Vancouver, BC - Meetup over beer? Coffee?
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Sat November 26 at 7:00 PM, The Alibi Room
157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1B8, Canada (Map & Directions)
I proposed a meetup earlier this year and then screwed up moving dates and such, and couldn't make it happen. I'm hoping to make it right this time though... is anyone up for a meetup November 18 or 19? Or perhaps the following weekend?
I'm happy to meet anywhere in the city, though downtown-ish will likely be the most convenient.
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I couldn't make it last time either and would like to amend that. I'll be at the Western Front on Friday the 18th, so the 19th would work better. No plans for the following weekend either, so fingers crossed this time.
posted by RGD at 11:02 PM on November 7, 2011

Alibi Room again?
posted by RGD at 11:05 PM on November 7, 2011

I'd be interested. I can only do Saturdays though, due to weird work shift.
posted by Hakaisha at 12:07 AM on November 8, 2011

I can be there for either day, coffee or beer is fine by me
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friday the 17th I can, saturday the 18th I cannot, sunday the 19th I can.
the weekend after I can (either of the three evenings)
posted by seawallrunner at 7:16 PM on November 8, 2011

alibi would be good !!
posted by seawallrunner at 7:16 PM on November 8, 2011

would Alibi Room be okay for people on Saturday the 26th?
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(that was a poorly written sentence.)
posted by gursky at 9:29 PM on November 8, 2011

Good timing; I just got an apartment here!
posted by LordSludge at 9:40 PM on November 8, 2011

count me in as a tentative 'yea' +1.
posted by wowbobwow at 7:01 PM on November 9, 2011

I like beer even more than I like coffee. I can probably do the 26th.
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I'll say a tentative yes to this too. Will update as I know more.
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Ack, I've had commitment out of town come up and can't make this after all. Next time.
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[at some point it might be fun to do a pubquiz trivia night, but I only know one place that holds one and it is always packed to the rafters...]
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Darn, I was in Vanouver those dates last month but now I'm back in Victoria. Sigh.
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About what time at the Alibi?
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Gah. Nevermind. Buddy's bday; his gf set him up the party on the 26th. =(
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wowbobwow: where's that? I've gone to trivia at The Calling a few times and it was great. Relish, the Lamplighter, and Cascade have trivia too.

I'm going to set this for Saturday the 26th so people can RSVP. I'll set it for 7 PM (which is when I will go to grab a table) but people are free to come later if 7 is too early.
posted by gursky at 9:16 AM on November 12, 2011

Gursky, it is at The Cove in Kits every Monday night. Quite a few library science students attend, making it tough to beat (we are very good at trivia, for some reason!).
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I'll be a maybe for this but would definitely be in for Pub Trivia. Never been to one here in Vancouver but my cousin said good things about The Calling - think that's on Wednesdays but could check with her.
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Planning on catching Molly Nilsson at Blim later on that evening, but it's nearby so I plan on coming by. Looking forward to it!
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wowbobwow: oh! I have heard of trivia at The Cove. (I think some Redditors attend regularly too.) I'd be willing to give The Cove a shot. Cascade trivia is on Mondays (I've never been), Relish has trivia on Tuesdays (I went once and thought it was terrible), and The Calling is on Wednesday (my favourite). so depending on the night that works best for everyone, we could do trivia some time too.

mannequito: you're right - it is on Wednesdays. I like the crowd there. (although the two guys who run trivia there also run it at the Lamplighter and one of the other Donnelly pubs, I've heard the Calling has the best atmosphere.)

RGD: cool! I hope you can make it for a drink before you head to Blim.
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I will try to come! The two times I've tried to go to the Alibi room, it's been packed. How do these meetups work for reserving space?
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Looks promising for me to be there, along with Don't_Deceive, who is moving to Vancouver that very day! I think we should get him drunk and then tell him to find his way home. (I am kidding about the second half of that proposition).
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Busy later that night, but will try to stop in for a beer or two!
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beepbeepboopboop: I will call them or drop by on Monday (I work near the place) to find out if we can save some space. I think they might allow table-saving for 10+ people, so hopefully we will have at least that many.

alltomorrowsparties: hooray that you can probably come, and hooray for new Vancouverites! I find this city very easy to navigate, so your challenge isn't that mean ;)

jeffj: I'll try to be there right at 7 so I can grab a spot and meet anyone who has later plans.
posted by gursky at 10:17 PM on November 18, 2011

I have another event on the 26th, or I'd join you :( yalls have fun!!
posted by seawallrunner at 8:02 PM on November 19, 2011

The verdict is in and I'll be a Yes! for the meet, although I will be heading to a house party a bit later so won't be able to stay past 9 or so.
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oh hey - gursky or someone else who plans to be there early - could we trade phone #s by memail for texting purposes? makes it easier..
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yes, for sure. I'm going to message all of the attendees and maybes this week - will send my cell # your way.
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seawallrunner: hopefully meet you next time!
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cool. btw for head-count purposes, consider me +1. Friend emailed me saying she wants to come, but I didn't realize she's still a lurker around here. We can hassle her to finally get a membership.
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mannequito: sounds good!

I just called Alibi Room and they can't take any more reservations for groups on Saturday, as they're full. the guy said they can try to accommodate walk-ins on Saturday but there might be a bit of a wait. I'm happy to go a little earlier (6:30ish?) to try to get a spot, but I'm wondering if people might prefer a less crowded venue...? I don't know if it will matter with a smaller group, though.

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Sigh, must duck out for this one. Dammit, UBC final projects! LET ME LIIIVE.
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Downgrading to a "maybe" -- a shortly-due research paper and this weather might end up scuttling the evening for me...
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wowbobwow and RGD: good luck with your assignments!

though the weather might be a deterrent, i'm going out for a pint or two regardless. hopefully see some of you shortly!
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Sorry, guys, I won't be making it either. Terribly disappointed, but I have three papers to write and I've had a tiring day.
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We are downstairs -- right by the bar. I am wearing a dark pinkish button up.
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Hey, just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came! I had an amazing time. Looking forward to the next meetup!
posted by beepbeepboopboop at 6:48 PM on November 27, 2011

I'll second that - thanks so much, everyone! I wish I didn't have to bail when I did, but I had such a good time.
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Thanks for organizing, gursky! I'm sorry I couldn't stay too long, but it was fun meeting up with everyone. beepbeepboopboop, if you need any advice on settling into Vancouver, let us know!
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