Boston meetup!
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Sat August 14 at 8:00 PM, Cornwall's Pub in Kenmore Square
654 Beacon St, Boston, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm in Boston again from Aug. 10th - 21st and would love to meet some MeFites at a pub for food and drinks. How about Saturday, August 14th?
Something near a T-stop, preferably. Also, somewhere not *too* crazy noisy. I don't want to spend the night yelling at people just to communicate. Pub Trivia is fun if we can find it. Who's in?

11 Aug. thread UPDATE: No pub trivia for this meetup, nor karaoke (unless we all get really inspired and decide to bounce). But come have food and drinks and a good time!
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er, I'm in Boston from the 11th - 21st.
posted by iamkimiam at 5:37 AM on August 10, 2010

I'd love to hang with you again, Kim. Unfortunately I'll be single-parenting the weekend of the 14th as my husband will be out of town. Kids are OK for the beach but not for pub night. :)

A random suggestion for the weekend after that: looks like there's going to be a fun, freaky street-theater water fight on the 21st... I signed up the fam and I'll bet that some mefites would dig it too. Check it out here. Fun stuff!
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I'll be in Somerville on the 14th and, depending how timing and location works out, may be able to join!
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Saturday 14 won't work for me.

The only Pub Trivia night I know about is Tuesdays at PJ Ryan's in Teele, but I'm sure there are many more.
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Ha! I was just coming here to post about a meetup! I'm in for the 14th.

Cornwall's in Kenmore Square has been consistently good for meetups. Extra bonus: it looks like the Red Sox have an away game that night, so it shouldn't be too crazy.
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I completely missed the Pub Trivia part. I've never actually been to a Pub Trivia thing, but it sounds fun.

(that reminds some point I want to call for a karaoke meetup!)
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I'm down for Cornwall's. Say, 8:00? (Is that early, late, or juuust right around here?)

Once we get a yay from someone other than Cat Pie Hurts or myself, I'll update the post to confirmed.

Also, I'm here 'till the 21st, so if you ain't sick 'o me yet, there's always room for a karaoke meetup, too! What fun!
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I'll be in Toronto on August 14th. Guh!
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I'm a maybe. Nothing going on that I know of, but my energy levels are a great unknown at the moment. What's the parking situation for those of us who are foolish enough to drive?
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I am so in for karaoke. I get misty, just holding your haaand....
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As long as it's not a game night, parking is usually somewhat reasonable, with no more than a 3-4 block walk tops. The last two times I've been there (Saturday nights, non-game nights), I found metered spaces within a block, but YMMV. I'm probably going to bus it (because the bus is fun!)
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Yeah, if I do come, the odds are that I'll drive so that I won't be beholden to the commuter rail's timetable. I'd offer a ride from PVD, but since I'm not sure I'll be up to going, that offer is pretty iffy.
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We're movin' up to Salem on Friday.

If y'all wanted to help us unpack on Saturday, though......
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K, I got antsy and confirmed it. Looking forward to Saturday!
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If you guys do go for karaoke, please update the thread. I would absolutely have to bow out in that case as karaoke machines are known to have "light shows" attached. grrrrrrrrrr.
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If karaoke happens, it happens late and well-lubricated. We'll update the thread, if that's where we're headed!
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Busy until 11:30 - but if something happens at a later date, I'll try to make it!
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Welcome back, iamkimiam! I'd go, but I'm seeing SLAYER! that night.
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Hell yeah, I love Slayer*... that sounds like fun! Hope you rock the fuck out.

*or, at least, I used to love them, ages ago. I love the idea of loving them. Didn't even know they were still around to love. Like, love anew. Still-beating heart runs to iTunes...
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It's Slayer AND Megadeth! I wish I could go, but the metal gods they deny me.

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OH. MY. GOD. Megadeth, too?!?!

Ok. Now I must confess something really weird. I can't believe I'm saying this, but, when I was a teenager I loved, loved, loved Megadeth. And I had such a thing for Dave Mustaine...I know. And I don't know. That is all (that I will share for now).
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I am going to try to make it.
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I'm in.
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iamkimiam: All teen ladies remotely interested in metal were into Megadeth and his Pantene-perfect hair and moody attitude! He had some pretty ugly colleagues, so it's not surprising that he was the dreamiest. Didn't hurt that he sometimes dressed like some Italian prince on stage.

And I will rock the fuck out! I was just like "yeah, it'll be fun" up until today. Now I'm all hyped up like I was back when I saw them every year!
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Hi! I think I'm going to miss this one. Just finished moving to my new place last night, and I'm exhausted. Hope you all have fun!

(And WHAT? I missed Slayer AND Megadeth, too? Daaaaaaamn.)

Hope to see you again some other day in the future, i-to-the-am-to-the-kim-i-am! Until then, have fun in ouah fayah shitty!
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