First Kansas City meetup of 2012?
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Hey KC folks: how's about a meetup for 2012?
Thursdays are hands down the best day for me. Friday and Saturday are pretty much out, how about the rest of you?
Is this upcoming Thursday at say McCoy's too soon or otherwise disagreeable to anyone?
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I can do this upcoming Thursday (Feb. 2nd) or Thursday Feb. 23rd. McCoy's is ace; they just changed their menu and I've been meaning to try it out.

If those dates don't work, I could also do Feb. 9th if we'd like to meet at The Brick. My band is being featured in the monthly Singer-Songwriter Showcase there.
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I might be able to make this
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I might be able to go. Thursdays are generally good for me after 6.
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Alrighty. Despite having a standing request to not work Thursdays, I'm working Thursday. I can possibly drop the shift if this Thursday is the best for everyone, but if we want to see Chara play next Thursday then that's pretty a pretty nifty idea too.
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This Thursday is out for me as well. If you'd like to come see my show next week, that'd be cool, or I'm still in for the 23rd.
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i've never attended a meetup with metafilter people, but assuming the proposed event hasn't yet occurred i shall say mccoys sounds good any date in february.
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I say we plan for the 23rd. It sounds like that may work for the most people and it's got a little lead time

That said, I'll try and drop in tonight. A couple of my friends bar tend at the Brick, so double bonus for me to come out.
posted by piedmont at 10:27 AM on February 9, 2012

Please forgive me if I didn't say hi to you tonight! I'm just now reading this thread and wasn't sure to expect any Mefites there.
posted by chara at 10:53 PM on February 9, 2012

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