there's anyone out there who hasn't joined in yet, feel free to come along!

Then I guess we should figure out at some point how to recognise each other. I look pretty much like my profile pic and we both have weird accents :D (everyone thinks we're Aussies)
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OK great so, 7 PM this Saturday at the Weir! If it isn't raining, we'll be the people with the dog. If it is raining, we'll be... I dunno, the people at an outside table. It's not really heaving in there :)
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Aaaaah, I'm so sorry but I have to cancel. Something's come up at home in Waterford and I need to go back this weekend. I am destined to never make it to a meetup. Have fun.
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Shall we reschedule?
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We can reschedule to next weekend if that works better. I have to work tomorrow and was tossing up going in on Sunday too, so I can play workaholic this weekend then have fun next weekend. I should probably only do that once in a row though, heh.
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Next weekend would, as it turns out, work better for us as well. Maybe minifigs can make it too?
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Cool, I'll change the date anyway and hope that he can!
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Hey everyone,

This weekend is my father's birthday so I won't be able to make it again. Bummer.
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I'm sorry you can't make it. We'll be around for a while so hopefully can try again in the not too distant future.

We are still keen for this weekend too.
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Same details again so... DB and I will be along later...
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