Bowling at Imperial Lanes
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Sun January 15 at 7:00 PM, Imperial Lanes
2101 22nd Ave S, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I spent the evenings of both Christmas Day and New Year's Day bowling with a friend at Imperial Lanes down in Rainier Valley. We had a wonderful time. I can't say what it would be like on a regular night, but there were plenty of lanes open both times we went. I can't speak for what it would be like on a weeknight but I suspect another Sunday evening would work out fine.

So, I thought I would submit the place as a bowling meetup venue.
The lanes themselves have a faintly dystopian future air to them -- the desks have all been ripped out and replaced by a computer keyboard on a pedestal where you can enter your names, with the linoleum around covered with circles with boltholes where the former furniture was installed. But the place itself was very friendly as were the folks in the lanes nearby.

They serve food, about what you would expect for a bowling alley, and drinks, about the same, and there are actually some reviews extolling their breakfasts and sweet potato fries.
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I'm interested; I don't see a proposed date & time, but I'm available most days, except Wednesdays; those are out. Once a date is set, I'll know how free I am for it.
posted by ChrisR at 12:11 AM on January 5, 2012

The word "dystopian" always catches my attention.
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I live unbelievably mega-ultra-close to this, so I would be interested in swinging by sometime. My preference would be a Wednesday or Friday as I am totally free those days. I'm also not a morning person, so I'd strongly prefer a start time that ended in "PM". If we are talking Saturdays, 4 or later should work.
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Well, hell, this is near my house. So I'm interested in this one. Wednesdays are out for me. Other times vary.
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Depending on day and time I'm game!
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... I'm available most days, except Wednesdays; those are out.

I would think that weekday nights would be league nights, which would make getting a couple of adjacent lanes a more difficult prospect. I will call to see about this.

The word "dystopian" always catches my attention.

The dystopian touch to me was the keypad on a pedestal. Lord knows I couldn't keep score on sheet but, all the same, having two desks next to one another lent a social touch. Other than that, however, it's an example of that endangered species -- the old school bowling alley, on the utilitarian side, in decor and accoutrements lost in time somewhere in the Blue Velvet dimension with the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 21st century co-existing side by side. There is a snack bar, a spartan cocktail lounge with sports on the TV and one of those jukeboxes with a menu of a few hundred albums, tilted towards the hip hop end of the pop music spectrum.

As for bowling, the prices seemed very fair and I liked that they had bowling balls that come in three sizes of grip, colored by weight. You get choices but not overwhelming choices there.

I do know they have a discount on bowling Sunday mornings from 9 AM to Noon but as the sun would not be over the yardarm between those hours, it might not suit the drinkers among us. Apart from the beer for breakfast types, at least.

So, Sunday night sounds fine to me but YMMV.

Which is why I have left things open as to when and where for the time being.
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A sunday evening, in general, will be fine for me. Please, not Jan 29, though; I'm likely to be hung over :)
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Okely-dokely, then, I called Imperial Lanes and was told that leagues bowl there from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday through Friday and 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Sunday.

So, I am thinking that means Sunday after 7:00 PM would probably be the most optimal time for a meetup, at least, in terms of open lanes.

So, um, to open the bidding, how about either Sunday, January 15th or Sunday, January 22nd, starting around 7-7:30 PM ?

I would be more than happy to show up early and line up a couple of lanes -- like nearest the lounge, for instance.
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I am open for either night so I have no preference.
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Monday the 16th is MLK Day, so the 15th may be a more conducive Sunday if people have that holiday off from work (I do, I know lots of people don't).
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I don't have that day off, but I'm free that night. Let's do the 15th
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y2karl, can you book some lanes? It might be nicer if we could guarantee, say, three lanes.
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I will look into it and, in the meantime, set the date as so for the time being.
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I think I can probably be there on the 15th.
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I can probably be there on the eve of the 15th. And might have someone else in tow.
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Looks like the bus is direct for me, so this could be fun!
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Potentially something I can do; it's right in my neighborhood.
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Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley MeFites represent!
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I am being told that it looks like snow here this weekend. If it has snowed or or will be snowing by the time the bowling will be over, it should be obvious that the meetup is cancelled.

