Show Me Some Swiss Hospitality!
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Wed March 14 at 7:00 PM, Café Zähringer
Zähringerplatz 11, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland (Map & Directions)
I will be in Zurich and at loose ends on Wednesday, 14 March. If there are any Mefites in the area who would like to get together for a relatively quiet drink and/or meal at Café Zähringer, I would love to meet you!
Sadly, my German and French are pretty non-existent, if that has any bearing, but I willing to smile and nod as necessary.
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I'd be interested in such a thing. I'm not the best at picking places in this town, but I can think of a few convenient spots (Restaurant Markthalle, El Lokal, maybe Cafe Zähringer...) depending on the number of people and interest in having food.
posted by Schismatic at 2:48 AM on February 12, 2012

El Lokal looks like a club, and I would rather have food and conversation, if that's possible (my German is atrocious, so maybe I am misinterpreting the page). Neither of the other places are all that far from where I am staying, so either would be good for me. Thanks!
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daisyk and I, as inhabitants of Zurich, are up for it. Seconding the Zahringer as a good place to go to.
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OK, it sounds like the Zahringer is the place, what time? Is 7pm too early?
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7pm would be fine for me and Zarkonnen (just about perfect for me really).
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That should work well for me, too. Closer to the date, we should probably make sure that Zahringer isn't planning on hosting an event that night. They seem to have irregular lectures and concerts and such, although the website doesn't have anything schedule for March as yet.
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Is someone in the city willing to take on the duty of double-checking the venue and making reservations if possible/necessary before the day?
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Zarkonnen or daisyk, do either of you speak German well and want to volunteer for that? I can follow their web site, but if it comes down to talking to people, I can't do much more than order beer.
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Yes, we can do that. Zarkonnen is a native speaker and I can just about scrape by :).
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I don't know if they take reservations, but I will give it a shot. :)
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I'd like to show up to this if it's not too late to put my name in.

I've never done this before--how do I find mefites in a bar/restaurant?
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I will try to bring a sign of some sort, probably just a sheet of paper. If we manage to get reservations, that would help -- maybe under the name Metafilter?. Anyone have a Mefite t-shirt?
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OK, we have a reservation for a table in the Zahringer at 7. (In the name of David Stark, which - big reveal - is my name.)
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Thanks Zarkonnen/David! As for finding people, I don't have a MeFi shirt, but the place isn't particularly large. Perhaps if whoever gets there first could put up a small paper sign, at least if there isn't already one for David Stark on the table? I imagine that the somewhat confused-looking wanderers-in will be pretty clear, though.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
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I made a sign. I will try not to be late.
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Okay, I want to make sure for proper planning: Is this for dinner or just for drinks?

I can do either, but I'd need to eat dinner before if we're not doing it there.
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I was hoping to eat.
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Okay! I will save my appetite for the meetup then!
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Thanks, everyone! It was a super-great time, although I still think the network video would have been improved if the icons were tiny kitten pictures.....
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