Portland bowling
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Sun March 18 at 3:00 PM, Grand Central Bowling
829 SE 9th Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Grand Central Bowling, 3pm on March 18. Probably food/drink nearby afterwards.
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Oh wait, wrong thread. Sorry.

Anyway, I'll add Interstate Lanes Cosmic Bowling as another possibility. BUT...I've never been to any Portland bowling alley and have no personal preferences; I'm just parroting what I've found online.
posted by Greg_Ace at 12:16 AM on February 14, 2012

I have only been to Hollywood Bowl; it was fine. As previously stated, I am unavailable the second weekend in March.

Perhaps this is the meetup where we ignore tugboats.
posted by mimo at 6:18 AM on February 14, 2012

Hollywood Bowl is perfectly nice bowling alley, and conveniently located at a transit station. I haven't been to Grand Central yet, but I've heard that when they renovated it they made it especially shiny and nice. Isn't it right next to the Green Dragon?

Don't consider this my vote as of yet, just dropping off some info on bowling alleys.
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I had a company party at Grand Central, if we were able to get coordinated about what we were doing, we might want to consider them. We can do a reservation of two lanes and get a bunch of food and beer thrown in as well, they are pretty well geared towards entertaining groups.

Hollywood looks like it offers the same level of service as well, and spitting distance from the Hollywood MAX.

I'd say we would want to get a could count first, and then pick a date, and then find whichever place can fit all of us. If we do it as a group buy, chances are it will work out a lot better.
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We'll be out of town March 24/25, so any other weekend should be good.
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Anyone have objections to March 18/19?
posted by mimo at 11:07 AM on February 14, 2012

I'd prefer Saturday the 17th; Sunday the 18th would be my second choice.
posted by Greg_Ace at 11:28 AM on February 14, 2012

That weekend sounds good to me as well. We will be gone the previous weekend.
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whoops, I changed the day the calendar starts the week on. Yes, the weekend of the 17th/18th. Except that the 17th is St. Patrick's day, which could be a mess and would certainly suggest reservations.
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Hmm, good point. That brings us back to mrzarquon's suggestion, with the added incentive to not delay over-long in coordinating. So yeah, I'll cast my vote for the weekend of March 17/18; Grand Central and Hollywood Bowl are about equidistant from me time-wise so I have no preference there.
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I vote Grand Central because I always think about suggesting a meetup whenever we drive by which is usually after leaving the Green Dragon.
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Then we should check and see if they have availability on the 17th before we go any further.
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> Oh wait, wrong thread. Sorry.

There is no wrong thread for tugboat
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Reviewing the thread, I note that Hollywood Bowl is rather damned by "adequate" praise; a Grand Central group-type event is looking more and more like the way to go. I believe the ball's in your court er, alley, nu.
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The Tugboat which can be spoken is not the eternal Tugboat
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How many people are we talking about? 10? And what time? Here is the pricing list for Grand Central. I don't actually see anything on the site about reservations but I can check when I call.
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For what it's worth, I have in the few times I've been bowling in the last several years never seen a bowling alley at something like capacity. We maybe need to worry about league events or such, but beyond that I'm not sure it's really a huge problem.
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But isn't St. Patrick's Day a huge holiday for bowling?
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Ah, I have lost the plot and we have come full circle. I am still working on coffee.
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St. Patrick's Day ain't all beer and skittles, y'know.
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But isn't St. Patrick's Day a huge holiday for bowling?

"I say, Biff, are you doing any traveling this year?"
"Oh yes indeed; Muffy and I have booked a bowling holiday in Cleveland this March!"
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So, for Grand Central:

* they do take reservations
* they do NOT take reservations for times after 7pm (unless you make a reservation with the event coordinator but I'm not sure if this would qualify, forgot to ask about that); those are first-come, first-serve, though they have a wait list available
* Fridays and Saturdays can get very very busy, Sundays are typically pretty even
* manager said that St Patrick's day is not actually that busy compared to other days, so it'd be anyone's guess as to how busy that particular Saturday will or won't be
* they do not have leagues, so nothing to worry about there

I'm kind of thinking Sunday, because if there's any desire for hanging-around-a-pub-or-something before or afterwards, that might be too crazy on Saturday. Of course, this would once again run into our "No one can hang out late at the meetups because they keep winding up on Sundays and everyone has to work the next day" thing.
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In that light, maybe the thing to do is start earlier, say 5 or 6pm, and avoid the rush. That way even if we spend a couple hours bowling there's still time to go to a pub afterwards and avoid the later-evening rush there. Especially if we do it on Sunday instead of Saturday, though I bet Saturday would work anyway if we went for the Early Bird plan.
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If we do it sunday, at Grand Central, we can go to the Morrison Hotel across the street, which has a pretty nice tap selection, and great booze. Also I know some of the bartenders there (and they a fellow red sox fans).
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I tugboat, I mean second, the motion.
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Date: Sunday, March 18th (one month from today)
Time: TBD
Location: Grand Central, no reservations required
followed? preceded? by the Morrison Hotel