Because of the way the local news can hype the weather forecasts, I don't want to make that call quite yet. But it should be obvious by Saturday, I should think. I will check back then.
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If anyone from the capitol hill area wants a ride down let me know. Buses are really sporadic on Sunday nights so I'm taking my car.
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Maybe my northern roots are showing, but why would snow cause a cancellation?
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How long have you lived in Seattle? Have you seen what happens sometimes when we get snow?
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I've seen hilarious youtube videos, but otherwise, no.
posted by ChrisR at 8:53 AM on January 14, 2012

*snow falling on crickets*
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That's a cheep shot.
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Basically the typical pattern in Seattle is that we get snow at right around 30-34 degrees or so. The ground is often relatively warm when that snow falls. So at first it melts. Then we get some ice. Then we get a layer of slick, wet snow on top of a sheet of ice.

Combine that with the often very steep hills of Seattle, and you get snow driving that is a bit more... um... challenging than many other places. People who think they know how to drive in snow because they come from snowy climes, sometimes find out the hard way that Seattle snow driving is best avoided.

If we get a ton of snow and it's nice and cold and you have chains, then it's not so bad. But many years all we get is enough snow and warm enough temperatures to turn the whole city into a skating rink. Best to stay off the roads in that case.

(I delivered pizza during one of the years in which Seattle had a lot more snow than usual -- multiple snowstorms in the same winter, and snow on the ground for days at a time. And, wow, it was scary at times.)
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We've got snow on the hill. Unless it all magically melts by this afternoon, I'm out...
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I'll withhold judgement until I see it, then; what you describe sounds a little like early snowfalls back home, but with wetter surfaces. Could be nasty.

I'm still in, for what it's worth, by bus.
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There is too much snow on the ground at present for me -- I no longer have a ride. A bus trip would involve a transfer and the trip would take an hour or more one way and I have steps to sweep and sidewalks to shovel, alas.

And I am on Capitol Hill. From Wallingford, the trip one way would take much longer than an hour.

Maybe those living nearby could still make it -- in which case, I would suggest calling Imperial Lanes in a couple of hours to see if they will be open. But I know I can't make it tonight. So, another time, then.
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For your viewing pleasure, may I present the light rail tunnel's crane betwixt electric trolley lines:

And yeah I'm definitely out. When I posted this morning the snow was barely sticking so I thought I might have a chance but, now, we've got almost 2 inches I believe. And it's still coming down strong. They already closed the street I live on (Denny).
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Yeah, I was waiting to see about the weather, and I'm definitely not going out today.
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Now it's snowing heavily on Beacon Hill. Despite being close to the venue, it's a big hike to get there (pretty steep) from where I am, so unless things change a lot I may not be there either.
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Please do reschedule this one!
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Well, bowling alone is one of those things that isn't loads of fun, and my +1 is one passport short of the trip into the US, so even that's out.

Let's do this another Sunday.
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So can I be slightly pleased at this appears to be getting rescheduled? I live practically next door, but I'm out of town and, in any case, completely missed that itwas being scheduled!
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The next few Sundays are the 22nd and 29th of this month, the 5th and 12th of next. The next cross-quarter day falls between the second and third of those four, which seems somewhat calendrically propitious. Whatever date is picked, experience suggests that, first and foremost, it will be weather permitting. With that caveat, I am inclined towards the 29th. And you ?
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That probably won't work; the 22nd of January and the 5th of February are optimal for me.
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I think I can't do the 5th. But I might be wrong. I have to check with someone else. The 22nd is probably OK.
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The weather and work have left me too tired to contemplate anything for this weekend but I may try again in a bit, most likely in a new post.
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