Whisky in Glasgow? (Nov 12, 13 or 14)
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I realize this is rather last-minute, but I'd love a meetup that involves a pub, various local alcohols and the inevitable good-hearted mocking of each other's accents. Open to suggestions where to go, it'll be my first time in Scotland.
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What type of pub do you want to see ; musical/old/modern/big/small/vegan/loud/busy ? Do you know what part of town you are staying in ? general area is enough to figure out venue.
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I'll be in a hotel a couple of blocks south of Kelvingrove Park on Sauchiehall St. As far as drinking goes I like the old, neighborhood-pub variety but I'm open to anything. Bonus points if the bartender greets me by name when I walk in, but I understand that might be difficult to arrange.
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Kelvingrove and Sauchiehall st run together for quite a bit but i will guess you are at one end rather than the other. Best place to aim for is probably The Park Bar( another picture ) There are others more about whisky ( Ben Nevis, Islay Inn ) and modern ( Firebird, Brewdog and The Goat ) but Park has live music and feels like a pub should.
Being on Sauchiehall st you have easy access to the town centre , Dumbarton Road, Byres Road and Great Western Road via the park. You can also walk to the science center and the ( old and new ) sBBC pretty easily. Art Gallery is probably 5 minutes away.
( If you are at the other end of the Kelvingrove / Sauchiehall st intersection then McPhabbs would be good and you are even closer to the town centre )
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Your call, I'm easy to please (I'm at the Lorne Hotel near where Sauchiehall crosses Derby St). What's best - Sat, Sun or Mon night? I have no plans so far. This might be too short notice for anyone else to notice; would you still be up for a meetup if it's just the two of us?
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Memail sent. You are also staying next to one of the best Indian restaurants in the UK. Cafe India
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Hi guys, I realise I'm coming to this a bit late but I'm in Glasgow and not really busy tonight or tomorrow so I'd be up for a drink and some accent bashing.

stuartmm: Do you mean Mother India? If you do, I totally agree - it is phenomenal.
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I managed to merge Mother India, Mother India Cafe and Cafe Salma . You are correct i meant to say Mother India although MI Cafe has a really good spiced haddock. I havent heard anything from Halogen and have meetings till early afternoon tomorrow but after that open.
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oops, I missed this. I am in dundee, but could come out for a meetup somewhere if there are other scottish people that wanted to do one. Dundee or Edinburgh would work much better for me, since I already have a rail card between them, but I could be convinced to come to glasgow.
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