So, let's do something near Princeton, NJ again
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It's been forever and a half since the last meetup. I'm game for anything in the Princeton area.
Triumph Brewery's always fun. Or any other place people want to go to.
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I've always wanted to go to a meetup, and enjoy Triumph. So... when? I (mostly) have off the week between Christmas and New Year's.
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Aww, rats, I've been meaning to meet some of the Jersey-based Mefites, but I'm out of town until sometime in January. But next time!
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Hey, I could use a break from lab -- should be back some time in the middle of next week, though in the interest of full disclosure I haven't nailed down my plans yet. Sometime between Wednesday and Friday, maybe?
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I'm up for a road trip (don't want the possum to return) though after the holidays would be fine too.
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Depending on the weather, I'd love to. Or mayyyyyybe I can catch a ride with oh yeah!?
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Sure, Eideteker, the more the merrier.
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I'm in as long as it's public transportation accessible.
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Just was at a meetup with some lovely NJ people and I might be up for another one. When?
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