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Yes - I think we need to figure out that "TBD".
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Mid-afternoon on the 18th?
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3pm! Enough time for folks who just want to come in for bowling, and gives us a chance for continued drinking / hanging out after an hour or two of bowling.
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Updated and confirmed.
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So the price sheet shows $30/hr. Is that per lane, and if so how many people fit on one lane?
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Side-by-side, or lengthwise?
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I think 4 to 6 people per lane, or it gets too long between successive turns.

Also, cycling through more bowlers per lane would presumably make each individual game longer, thereby extending the time required for all bowlers on a lane to finish a game. There must be some function that calculates the time-per-game to bowlers-per-lane trade-off, but I don't know what that is.
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Yeah, I'd say four to a game is about the max before it gets a bit silly with the taking forever. Especially with none of us presumably being aces bowlers who'll be knocking out the strikes on a regular basis and thus shortening the number of throws per game.
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(That is, four people playing a single game on a single lane. If our head count is between 5-8 and everybody feels like doing a bit of bowling all at a go, probably best to get two lanes side by side rather than sitting and waiting to bowl the next game.)
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... none of us presumably being aces bowlers

I can safely say that I am as good at bowling as I am at putt-putt golf (so yeah, my handle is pretty much a lie). And I'll also second the opinion that we've got enough people coming that two lanes would work best.
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We had a work thing this week at Hollywood Bowl and we were able to get in 2.5 games in 2 hours with 4 pretty poor bowlers per lane.
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A weekend event! I think I can make it this time.
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Tomorrow is bowling day!
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It's like boxing day but with fewer concussions!
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It's like boxing day but with fewer concussions!

You haven't seen my bowling.
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It's like boxing day but with fewer concussions!

Dude, just because they're your servants doesn't give you the privilege of throwing gifts at them! Especially if you've given them bowling balls.
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This whole morning has been an agony of waiting.
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Perhaps you should scale back your anticipation. There's no way this can live up to your expectations.
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Also: boredom.
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I'm just hoping my game doesn't live DOWN to my expectations.
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I will race you to the bottom.
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I am en route and, thanks to being so sexy and brilliant about opportunistic alteration of bus itineraries, will be there a half hour or so early for no good reason.
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Am here and in the bar/lounge attached to the alley, at the bar.
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If you guys keep the thread updated I can probably catch up with you in a couple hours, either for the tail end of bowling alley or if grabbing food/drink/whatev afterward
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We were foolish and did not reserved lanes which means we are drinking instead of bowling at the moment.
We do also now have a reservation for 5:00 for 2 lanes.
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We'll be heading over to Green Dragon shortly.
And them returning to Grand Central just before 5:00.
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Nobody currently at the bar. Will start awkwardly approaching tables when my husband gets back from moving the car out if the ice storm.
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We have migrated a block south to Green Dragon to eat and drink until the five o'clock lane reservations.
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We have lanes 11 and 12.
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Can't make it. Bummer

Random, but: anyone interested is welcome to join me afterward at Curious Comedy theater (on NE MLK) for "attack of the flix", an anything-goes open-submission short film (<10min ea) screening they do there monthly. Heading over around 7:30 or 8
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That was wicked good fun. Bowling should most definitely be put into the meetup rotation.
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It was a fine time. I would enjoy making this a recurring thing.
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And cheers to alygator and Byron for braving the wilds of their first meetup.
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Seconding (or thirding or whatever) the "let's do this again" sentiment.
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Guys who won

Tell me who won
posted by churl at 1:19 PM on March 19, 2012

The beer, churl...the beer. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
posted by Greg_Ace at 1:32 PM on March 19, 2012

I think I won all the games I played, but not by much. I think my 112 and 115 were the two best, Sibrax rolled a 110 on the former of those, mostly we were all in the 80s or 90s or very low hundreds on lane 12. I've got pictures of score breakdowns.

Greg obliged me in a breakneck 2-person game to eat up the remainder of our waning two hours, and neither of our scores benefited from the hurry or the fatigue or the beer.

I couldn't really feel it when I got up this morning, but boy am I feeling it now.
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As predicted, I had the lowest thee-game score; but I still managed to bowl better than I have in a long time. I'm going to start practicing in secret.
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I think you just blew your cover, mimo...
posted by Greg_Ace at 3:36 PM on March 19, 2012

Aha! But I didn't say what I'd be practicing.
posted by mimo at 3:54 PM on March 19, 2012

Fair enough.
posted by Greg_Ace at 5:56 PM on March 19, 2012

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