Late January-ish Austin Meetup
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Sun January 29 at 2:30 PM, Black Star Co-op
Easy Wind Dr, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
It's time for another Austin meetup. Austinites who want to be meetup-social, suggest your preferred days-of-week and venues! ETA: Now on for 2:30 Sunday January 29 at the Black Star Co-op.
Since we seem to get the best turnout when we show up at a pub like the Dog and Duck, I'm going to suggest we do that instead of try some other activity. I'm booked this weekend but am pretty open for the next three weekends right now; I'm also generally available for evening midweek meetups. What about the rest of you?
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Yay. Not sure what my schedule will be yet. Mostly commenting here to put this in my recent activity.
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Hurray! I've heard tales of an awesome January white elephant/dirty santa gift exchange from a few years back, would y'all be interested in doing that again?

I'm not going to suggest a date, because I'm not sure what my weekend plans are, but Dog & Duck is fine with me. Or someone recently mentioned Black Star Co-op, that would be convenient for me as well.
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Black Star has more room than The Dog and Duck, which may be important if we do this at night on a Saturday. I'm available anytime but this weekend as well. Looking forward to it!
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Weekends are best for me since I am currently working until 9 p.m. on weekdays. Alternatively, I could leave a bit early. I work downtown so Dog and Duck would be my first choice and Black Star my second.
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Sounds good to me! We've done the Flying Saucer in the Triangle before, and I think that worked out pretty well.
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Sounds fun! I love both Black Star and Dog and Duck -- maybe Black Star a little more.
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How does either January 27th or 28th sound? I'd be up for either day. I enjoyed the Dog and Duck on my first outing there... but I am not picky as far as venues go.
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I've got an afternoon thing on the 28th, but I'm always up for a meetup.

Black Star seems like a more interesting place in terms of beer and food, but Flying Saucer seems to have more room for a large-ish group. Especially in cold weather, I fear Dog & Duck is going to be packed.
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I've got a wedding to go to the afternoon/evening of the 28th, but Sunday the 29th would be good for me.
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Sounds like we're moving toward agreeing on Sunday the 29th at either Flying Saucer or Black Star. I haven't been to either but I'm game to try them. Thoughts and comments? I'll finalize Friday morning if we get a consensus, and if nobody has any druthers about the venue, I'll pick randomly.
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I have heard Black Star is awesome. Given my track record with making it to meetups, don't base the decision on me, but word of mouth is great for that place.
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I haven't been to Black Star yet and have been meaning to go for ages. It gets my vote.
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I'm afraid I won't be able to join you all on the 29th. Work and all. The Black Star Co-Op looks freakin' cool. Guess I have to catch you all next time.
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We're now finalized for Sunday January 29, at 2:30, at the Black Star Co-op.
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I'm working, but y'all enjoy -- Black Star is starting to become one of my favorite places to have a beer in Austin. And really fabulous fries, and they have malt vinegar, too!
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I might be able to come for a bit (never been to a meetup before!). This is the day of the first TXRD bout (starts at 7) if anyone is interested in going to that afterwards!
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Looks like I'm not doing anything that afternoon -- I'll try to get by for a while.
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Hey! My schedule changed. As far as I can tell, I'll be there :D
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Bummer, I'll be at work until about 7:30pm. Next time!
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Changed again and now I won't :/ Have fun! Nitro Moontower is delish!
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We're here. Looking forward to seeing all of you!
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That was great. F. Murray Abraham showed up drunk, bought everyone a round, and told us this story about how Tim Roth basically kidnapped him when they were shooting Amadeus, and the next thing he knew, he was waking up in a bed in Phatphong with three ladyboy hookers.
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Sorry I missed it! Something last-minute and unexpected (though a good thing involving an extremely upgraded computer system) came up and ate my Sunday afternoon before I realized what had happened. Hope to make the next meetup.
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Something's seriously weird when our meetup is at a co-op microbrewery and the San Francisco folks are drinking bourbon and riding mechanical bulls.
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There's a bar on 5th or 6th that has a mechanical bull, if you're so inclined.
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